Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Flash Reaction: "Killer Frost" (3x07)

Spoilers for The Flash

Caitlin is forced to use her powers to save Barry from Savitar, which turns her into Killer Frost. Meanwhile, Wally is trapped inside a cocoon that transforms him into a speedster.

"Barry's real superpower isn't speed. It's hope." -HR

What I Liked
We finally get to see Killer Frost emerge in Caitlin, and it was both spectacular and terrifying. While I was a little disappointed that Caitlin getting powers automatically meant she turned psycho, it was a great plot for the episode. I liked that using her powers to save Barry is what triggered the final meltdown (or should I say freeze-over). Danielle Panabaker did a fantastic job with the part: it was equally scary, sad, and exciting. I'm glad, however, that they were able to help her and she is back to normal (for now). Though I will miss her "Mother of Dragons" hair, as Cisco puts it.

She's all kinds of terrifying. (source)

Joe West
Sometimes Joe seems out of place in this meta-centered world. He has no powers; he can't fight metas like normal. But he can still kick butt and take names. He can still use his detective skills and gut instinct to help. I love how they tied that into this episode. It just reveals how critical Joe really is to the team, despite being "normal."

We also got to see Wally with speedster powers (finally!). It was interesting that he was stuck in a perpetual vibrating state when they broke him out of the cocoon early. But thanks to Caitlin, Wally is okay. And he's absolutely adorable. His excitement for being a speedster is too cute.

Gosh, he's adorable. (source)
HR continues to be a source of entertainment and comic relief, but he also proved his worth in other ways this episode. He actually had helpful ideas. It was surprising but fantastic. I also love his one-sided bromance with Joe. Stay awesome, HR.

As always, Iris has the best things to say to lift Barry's spirits. What would he (or anybody else) do without her wisdom? She's great.

Wow, wow. I actually ship them in this moment. Amazing. (source)

Once more, Barry blamed himself for Caitlin, Wally, and everything else that happened (despite none of it being his fault entirely). He also got beat up a lot in this episode, between the Savitar scuffle and Killer Frost fight. But I think that just shows how vulnerable Barry is. Sure, he has speedster powers, but he's not Superman: he still has weaknesses. It shows that he needs his team, and it also proves HR's words correctly. Barry's greatest superpower is his hope: his hope in other people, his hope in the world, and his hope in himself. He took a great risk confronting Killer Frost, but it panned out and he got his friend back. I just have so many feels over Barry "Hufflepuff" Allen.

So much Hufflepuff. (source)

What I Didn't Like
Oh, Cisco. I just feel so much for him. Not only did he learn the truth about Dante (that he was alive during Flashpoint), but he was forced to fight one of his best friends. He is hurting, and I don't like to see him this way. Please be okay, Cisco. Please.

Savitar is absolutely terrifying. Not only is he super fast and super scary looking (combine Megatron with Ultron in a Tron-esque world, and you've got him), but he's also invisible. Only Barry was able to see him. He also claims to be the Hindu god of motion, but is he actually a god? I guess we'll find out. In addition, he can show people the future and he has "plans" for Caitlin as Killer Frost. I don't like it; I'm scared.

Doctor Alchemy
We learn that Doctor Alchemy has just been a pawn for Savitar. He's the face of Savitar in the real world. Not even his voice--the creepy, invisible voice--is Doctor Alchemy's. It's Savitar's voice. In addition, we find out that Julian freaking Albert is Doctor Alchemy. While I'm not surprised (he didn't show up to work the same time they were hunting Doctor Alchemy and he's the newbie on the show), I'm still worried for Julian. I actually enjoy his character, and I don't want him to be caught up in something bad. I want him to be friends with Barry. (Though, I doubt that will happen since he made Barry quit.)

Special effects are special. (source)

Overall, this episode had a lot packed into it. A lot of loose threads were tied together, many that have been building up since season two. I'm excited for this turn of events. This is The Flash show I've come to love. Next up? Heroes vs Aliens.

Bonus gif:

This was the best moment of the episode. (source)

What did you think of "Killer Frost"? What do you think of the Doctor Alchemy reveal?


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