Monday, June 29, 2015

Girl Meets World, Season 2: Episodes 6-8 Discussion

~Spoilers ahead~ 

Aired: Friday, June 5th
Friday, June 12th
Friday, June 19th
Disney Channel @ 7:30 (central time)

Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot

Today's lesson:
Lying and it's weight on your conscience. As illustrated by Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.

Expansion on that:

Oh, happy day... Uncle Josh will be going to school in New York! Maya, obviously, is thrilled. And so with renewed vigor, she sets about trying to get him to like her. Of course, the age difference is still in his mind.

The plan this time? Show up at a party he's been invited to. Riley is shocked to learn that said party starts at ten o'clock! As a trial run for later, to see if Riley can keep quiet, Maya gives her one of Cory's tater tots at dinner. And lo and behold, the thing comes to life in her mind!

So, does Maya have a conscience after all? Does the tot follow Riley until she goes mad? Does she blab before the party? To learn what happens watch the episode. What, I can't tell you everything!

Girl Meets Rules

Today's lesson:
 Actually, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe something about how others impact our lives? It was hard to tell admist the crazy of this episode. Maybe one of you could tell me.

 Expansion on that:

The whole class gets detention, because of something that happened when Cory was late. Riley and a few others behave, while the rest, with Maya leading the charge, go wild. 

Meanwhile, Ava wants Topanga to help her, so she doesn't lose Auggie to another girl. LOL!
To find out more about both storylines, you know what to do... that's right, watch the episode! 

Girl Meets Hurricane
guest starring: Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) and Trina McGee (Angela Moore)
cameo appearance: Blake Clark (Chet Hunter)

Ok, I know I had that one format for both episodes prior to this, but I have to just say it.

I was worried about this episode, when I heard it had Angela. As a BMW fan, I did love her... but she stomped all over Shawn's heart when we last saw her. And I have become a big fan of the idea of him becoming Maya's father figure, possibly step-father. So, when I heard Angela was back... my fangirl heart got nervous. What would her return spell for Shawn's growing connection with Katy Hart?

Sadly, saying anything beyond that right now would ruin it. And this is one of those episodes that needs to be seen. Especially for those that are fans of both shows. For BMW fans, it brings closure, for GMW fans... it's hard to describe. Just please watch this, so I can have someone to talk over it with!


Ok, see ya next time! Thanks for following along! 


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