Sunday, September 3, 2017

Captivating Castles of the Fandom World

Once again, we face the end of summer, and just like my post Gamers' Getaway, I plan to focus my attention on spots in fictional worlds that could make fantastic vacations.

This time, it's castles!

One of my most treasured memories was of my father taking me to a tiny castle in the middle of a lake. Okay, it wasn't exactly a castle, but to my childhood imagination, it appeared similar enough to pass for one. I was enamored! Not just by castles, but eventually (blessedly) by the fantasy genre itself. To a little girl, whose grandfather fondly referred to as princess, it comes as no surprise that my love for these architectural beauties has continued into my adult years.

So, I marry two of my favorite things: fandoms and fortresses.

Beast’s Castle (Disney's Beauty and the Beast)

A wolf-infested forest somewhere in France

Beast (note: under an enchanted spell, has a rather unruly temper)
Enchanted Objects

Beef Ragout
Cheese Soufflé
Pie and Pudding 'en flambe
Grey Stuff (Try it. It's delicious!) 
Added bonus: Dinner and a show

To Do 
Speak with the talking furniture.
Read in the magnificent, every-bookworm's-dream library.
During the Christmas holiday, let the singing, crazed organ with the voice of Tim Curry soothe you. (Warning: He may attempt to bring down the house. Literally! I'm prone to making puns but am serious here.)

To See
Expansive rose garden (Warning: do NOT touch the flowers)
Various hallways dedicated to the art and culture of Europe
The lovely and mysterious West Wing

Ivory Tower (The Neverending Story)

Fantastica (actually exists in a book)

The Childlike Empress (note: is much older and wiser than she appears) 

Piedra (a rock-shaped sweet bread)
Never-ending chocolate fountain
Spicy Luck Dragon dumplings
Water of Life

To Do 
Go on death-defying adventures.
Fly on the back of Falkor.
Protect the Childlike Empress.

To See
Grassy Ocean (Green as far as the eye can see)
The Swamps of Sadness (It kind of sucks... the hope right out of you.)
Goab, the Desert of Colors
Perilin, the Night Forest (As beautiful and colorful as a wish)

Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl's Moving Castle)

The Land of Ingary (where it's a misfortune to be born the eldest of three)

A few others, depending on if it's the book or movie version

Bacon and Eggs
Fluffy, warm bread
Hat-shaped cakes with sugar spun flowers

To Do 
Subconsciously learn to break a spell and speak magic into hats.
Explore the door in the castle, which opens to different dimensions.
Tread through various countries using Seven-League Boots.

To See
While in the castle, you will be treated to a brisk, beautiful tour through the Ingary countryside
Fields and fields of lovely flowers

Hogwarts (Harry Potter series)

Somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland

Professors teaching magic 
Future witches and wizards

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
Chocolate Frogs
Pumpkin Pasties

To Do 
Fly on broomsticks (and of course, play Quidditch).
Fight Dark Lords and underlings.
Survive Trolls in bathrooms.
Study for magic exams.

To See
All the fantastic beasts!
The Forbidden Forest (Shhh, don't tell anyone you've explored it.)
The Hogwarts Express and all its glory 

Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda series)

The Kingdom of Hyrule, of course

Princess Zelda
The King of Hyrule
The Legendary Warrior, Link 

Baked Apple (or burnt apple, if you've set it by the fire too long)
Peanut Butter and Chu Chu Jelly sandwiches
Lon Lon milk
Fairy delight! (Just kidding, we aren't barbarians here.)
Elixir soup

To Do 
Defeat Ganon and save the princess.
Ride Epona. (Yay! Horsie.)
Cook food happily.
Scale mountain sides.

To See
The Triforce!
Princess Zelda's study
The Great Deku Tree
The many shrines scattered throughout the world 

Crystal Tokyo/Moon Kingdom (Sailor Moon series)

On the Moon (past)
Tokyo, Japan (future)

Queen Serenity (past)
Princess Serena (past)

Neo Queen Serenity (future)
King Endymion (future)
Princess Rini (future)

Moon cakes and doughnuts
Rice balls
Bunny shaped cookies (a mixture of burnt and golden brown delights)
Strawberry Cream Cake

To Do
Fight Evil By Moonlight.
Win Love By Daylight.
Transform into a Pretty Sailor Soldier.
Time Travel.

To See
Talking Cats
The Legendary Silver Crystal
Wait... a Pegasus, or was I dreaming??

Count Dracula's Castle (Dracula)

In the depths of Transylvania

Count Dracula (Warning: could be a blood-sucking, undead gentleman)

Get out of here!!

To Do 
Set up crucifixes.
Eat lots of garlic.
Vampire Hunting.

To See
Nothing. You should go before you see too much.

Which captivating castle would you visit?


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