Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jane the Virgin: Season Three So Far

Jane the Virgin is halfway through its third season, and a lot has changed since Jane's doe-eyed debut on the silver screen. For one, Jane's a mom. Secondly, she's married. And lastly, she's not a virgin anymore. What?

You read that correctly: Jane ≠ Virgin.

So, with that stunning revelation, how has season three been so far? Let's find out.

*cue Jane the Virgin intro sound effects*

What I Love
  • Michael being okay
I was really worried about him. At first I thought they'd kill Michael to help Jane remain a virgin or to help Jane end up with Rafael, which is something I wasn't really down with. The fact that he's alive and adding to the show in an active way is really great.

  • Michael and Jane being married
I especially like that the show is now focusing on Michael and Jane as newlyweds. It's a bold move to get characters married, and I think the misconception is that married characters are "boring," but I think otherwise. Seeing them navigate the uncharted waters of marriage is fascinating story material, especially with Mateo in tow, and the show is wise to play off of that. (Their story is made even more fascinating by the fact that there's a baby daddy involved and a murderer on the loose, not to mention Rogelio and Anezca!)
  • The fact that everyone gets a story line
Jane the Virgin is made stronger by its ensemble cast, and I like that its using all of the cast mates to their fullest potential. Xo, Rogelio, and Abuela had story lines this season that brought them front and center, something that I really enjoyed. 

That feel when your ship just won't sail...--(source)
  • The tact with which the story lines were handled
A lot of things was touched upon this season that had potential to backfire, but I think each topic was handled with utmost care and consideration. It was also handled realistically. Sex isn't going to be perfect the first time. Families aren't always going to agree. I appreciate the thought that the writers put into each of these major plot points.

I think Jane's virginity especially was handled perfectly with the care and realistic aspects it needed. Though it's weird that Jane's no longer a virgin, I'm ultimately okay with it. It was handled beautifully and in the best way possible.

Casually hanging with Gloria Estefan, as you do.--(source)
  • Character development
Everyone is growing. Xo realizes she wants to move forward with her career (and her dance studio is going to be amazing!). Jane realizes she needs to focus on more than just being a mom. Petra resurfaces after being drugged and tortured by Anezca and turns into a harder version of herself (understandably so). Rafael decides that he's going to stop letting Jane push him around. I'll be honest, I'm uncomfortable with where some of these character arcs are going, but I absolutely love that these characters are growing. They might not be going where I want them to go, but I love that I'm seeing them change and grow and go somewhere, wherever it may be.

I also love, love, love this show's emphasis on family and positive female relationships.--(source)

My Concerns
  • It might get boring
Let's be honest, Jane was not going to remain a virgin forever, especially when she decided to get married. The fact that it was even pushed back after her marriage as long as it was was aggravating. But it's like that moment when two romantic leads get together after seasons of romantic chemistry. After it's over, does the show lose its spark? At this point, I don't think that's a problem for Jane yet because we still have the cast of characters whose story lines are strong--and let's face it, the characters totally have my heart. The writers have done a very good job of making sure the show doesn't rely on Jane's virginity to sustain it. But it's something I'm worried about as time goes on.

  • It might get too unbelievable
The actual charm of Jane the Virgin is that it's absolutely over-the-top and hilarious. However, I'm concerned about the point where it just gets to be too much. I hope that point is never, but I do know that there could come a time where the hilarity runs its course. However, I'm totally on board with where it's going now, so this isn't something that's an imminent problem.


Besides my two concerns, I think Jane the Virgin is doing an amazing job on season three so far. It's one of my favorite shows ever, and so far I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. These characters have become like dear friends to me, especially Jane. In a world where it's hard to be a woman, Jane shows us that it's possible to be soft and kind, yet brave and unyielding where it counts. She is a good mother, a good daughter, and a good friend. She is a good person in general. Both Jane and her actress, Gina Rodriguez, are both women worth admiring and they're people I look up to. They are one reason why Jane the Virgin is worth watching and why it's one of my favorite shows of all time.

Jane the Virgin returns to the CW on January 10th! 
What have you thought of it so far?


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