Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 16-20

How are the holidays going for everyone so far? Let's jump in to this week's read-along!

Chapter 16

"Nice metaphor," I noted.
Gahhh, I'm so torn--who do I ship? I love David/Megan because of their mutual awesomeness/love of guns and blowing things up, but I love David/Mizzy too because adorableness.

"This guy built a bomb shelter," I said, "with a skylight?"
Ughh. Yuck. Whoever that guy was, he was a nut.

Chapter 17

Not anger. His expression was too soft, his grimace too painful. That was sorrow.
I wonder if Prof can't believe Epics can be good because of himself. That must be an exhausting battle he has to fight all the time, not using his powers.

"The two great constants of life. Food and death."
Exel is SO WEIRD. I love him.

Each i was dotted with a heart.
See, she's just so adorable! And to be totally honest, David needs someone who can get him to loosen up a little. I can't decide! He's like Dean Winchester, totally shipable with basically every girl.

"When we knew her before, she could spend days at a time in the same chair, receiving visitors."
I wonder if this was before or after Prof became an Epic. And if he was an Epic, did he work for Regalia? Rule with her? Somehow I don't see her tolerating him as a rival. And of course, if she knows he's an Epic, that could spell trouble for their mission here in Babilar.

"No, listen..."
Dude. Just... stop... talking.
Chapter 18

Weren't people supposed to walk with their eyes down, worried that anyone they passed might be an Epic?
Oh, David. You poor little cinnamon roll.

Chapter 19

Dancing was stressful--but muderous demigods, those I could deal with.
I hear ya, man.
Chapter 20

I'd interacted with Epics, even fallen for one. I couldn't see them uniformly as monsters any longer.
I just hope that this means Brandon Sanderson doesn't pull one of his typical crazy twists and makes David have to kill Megan or Prof. Yes, this author has totally made me a pessimist when I read his stuff--it's always, always going to get about 100% worse than I ever think it actually could.

Okay, question for you guys--what ship are you rooting for: David/Mizzy, or David/Megan? Also, feel free to give them a cute ship name in the comments! See you next time!


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