Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Reaction to the Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Opening

Warning: Kingdom Hearts spoilers included.

It's been some time since we received Kingdom Hearts news, ladies and gents. But finally, Square Enix has revealed the Kingdom Hearts Final Chapter Prologue Opening. (I don't care what anyone says, I can't help but love these titles.) And it is glorious.

Here was my reaction:

First Thought: these graphics are unreal!!

Just look at the colors, the detail!

Second Thought: That "Simple and Clean" remix though. It's so catchy, I can't help but dance...

...and sing.

Third Thought: When Aqua smiles, the entire fandom sighs. It's been ten long years. SAVE HER!!
Fourth Thought: Aaaaannndd cue collective gasp. These possessed Ven and Terra scenes are brutal.

The closeups are absolutely chilling.

Fifth Thought: *peeks between fingers* AHHHH!!! Wait, is that Mickey?  Well, it's about time!

This mouse is on fiiiirreee.

Sixth Thought: Everything is so vivid!! And darn it, they are so freakin' happy. They're just a family of sugar pies who should be together forever. *starts sobbing*

I love this series. It makes me feel things! Everything is going to be...

Seventh Thought: No. Don't you dare do it.

Eighth Thought: Am I going to be forced to relive Birth By Sleep's ending? Yes, yes I am.

Don't go!!

Everything is going to be all right. *repeats several times but it still doesn't help*

Right in the feels.

Ninth Thought: Aqua is just thinking, "I did my best."

I'm just going to cry in a corner now.

Tenth Thought: Wait...

What... what is that? Is that--


 *the entire fandom explodes in a fiery bout of excitement and unbridled joy*

RIP Kingdom Hearts fans.

Eleventh Thought: All we can do now is wait for the barrage of Kingdom Hearts goodness next year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is on the horizon, but are you also looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2.8? What about the re-release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5


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