Monday, May 25, 2015

Girl Meets World Recap: Girl Meets Demolition

~Spoilers ahead~ 

Aired: Friday, April 17th, 2015
Special Episode, during "What the What Weekend"
Disney Channel @ 7:30
Special Guest Star: Debby Ryan

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Well, we're back! And this episode revolves around something loved by most girls... shopping! 

We find Riley and Maya in the window as usual, and this time they're talking about money. How to get some, mainly. Topanga comes in and tells them they need to go explore the world, and if they want money, they should work for it. I think her exact wording before she left the room was: "Money needs to be worked for. It's pretty hard to come up with a scheme, when all you've got is the clothes on your back, isn't it?"

Of course, being 13 and 14 years old, they take this the wrong way. How could they misunderstand something as clear as that, you ask? Well, because... they're young and a little bit desperate. So, what do the girls do? They decide to sell all of their clothes in exchange for buying some new ones at Demolition.

I don't think they thought this through very well... but, they'll catch on quick, don't worry. Anyway, they meet a very shrewd salesgirl named Aubrey, who convinces Riley that she needs a dress (that's "ugly") that is the 'color of imaginatia'. And, Riley being Riley must have this dress... despite protests from Maya.

So, what does our girl do? Because she thought she was going to lose it, she said "Do you take this credit card my mom gave me for emergencies with a $500 limit on it? Because I need a dress for the spring formal, and I want that one... no other one but that one. So how much for this dress of hope?" And walked away with the dress and some shoes, for a total of $300 (or more?)! Back at home, Cory finds out and after a little convincing (not that it was hard), he goes off to save his 'damsels'.

Of course, Aubrey convinces Cory that he looks like Justin Timberlake, and gives him some clothes to match his 'look'. And when the girls ask what about when Topanga sees, he says that she won't... he'll only wear them with Shawn. (this is when I facepalmed) Let's stop here a moment... I wish I could show you the look, but I can't find any pictures of it... but I guess that gives you a reason to watch it, huh? LOL!

Now, where were we... they got home. And Topanga finally hears about how stupid her husband and daughter were. And that brings out shark Topanga! Watch out... when it comes to her family, Topanga Matthews doesn't mess around!

Of course, Aubrey has an answer for everything. And it's learned that her parents own the place, and are as awful as she is. The only thing to come of Topanga's visit? More anger, gaping mouths, and the realization that Aubrey would make a fantastic lawyer.... especially if she used her skills for good, rather than 'evil'.

Riley, however, comes up with a plan... and all's well that ends well. That is, with the help of Evelyn Rand! 

The girls get their clothes back, and learn once again the importance of smart decisions, and the value of the people in our lives. And Aubrey learns that there are better ways to treat people... and that she could use some better influences in her life. Which at the end of the episode, brings her to the Matthews' front door!

Alright, that's all for now! Hope I got you interested in this episode!
Next time, we'll be talking about the first week of season 2!!! To get you excited for that...


What were your thoughts on this episode? 
Are you ready for season 2?
What was all that crazy in the promo video?
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