But... what is it?

The Fangirl Initiative is a blog for those who are a fan of nerd culture. Also known as nerds.

What's a fangirl?

an obsessive female fan (usually of movies, comic books, or science fiction).

The act of fangirling can often be incoherent babbling, saying "MY FEELS", or succumbing to the effervescent keysmash.

The behavior isn't as important, though as this simple truth: if you geek out over an actor, a TV show, a movie, a book, or all of the above: that makes you a fangirl. And if you are, TFI is the place for you.

What can I find here?

We'll be posting reviews, thoughts, and things that will get your fangirl juices bubbling and your nerd-oriented mind spinning. We'll also be trying to bring coherence to the madness that is nerd culture and fangirling, while using lots of fun gifs and keysmashes along the way. And if you're not a fangirl yet... prepare to be assimilated. Because, as John Green says,

Nerdiness, fangirliness, and the power of stories is something that should be celebrated!  And here at TFI, we know it well. 

Welcome, my fellow nerds, to the Fangirl Initiative. 

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