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Girl Meets World: Season 1 Recap

 -Herein be spoilers; you have been warned.-

Hey, everyone!

Remember back when I introduced you to a wonderful little show called Girl Meets World? Well, Sky has kindly given me permission to give you recaps of it from here on out! Now, just to warn you, the episodes aren't always every week. But every time one airs, expect to hear a report from me that Monday!

To start us off; before the 'in-between seasons' episode, and the upcoming second season, let's review what's already taken place for Riley Matthews and her friends…

Girl Meets World aka the Pilot episode

Short version: We get to know the characters.
Longer version:
A lot of new things are happening for Riley… she rides the subway now, wears lip gloss, and wants to be exactly like her best friend, Maya Hart. But being Maya isn't all it's cracked up to be. See, Maya doesn't think much, protests against homework, and gets in trouble a lot. Riley, is the opposite… the smart, good girl with a very supportive family; something Maya desperately wants and needs.

But Maya isn't the only person in our Riley's life… the girls also have Farkle. Flirtatious, little Farkle who takes after his father in oh, so many ways! But there is still a sort of vacancy that needs filling. Enter Lucas Friar, the new kid from Texas, and the group is now complete. Oh, did I mention Riley has a super huge crush on the new boy? A fact which makes her father, our old friend Cory, very nervous. (Cory Matthews… nervous? Say it ain't so! LOL!)

Basically what happens here, is that we get to see Cory and Topanga be parents… meet the new kids in our lives… and learn about the importance of being yourself. Go take on that world, Riley! Make it yours…

Special Note: We get a quick cameo at the end, by Mr. Feeny!!

Girl Meets Boy

Short version: The kids get their phones taken away.
Longer version:
Awkwardness involving talking among the kids, leads to Cory taking away the class's cell phones, and making them go to… dun dun dun… the city LIBRARY! (oh the horror! :P ) While there, they learn some valuable lessons… things like: how to talk to one another, how people studied before the internet, and that Maya can draw!

This episode also shows a more serious side to crazy Farkle, when we first get a glimpse of his loyalty to the girls. Specifically, how he kept the drawing Maya made at the library because he felt like it was important to still leave room for imagination, no matter how far technology gets. Something really meaningful for me, was when the episode ended with Cory giving Maya a smart phone (she was the only kid without one) and some colored pencils. The way in which he did it reminded me of the times Cory and Shawn talked through the bookcases at the library when they were younger.

Summary: The kids learn that although technology is great, and can be really helpful, nothing compares to spending time with your loved ones face to face.

Girl Meets Sneak Attack

Short version: Another girl is flirting with Lucas… oh, no!
Longer version:
As usual, Cory's lesson of the week is reflected in the kids' lives… so what does Pearl Harbor have to do with 7th grade romance drama? Nothing, unless you're Riley. See, her day started off great… everything was beautiful. Then along came classmate Missy, and suddenly the whole world seemed upside down… the promise of the day gone.

Her friends tried to help her best they could… Maya stood by her and tried snapping her out of it, Farkle offered to bring her lunch (she was hiding in a locker) and to teach her how to flirt. But nothing seemed to work. Don’t worry, it all got worked out in detention. Yes, you read that right… in DETENTION. The threat is over, and Riley's world is back at peace. Yay!

In a side-plot, Auggie decided he wanted to be more grown up, because his new best friend (neighbor Ava) is six whereas he is only five. Anyway, I guess both Matthews children were learning about the importance of enjoying each stage of life as it comes in this episode!
Girl Meets Father

Short version: Cory and Riley are at odds; will they go with tradition, or start a new one?
Longer version:
So, this one is about growing, and traditions. How do you know when it's time to change a tradition? This is what Cory is faced with, when Riley's first school dance approaches… on the same night that they traditionally go ride a certain rollercoaster together. She asks her mom about makeup and how to approach the subject with her dad. Later she tells him he has nothing left to teach her.

Meanwhile, at school, Maya has gotten an F (despite being as Riley put it "a straight D student"), and so comes to the same conclusion as Riley had at home. What does Maya do now? She decides she's done with school. Don’t worry, everything works out in the end… the girls admit they still need him, Maya goes back to school after proving she knows the material, and Riley gets to go to the dance. Yup, she went… and the night ends with the start of a new tradition… a father/daughter dance. One that Cory shares with both Riley and Maya.

Summary: Change will come, but it's not always bad. And no matter what happens, your loved ones will always be there for you. This is what everyone learned this time around. Great reminder for me, as things keep changing here in my corner of the world. ;)

Girl Meets the Truth

Short version: A lie from Riley complicates things for Farkle. And the girls get into a fight.
Longer version:
Just how important is the truth, and does the universe care? This is the question on everyone's minds this episode. And it begins with Lucas, Riley, and Farkle being in Romeo and Juliet. Afterwards, Riley (with protests from Maya) tells Farkle he was good, so as not to hurt him. So, what does our favorite little nerd do? He quits all of his other clubs and auditions for the next play. Which doesn't go so well… "I'm not even allowed to watch the next play.".

Meanwhile, Cory's in trouble with Topanga, because he insulted her cooking (she had made an interesting chicken dish). And Maya and Riley fight, because of a locket Maya took from the subway's lost and found. But as always, by the end, all things worked themselves out. Yes, the truth always comes out. Yes, the universe cares… or rather, the One who created it does. ;)

Cory and Topanga make up, Maya returns the locket, and things work out with Farkle. Oh, yeah… and this happened…

I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously... it was funny. Especially knowing of his dad's childhood crush on her mom. :)

Girl Meets Popular

Short version: Riley's version of what Cory went through in BMW's Season 2 episode, "The Uninvited"
Longer version:
It's another milestone in the life of a middle schooler… party season has arrived! And the girls are very much aware that Maya will be popular… and Riley won't be. So, they are stunned when Riley gets handed a party invitation, and her bff isn't! But not all is as it seems… "It's a GEEK party!!" Maya, giggling: "I know, honey." Commence my roaring laughter. :D

So what does our girl do? Recoil in terror from finding out how others view her, like her dad did as a kid? Nope… Riles embraces her role as 'queen of the geeks'. At least, that is, until Maya snaps her out of it. But she isn't the only one facing who they are and how they're seen… her mother is too! This is the episode that is the return of our old crazy Topanga! YAYNESS!!! I've missed her, and that's coming from the girl who has every season of Boy Meets World on DVD!

What is it that changes Topanga back from shark lawyer to hippie lawyer/Ukrainian bakery co-owner? To put it mildly, her son, Auggie. Topanga had already felt guilty that her firm was trying to kick the owner (played by Cloris Leachman!) out of the place she'd worked and owned for forty years. But it was Auggie and talking with Mrs. Svorski that made her decide she had to stand up for what was right. And boy was she awesome! I'm really proud of her. Anyway, as much as I would love to go on and on, I'd better stop here for this one. *blush*

Girl Meets Maya's Mother

Short version: Welcome back, Stuart Minkus!!!! Nice to meet you, Katy Hart!
Longer version:
Wow, they fit a lot of important stuff into this little episode! We get to meet Maya's mother, Katy, and start to see a more vulnerable side to Maya. We also get to see more of her talent with art… and that it could provide a future for her.

A side plot brings the return of BMW fans' beloved Minkus, which is the first time we learn Farkle's last name and parentage! The return of the original teacher's pet, brings up old rivalries between him and Topanga… even though both say they are "too evolved" to act so childishly. *snort*

I guess this one is full of more lessons of being yourself, with a focus on talents this time. And further showing how important the people in our lives are. Go hug your family, and tell your friends they matter, k? :) And keep on dreamin' and hopin'… those things matter too!

Girl Meets Smackle

Short version: Lesson on Beauty- inner and outer
Longer version:
I really don't know how to top this speech, by Isadora Smackle…

Girl Meets 1961

Short version: The interesting living history assignment
Longer version:
What if your great-grandparents had met the great-grandparents of your friends? That's what the kids come across when stumbling their way through their family histories.

I can see why some might not like this episode, but I found the stories of Rosie, May, Ginsburg, and Merlin to be fascinating. Both in their uniqueness, and the similarities to those that came after them. Then again, people fascinate me (call it a writer thing), and history has always been one of my favorite subjects. So, I guess I was just wired to like this sort of tale. :P

Girl Meets Crazy Hat

Short version: the class is split into two fake businesses
Longer version:
This time around, the kids learn about money vs integrity when Cory divides them up into two muffin businesses: Farkle and Riley's Muffins vs Hart and Friar Muffins. The first, had muffins of pretty much pure sugar… the second, healthy ones. The first group's profits were rocketing skyward, but Riley was unhappy. And after a merger, the girls were 'fired'.

Later, in the subway, they get to better know Ms. Evelyn Rand, who inspires them to notice what people need. The result? The Matthews and Hart Umbrella Foundation, funded by Ms. Rand herself! And Farkle learns an important lesson: that dollars only matter when shared with others… not kept.

Before we move on, let's see a conversation, in which Farkle makes a valid point…

Girl Meets World of Terror

Short version: the Halloween episode
Longer version:
The typical thing around that time of year, is for every show to include a timely episode. GMW was no exception. And this one, appropriately enough, centered on fear. Well, fear and the conquering of it!

There were three parts to this story… Farkle's fear of softball in gym class, Riley's fear of sleeping at Maya's, and Auggie's fear of the monster under the bed. But of course, nothing was as it seemed… Farkle was taught a lesson by Lucas, and ended up hitting the ball; Riley figured out that Maya's neighborhood was beautiful at night, just like in the day; and Auggie learned that he was no longer scared of the monster under the bed, because he's growing older. (and they became friends) Whew, what a half hour! :P
Girl Meets the Forgotten

Short version: Welcome back, Harley Keiner!!
Longer version:
Wow, what to say… I've always been appreciative of my parents (or tried to be), but sometimes I forget there are others that also deserve our thanks and respect. And this is the lesson the kids learned this time 'round. Janitors, cafeteria ladies, teachers, and your parents do so much for you… sometimes more than you know. So, here's to all of them… and everyone else you may overlook, that cares about you. I don't know what to say other than that.

Special Note… It was good to see Harley again, especially in a more positive light. And to hear him call Cory "Baboon" at the end made me smile and giggle. Ah, the memories! <3 

 Girl Meets Flaws

Short version: Farkle is bullied.
Longer version:
I know it might be weird to hear me say that this is my favorite other than the upcoming holiday one, but it is. And I think it's because I've been in Farkle's shoes… yes, that's right. You might not believe it to hang with me now, but I was bullied as a kid. And although I've since forgiven those that did it, it is still one of the things that influences me every day.

this is me as well

 It's why I choose kindness, compassion, and stick up for the underdog. It's why I try not to bully others when I'm in a foul mood. It's why I pray for forgiveness if I fail in that. Anyway, you're not here to read about me. You're here to read about the kids we've grown to love…

Farkle Minkus missed class for a day or two. And his friends wanted to know why. So, it turns out one of their classmates called him "the biggest nothing in this school." Maya wanted to beat the kid up, or have Lucas do it. But Riley thought of a better way… if they all own their flaws, admit they have them, then they can't be used against them. Anyway, it all worked out… and Billy apologized to Farkle. Even said "I'm sorry, Farkle. Any friend of Lucas should be a friend of mine."

Cory admits that people can change... after his old tormentor, janitor Harley, returned Farkle's turtlenecks. And although she thought only her friends would get awards that week, Riley got the Spirit Award. (one voted on by the student body) What a remarkable amount of things they fit into this half hour… I'm proud that this young show attempted one like this early on. I can't wait to see where they go from here. Well done, cast and crew… well done.

Girl Meets Friendship

Short version: the election episode
Longer version:
Friendship is put to the test, when student council elections hit. Lucas, Riley, and Farkle are all in the running! Although, this isn't your typical election scene… Lucas is going for president, Riley for princess, and Farkle for dictator (of "FarkleNation", don't you know). So, what happens?

Well, I won't give away the specifics, but I will say that they all learn a lot. ;) What, I have to leave some things a mystery for you guys, else what reason would you have to watch it yourselves?! :P

 Girl Meets Brother

Short version: Riley babysits Auggie, on their parents anniversary!
Longer version:
So, Cory and Topanga have been married for fifteen years now! And they want to celebrate… but Auggie needs a babysitter. Riley, wants a new curfew and more responsibility… but can she handle it?

The night seems ruined to both for different reasons, when Maya turns up. And it seems ruined for their parents, when the subway is late. But being the creative weird couple they are, they somehow still make it work. But they miss the kids, so they go home… to find them fighting.

But never fear, Riley's conscience wins out again, and things are patched up between the two when Maya walks the plank? What kind of babysitting gig is this?! LOL! Watch to find out! 

 Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Short version: "It's the Cory and Shawn show!" aka Welcome back, Shawnie!!
Longer version:
There are so many feelings still going through me about this one. Cory's parents are visiting, we get to see his little brother in his late teens (!), and it's the return of Shawn Hunter. Nope, not making all that up, and you didn't misread anything. This is the episode we'd been waiting for… family and best friends reunited at long last! As someone who grew up with the old show, this more than any other was frought with the most overwhelming nostalgia, screams of delight, and happy tears trying to burst from my eyes. Why? Because it had not only familiar faces, but confirmed what I'd always felt… as I once quoted in my old post: "You're Cory, with Topanga's hair. You got lucky!" -a smiling Shawn, to Riley.

Also interesting, Shawn's reaction to meeting Farkle. And Maya saying that they (her and Riley) were the best friends on the planet, which garnered this reaction…

SO MUCH YES!!!! It had the best of both. Enough said. I could write for days about this episode, but you'd get bored; so I'll stop here. You're welcome. As Farkle would say: "HA!" 

 Girl Meets Game Night

Short version: Riley invites her friends to family game night.
Longer version:
Family game night, Cory's "favorite night of the month"… that is, it was… until his kids invited their friends over for it! Riley, loves time with her family and friends equally, but is at the age where friends are becoming even more a part of her life. For her parents, it's another reminder of how fast she's growing up. They all come to realize that this is much more than a game… it's a mirror image of life… and how fleeting it is.

I think some of the funniest moments and bits of dialogue in this one come from Joshua Matthews aka "Uncle Josh" being back again. (well, and Ava and Auggie acting like they're married. :P ) See, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Maya recently got a huge crush on him, and thinks he's her husband. So that lends itself to some drama right there. LOL! Poor Josh… it sure is funny, though!! Hmm… what else? I can't think of much without completely spoiling it, sorry!

I will say this, though… it’s a fitting episode for me right now, as some of my younger friends approach graduation. It's crazy to think that they're ready for college, when I've known some of them since they were born! But I know they'll do great things, and be a light to the world. And I know that's what Cory and Topanga want for Riley and Auggie someday. I guess sometimes the show's lessons mirror more than just Riley's life… sometimes they mirror mine!
Girl Meets Master Plan

Short version: It's Maya's birthday, and Shawn is back again!
Longer version:
I don't know what to say about this, but I'll give it a shot. Ok, so… in this one, Riley (and her father) want what the fans of both shows have wanted since we heard about this sequel show… for Shawn to be Maya's father. (Well, ok, I can't speak for all fans. But as soon as I saw a pic of Sabrina Carpenter, I thought she looked enough like him to be his kid. When that was proved false, and I found out that her parents were split up… well, you can see where this is headed :P ) 

So, the Matthews family, with help from Farkle and Lucas, plan the scheme of all schemes… to make it happen. Did that succeed? Did Maya's mom really forget her birthday, or is it all a misunderstanding? And just why is Maya all tied up? Watch the episode to find out! (again, I'd feel guilty giving you all the info on every single episode… you'd have no reason to watch it. And I really want you to watch it… like, a lot. So… what are you waiting for? Go find it, and do so!)
Girl Meets Farkle's Choice

Short version: Farkle is nominated for an award, and has to decide who his guest will be.
Longer version:
The day nobody thought would come has arrived… Farkle Minkus has to decide between Riley and Maya… but it isn't what you think. ;) And, here's a twist… the girls end up fighting over him?

Ok, so let's back up a bit… it's Buggie Award season! But he doesn't want to go alone in case he loses to Smackle yet again. So, he of course turns to his two favorite girls… even going so far as to tell them why he loves each. And even giving them objects that bring up old memories! Yup, this is when they each decide that they do want to go! So, who does Farkle choose? Here's another twist… he doesn't take either. The reason… he doesn't want their friendship ruined, so he goes alone. But then the girls, feeling sorry that they made him do that, both show up to support their best friend.

Everybody say it with me, ya know ya wanna… "Awww!!!" <3

Meanwhile, back at home, Topanga hosts a book club for Auggie and his friends. And guess who comes? Ava and her mother! This provides some great insight into Ava, and also gives us some interesting moments. Such as Cory as a Moose and Penguin?! Yay, for fun time with books!

Special Note: They had an interesting guest star for this one… Jane Lynch! (and yes, she was awesome)

Girl Meets First Date

Short version: Lucas asks Cory's permission to ask Riley on her first date!
Longer version:
We've had some fun times, haven't we? Yes, that's right… we've reached the end of the season. But it's going out with a bang! There are some moments we've been waiting for since the first episode, right? Well, one of the biggest got resolved with this one… Riley and Lucas went on a date! Well, a double date with Maya and Farkle. Surprised?

Anyway, I don't want to spoil it too much. I mean, it has to be seen to be believed! But I will give you one big spoiler… this happened:

Oh, yeah… and Auggie and Ava 'got married'. Crazy, no? Five and six years old, and already know that they don’t want to make the other feel bad ever again. Sound like anyone you know? I know who it sounds like… Cory and Topanga!! :P


So, that's what we've learned along with Riley thus far. I can't wait to cover more of her journey in the upcoming second season! But until then, we have one special episode to cover next time… see ya then!

One last note:
Thanks to all the lovely people on the internet that uploaded all the pictures and videos, and made/uploaded the gifs. You rock, people!

So, did you agree with my post? Disagree in any way? Did I make you want to watch it, or remind you why you love it? Give me a shout out below!


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