Monday, August 10, 2015

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Yearbook Discussion

~Slight Spoilers Ahead~   
Aired: Friday, August 7th
Disney Channel @ 7:30 (central time)

Girl Meets Yearbook

It's that time of year, folks... yearbook time! 

And not all is as the kids hoped it would be...
 Farkle is voted: Most likely to be Farkle
 Riley is voted: Most likely to smile herself to death
Lucas is voted: Most likely to be okay with anything that ever happens 

Ok, so far everything seems predictable. But, there's one more...

Lucas and Maya are voted: Favorite Couple?!

What kind of backwards world is this?! Well, I'll tell ya...

Wait, I think I just did... it's backwards! Anyway, the group decide to reinvent themselves. 

 By which I mean that:
Farkle decides to be "Donnie Barnes, regular guy".
Riley decides to be "Marosha M. Black"

and Maya becomes... Riley?!

I think Maya's point was to try and get them back to being themselves. Which is what Lucas was trying to do in his own way too. (I guess he's not 'okay' with everything that happens in life)

And what does all of this have to do with Iceland and Greenland? Do the kids go back to being their normal selves? I guess you'll have to tune in to find out!

 I thought that it was a very interesting episode that really hits home for the Jr. High age group. At least, I know I was really susceptible to what others thought of me. Still am, and I'm... let's not say how old. :P

 So, I guess this week's lesson was all about perceptions (and your reactions to them), in a manner of speaking. If you've already seen it... what did you think?

Thanks to the lovely people of the internet for the pictures, as usual!


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