Sunday, July 16, 2017

Calamity Read-Along Chapters 25-29

So, I have a confession to make... I had intended to read Calamity slowly, as I wrote each of these read-along posts. Savoring the story and all that. But after I wrote the last post, the reading bug bit hard, and I just had to know how the story ended. So I binge-read the rest of the book in one afternoon.

Oh wow, you guys. Wow. There is some fantastic stuff coming up!

Chapter 25
"But this fear? It seemed to bloom alongside my powers. It's like the powers... needed something to be afraid of."
"Like water," I whispered.
That would explain why the weaknesses seem random at times.

Chapter 26
"Hmm? Oh, Loophole has executed three different pastry chefs so far for creating substandard desserts. It was in Tia's notes. The woman really like her cupcakes."
"And you didn't mention this because..."
"Not important," I said.
This book has made me severely doubt David's ability to judge what is not important. I can only imagine the look Megan is giving him at this point.
Obliteration. The man who had destroyed Houston and Kansas City and tried to blow up Babilar. The toll that Regalia had used to push Prof into darkness. He was here.
Dang it. I was really hoping he would go away.

Chapter 27
"Ah, Steeslayer," he said. "Your features may change, but your eyes—and the hunger within them—are the same."
Dang it.

"Are you... staring at my chest?" I asked.
"What?" she said. "Stay focused, Knees."
Yes, yes, you're both very cute and lovey-dovey here. While I'd like to say "awww," I think you perhaps have more pressing matters to take care of?

Chapter 28
Let the prize be worth the cost.
I love this line. I feel like it's been a running theme throughout all the books, even though this is the first time it's been said.
But hearing him talk to these people like he'd once talked to us... it was heartbreaking.

Chapter 29
Our disguises were gone.

What did you think of Prof putting together a team of Epics like he'd once run a team of Reckoners? Is anyone excited to see the teams clash?


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