Friday, September 18, 2015

Girl Meets World Discussion: I Am Farkle

~Slight Spoilers May Be Ahead~   
Aired: Friday, September 11th
Disney Channel @ 7:30 (central time)

 Welcome to a very special episode of Girl Meets World...

Girl Meets I Am Farkle

So, we all know and love Farkle... the eccentric genius who recently ditched his turtlenecks for more laidback attire.

Well, today he's facing something that a lot of people are also facing in our country... is he on the autism spectrum? 

In this episode we witness him getting tested for Asperger's Syndrome, and finally meet his mom!

What's the verdict? How do his friends and classmates react? Does it really matter or change anything in how they view him? Watch to find out!


This was a very impactful episode for me. You see, I had a friend growing up who has Asperger's. I've seen it first hand... and also might have it myself, though I've never been tested.

I really liked the parts where Cory emphasized to his class how important it is to focus on who one is rather than on labels. He said the only label that matters is one's name. That was pretty cool.

What about you? Have you ever known anyone on the autism spectrum? What do you think about labeling yourself or others, rather than focusing on impacting the world around you?

For more information on Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's, go here.
Disclaimer: none of the photos are mine, they come from the lovely people of the internet!

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  1. I've known several people with autism or Asperger's. My aunt has Asperger's and it makes things very hard for her sometimes. I think I never truly understood what it was until I watched a great episode of PBS Kids' Arthur about what goes on in the heads of people who have been diagnosed. It made me see things from their perspective. Great discussion!