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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple: fangirl. The ways you can join the Initiative are numerous. Check out the missions below and see if one of them is right for you.

Want to guest post?

If you're interested in guest posting for The Fangirl Initiative, we'd love to have you! Send your article idea to thefangirlinitiative [at] gmail [dot] com.

Want to become a staff member?

The Fangirl Initiative is always looking to grow our impact and reach with new staff members! If you have a passion for all things nerdy, we welcome you to fill out our contributor application.

If you're not a writer--don't worry! While our application is geared towards writers, The Fangirl Initiative accepts a variety of submissions, from articles to art. Don't be shy, contact us!

Social Media Wizards Wanted!

Do you spend way too much time on social media? Well now you can put it on your résumé! We're looking for people who know the ins and outs of hashtags, captions, likes, and retweets to manage our social media accounts, specifically Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This is a volunteer position, but it will gain you invaluable experience and a pretty line on your resumé. If you're interested, fill out the contributor application and, in the writing sample section, include your usernames or links to your social media pages, as well as which you'd be most excited to work with.

Copy Editors Wanted!

In addition to writers, we're looking for proofreaders, aka copy editors. Copy editor applicants must have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills. Having experience or education with editing is preferred. Copy editors must be available at least a few days a week to look over posts before they're due to go up on the blog. This is a volunteer position, so please make sure you enjoy editing before applying. Please fill out the application below. In the "writing sample" part of the form, links to articles you've edited would be a plus, but if you don't have any, just say you're applying for copy editor and we'll email you back.

Apply to Join the Team

If you want to write or copy edit for us, apply using the form below!

Have a Fangirl Experience?

The Fangirl Experience is a monthly column suggested by Jaime Heller, featuring contributions from both our staff and our readers. Everybody has those moments when being a fangirl feels like the world has become perfectly balanced. It's those moments when you feel a stir in your heart that maybe you've made the right decision in falling down the fandom vortex. When, in the words of my good "friend" Zachary Levi, your "unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person without fear of other people's judgment." It's that moment you want to share with the whole world, scream to the rooftops, about what happened. Maybe it's a small moment, maybe it's a big one. But every fangirl has one--or will have one--and we would like to share ours with you. Because our Initiative would be nothing without the Experience.

We are looking for stories of all kinds about something exciting that happened to your fangirl heart. Whether big or small, we'd love to feature your story. Contact us for details!

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