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Which Merlin Character Are You? (According to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

By Danielle Fisher
This post was originally posted at A Vapor in the Wind.

I have never ever done a post like this, so bear with me! For those of you who have watched this show, I hope you enjoy this, and for all those who are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as well as Merlin, let me know if you think my assessment is accurate or not! If you think I should have matched different characters with different personalities, let me know. I would love to hear your opinion.

Merlin - The Architect (INTP)

Personality Traits: Candid, Ingenious, Complex, Independent, Rebellious, Philosophical, Detached

"I'm happy to be your servant until the day I die." -Merlin

"There is no evil in sorcery, only in the hearts of men." -Merlin

"You're a son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world and you were born of that magic. You are magic itself." -The Great Dragon

Arthur Pendragon- The Commander (ENTJ)

Personality Traits: Ambitious, Forceful, Strategic, Optimistic, Egotistical, Adaptable, Energetic

"My will will not bend for a sword." -Arthur

"I swear I am going to rescue my men or die trying." -Arthur

Guinevere - The Counselor (INFJ)

Personality Traits: Sincere, Sympathetic, Unassuming, Nurturing, Reserved, Patient, Loyal

"In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it is easier to believe that you don't."-Guinevere

"Don't let anyone tell you what to do. You said you are your own man. You have a good heart. Be true to it. Only then will you be the king Camelot deserves." -Guinevere

Uther Pendragon - The Inspector (ISTJ)

Personality Traits: Cautious, Conventional, Responsible, Organized, Dutiful, Traditional

"When I came to this land, this kingdom was mired in chaos but, with the people's help, magic was driven from the land." -Uther

"I know I have not been a good father, I put my duty to Camelot first. I'm sorry." -Uther

Gaius - The Teacher (ENFJ)

Personality Traits: Active, Pleasant, Sociable, Demanding, Impatient, Appreciative, Compromising

"You are special, the likes of which I've never seen before." -Gaius

"Merlin, I know I can never compare with your father, but for what it's've still got me." -Gaius

The Great Dragon - The Supervisor (ESTJ)

Personality Traits: Contented, Energetic, Prejudiced, Self-Satisfied, Practical, Conventional

"None of us can choose our destiny and none of us can escape it." -The Great Dragon 

Morgana Pendragon - The Visionary (ENTP)

Personality Traits: Friendly, Resourceful, Headstrong, Self-Centered, Independent, Curious, Clever

"Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I have no one left to be loyal to." -Morgana

"She is the darkness to your light, the hatred to your love." -The Great Dragon

Mordred - The Mastermind (INTJ)

Personality Traits: Discreet, Industrious, Logical, Deliberate, Self-Confident, Methodical

"The love that binds us is more important than the power we wield." -Mordred

Freya (The Lady of the Lake)- The Healer (INFP)

Personality Traits: Artistic, Reflective, Careless, Sensitive, Flexible, Appreciative

"My home was next to a lake surrounded by the tallest mountains. In the winter the storms whipped up the water into waves -- we thought they were going to crash down and take away all the houses, but in the summer, wild flowers and light, it was like heaven." -Freya

Sir Leon - The Provider (ESFJ)

Personality Traits: Loyal, Traditional, Sensitive, Responsible, Generous, Optimistic

"My lord, there is no one I would rather die for." -Sir Leon

Sir Gwaine - The Performer (ESFP)

Personality Traits: Changeable, Charming, Spontaneous, Energetic, Forceful, Initiating, Resourceful

"She's a maiden in a tower, a damsel in distress. I was born for this moment." -Sir Gwaine

"Nobility is defined by what you do not by who you are." -Sir Gwaine

Sir Percival - The Craftsman (ISTP)

Personality Traits: Critical, Detached, Guarded, Independent, Resourceful, Observant

"Your enemies are my enemies." -Sir Percival

Sir Lancelot - The Champion (ENFP)

Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Changeable, Impulsive, Energetic, Understanding

"I believe in the world that Arthur will build." -Sir Lancelot

Sir Elyan - The Dynamo (ESTP)

Personality Traits: Energetic, Dominant, Flexible, Demanding, Sociable, Playful

"It is now my turn to repay you." -Sir Elyan

Princess Mithian - The Composer (ISFP)

Personality Traits: Easygoing, Flexible, Spontaneous, Friendly, Quiet, Creative

"One thing I've learned since being here is that Arthur values your opinion above almost all others. Even if he be the last to admit it." -Princess Mithian

"I would give up my own kingdom to be so loved." -Princess Mithian 

Queen Annis - The Protector (ISFJ)

Personality Traits: Conservative, Conventional, Guarded, Reserved, Industrious, Compassionate

"There is something about you, Arthur Pendragon, something which gives me hope for us all." -Queen Annis

Which Merlin character shares your personality type?

About Danielle:

Danielle Fisher is a twenty-one year-old, Midwest girl and homeschool graduate who believes in Jesus and old-fashioned kindness and courtesy. She currently works full time as an administrative assistant, teaches piano lessons, participates in local theater productions, and writes on her blog in her spare time. Danielle first discovered BBC’s Merlin when she was in high school and enjoyed growing up with the characters of the TV show that now remains as one of her most beloved and favorite shows of all time. Her other interests include all things to do with Arthurian legend, Shakespeare, theater, music, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, poetry, and creative writing.


  1. I love this show! I'm an INTP and Merlin is my favorite character, so that's fun! :)

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

  2. Yes! Finally someone did this!!! This puts me in the same personality type as Freya! I'd never thought of that before. I'd always assumed that Merlin was an INFJ and that Arthur was an ESFJ, but I totally get how Arthur would be perceiving instead of judging. He never was a very good judge of character. XD

  3. I'm Freya! Aww her story was so bittersweet. :D

    1. That's so cool! I know, her story is one of the sweetest/saddest stories.