Monday, March 23, 2015

Riley Matthews, meet the world!

This post will be packed with spoilers… ok, maybe "packed" is a little bit of a stretch. But, there are spoilers involved, so… read at your own risk. :P

"I'm going to set the nerdy/geeky world on fiyah!" (Riley Matthews, Girl Meets Popular)


So, you want to know why you should watch Boy Meets World's highly anticipated and much loved sequel? Glad you asked! Here are a few of the reasons why it is so great, and why you should totally check it out!

  1. Cory is the new Feeny… in a manner of speaking.
I have to admit… at first, when I heard Cory was a history teacher, I was confused. I mean, anyone who had seen how he did in said class throughout school (see BMW) would find that weird and unlikely. But, I must say… after watching it? I like this… a lot. I mean, he's no Feeny, but he is awfully good at teaching those 7th graders! (and it's funny seeing him and Riley interacting at school and not just home)

  1. Farkle
Because what would a season 1 in this tv-verse be without a Minkus? And oh, gosh, guys… I love this kid! He reminds me so much of his dad, while still being totally himself. So, who is Farkle Minkus? Loyal friend, teacher's pet, class clown, and yes… a bit of a flirt. I am totally on board with "FarkleNation". LOL! But don't take my word for it, meet him for yourself:

  1. Auggie
This kid has stolen the hearts of pretty much everybody… not bad for someone who is "only this many" (five). His observations are comical, yet speak of a mind beyond his years. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow up!

  1. Riley=Cory, Both=Me
"You're Cory, with Topanga's hair." -Shawn, to Riley

I always felt like I understood Cory, despite being a girl. He thought like me, and was awkward like me. Growing up with him was fun. I like Riley, because she's basically a smart (like her momma) girl version of her daddy. She's a bit more girly than I am, but there is SO much about her that I relate to. (yes, even now. But especially at that age)

  1. Riley and Maya are the new Cory and Shawn
'Nuff said. Want more… watch the show! :P

  1. Reunions
"It's the Cory and Shawn show!" -Cory, to Shawn

The fun thing about a sequel show, is that sometimes you can have guest stars from the original! Just to name a few of the familiar characters... Alan, Amy, and Joshua Matthews; Mr. Feeny (!); Shawn Hunter; Stuart Minkus; Harley Keiner; and in season two: Eric Matthews, Morgan Matthews, Angela Moore, and Chet Hunter (how?! He died!) And there are others possibly yet to be announced! Like… who in the world did Minkus marry? I WANNA KNOW WHO FARKLE'S MOM IS!

(And the creators, producers, and various crew members are the same as well!)

               7. Hello, nostalgia factor!
Not only do we have returning characters and new ones that remind us of them… but the storylines might feel familiar to BMW fans! There have been many times this season, where I was like "Ohh, do you remember when that happened to Cory and Shawn?!" I mean, they have their own storylines too, of course. But there are plenty of throwbacks to when we were little and growing up with Cory. "Who am I, Dad?" "You're just like me!"

Want proof? How's this… (sorry, it won't let me embed it)

Like I'd leave it there… "What're you, new?!".

You get quotes like these:
"I wanna paint mah face!" -Riley, trying to convince Cory to let her wear makeup

"Hello, Mrs. Cory!"
"Hello, Mr. Cory!"
-Shawn and Topanga

"My whole life!" -Topanga, when referring to the friendship between Cory and Shawn
It's got good messages, like its predecessor, and is funny. There is a lot of heart in it, and a lot of a sense of familiarity. It's one of my new favorites this year, and I'm really glad it was made. I can already see how it can have a positive impact on the kids of today, and I hope it lasts as long as it's parent show did. Please give it a shot… for me?

"Deal with it... I've gone over to the dork side!"
(Same gal, same episode)

Channel- Disney
Night- Fridays @ 7:30pm (central time)

"He's always been my partner, and we've always done well together. But now... it's time to do good."
Topanga's right, friends... let's take Feeny's long ago advice, and "do good". :)

Note: Thanks to Disney's YouTube channel (and one fan) for the videos, the writers for the quotes, and to the people who took and uploaded the photographs. Only my thoughts on them belong to me.


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