Sunday, January 8, 2017

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 26-30

This was another connection, a real one--like Mitosis, but even more promising.
I won't go as far as David and say that whatever nearly killed Epics in their former life is what becomes their weakness, but I certainly think that it's something they feared. It's like I mused in earlier chapters with Steelheart--he was a bully in high school, and bullies fear those who do NOT fear them. (A simplification, perhaps, but I don't want to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of bully psychology here.) A lot of Epic powers/vulnerabilities tie into the thread of fear.

Being a lorist sounded like a job for a nerd anyway.
Oh dear, sweet David... you are quite possibly the BIGGEST nerd in existence. Own it, boy.

"Nope," Exel said with a grin. "Learned that in the CIA."
This guy just keeps getting weirder, seriously.

I wasn't going to argue--any excuse to get out of the base was a good one--but this didn't seem like Prof. He liked to plan.
Uh-oh, Prof is getting impulsive. I really hope he's just off his game because of the high stakes with Obliteration and the fact that Regalia is an old friend. As bad as that is, it's not nearly as terrible as the other option, that his Epic powers are getting to him. Being in his old stomping grounds doesn't seem like it's doing good things for him.

"That's everything," I found myself saying.
Sparks. This is going to blow up in his face faster than Obliteration. Grr. You ever want to sit two characters down and knock their heads together until they work out all their problems and secrets?

Great. I was back in the horror movie.
Fortune cookie messages? Seriously? Just when I think that this whole Dawnslight thing can't get any more bizarre...

This meant there had been a lot of witnesses when Obliteration had settled down right before his palace, an old government building he'd repurposed, and started glowing.
I wonder what triggers his decision to destroy a city. Or at least, the first one. Because apparently, he'd been in charge of that one. Did he just get bored? Was he experimenting with his powers?

"The Abigail we knew is dead," Prof said.
Gaaaah. I know he has a huge chip on his shoulder, and that he probably thinks he understands Epics because he is one... but sometimes I wish Prof would just stop his bullheaded belief that Epics only do things because they're Epics. David and Tia get it--they see the need to analyze and figure out endgames, especially with someone like Regalia.

"Because," Prof said, voice growing soft. "It's going to take every bit of my willpower over the next few minutes not to murder these people for inconveniencing me."
I just hope that the team doesn't implode in the next couple of chapters. Anyone else have any more optimistic wishes?


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