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Girl Meets World: Season 2, Week 1 Recap

~Spoilers ahead~ 

Aired: Monday-Friday, May 11th-15th, 2015
"What in the World is Happening?" Season Premiere Week
Disney Channel @ 7:30 (central time)

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Ok, I'm going to do this one a little bit different than my review of the first season. Hope you like it!

Girl Meets Gravity 
guest appearance: Cloris Leachman
cameo appearance: William Daniels (Mr. Feeny!)

 New year and new teachers are on the horizon for the Kings of Middle School... yep, Riley and friends have reached the eighth grade! And, as she thought, they were the center of the universe. As she thought...

 Let's stop there... don't we all think that when that age? We're on top of the food chain, and nothing can hurt us, because we're awesome. I know I thought that... til high school hit, and we were back on the bottom of the said chain. LOL! Anyway, where were we? Right, it's a brand new day in the eighth grade, and the girls are excited when they learn that Cory isn't their teacher anymore. (even though he tried to tell them so at home)

Of course, they had to go and mess that up... so back he is! As they said about the new guy "Yeaaaayyyyy!!!!" The boys seem happy about this, the girls transfer out... not that that lasts long! Meanwhile, Mrs. Svorski hands the bakery over to Topanga and Auggie, who enlist help from Katy Hart. And that's all I'll say about that...

Anyway, the lesson this time had to do with the stuff learned from the play Our Town, and yes... gravity and those we love.

Girl Meets the New World

New feelings and new opportunites are things that are covered in life as well as the newest lesson by Cory this time around. Apparently, as mentioned in the previous episode, nobody has really talked about the kiss between Riley and Lucas at the end of last season.

And it turns out that both kids and their classmates are now confused as to what their status actually is. The question on everyone's minds is obvious... "are they boyfriend and girlfriend now?"
I don't know how much to say without totally ruining it for you, but I will show you this...

Meanwhile, Auggie gets a new friend! Oh, and interesting things happen with Riley's other friends. Such as something too good to spill the beans on, and learning Maya's middle name! Can Cory and Topanga handle learning about their daughter's first kiss? What's up with Maya and Farkle? Watch to find out!

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

A friend of Lucas' from Texas shows up, and next thing we know, Riley's happy world is once more full of unrest. You see, Lucas has a secret... and part of it is that he's a year older than them? (shocker) Anyway, suddenly Riley is questioning just who this boy is... and wonders if she really ever knew him. 
 Turns out, he's just who she thought...
as Maya calls him, "the moral compass". Want to know the big secret? And are you curious what this has to do with "the secret of life"? How similar is Farkle to his dad, when it comes to being wrong? Tune in to find out!

Girl Meets Pluto
 Guest appearances: William Daniels (Mr. Feeny!!) and Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter!!)

This time, Cory's lesson was about history... you might be thinking "Well, duh, Andie, he's a history teacher!" Well, yeah... but what I mean is, the episode started off with that Winston Churchill quote, "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it." 

Then it went into us learning that Riley's friends had formed a 'commitee' to keep her world happy and constant. But it turns out they had to explain to her that Pluto was no longer a planet... a notion that didn't sit so well with her. (by the way, I'm with her. to me, there will always be nine planets)

 I guess what I'm leading up to, is that this is a time capsule episode.

The adults dug their fifteen year old time capsule up from Feeny's yard, and it brought up lots of old memories. Both good and bad ones. And then it was time for the kids to decide what would be in theirs. Also, what's with Shawn and Katy?

I wish I could tell you everything said, because it was perfect. But I don't want to spoil it for you... so go watch it! See what the kids dreams are, see how the adults' teenage dreams turned out. You won't be sorry, I promise. (and if you are, don't hold it against me?)

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels
Guest appearance: Will Friedle (Eric Matthews!!)

Oh no, the girls are in a major fight! What shall be done? Apparently, call in extreme back up... in this case, Uncle Eric!

So, it turns out I have something in common with Maya too! We're both shorter than we'd like to be. But we all have things we don't like, or sometimes even know, about ourselves. But that's okay... nobody's perfect, we're all weirdos. And as long as we can find other weirdos that accept us for who we are, then everything will turn out fine in the end. 

By the way, thanks for accepting me, you wonderful bunch of weirdos! I love you all! See ya next week, after the next adventure! 

Thanks to the lovely people of the internet for all of the photos and the season two opening video!


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