Friday, July 8, 2016

4 Reasons to Play The Sims

When I was a young girl I enjoyed exercising my imagination by playing with my dollhouse. Time came and went, but as I grew older I grew out of dolls and dollhouses and replaced this particular game of "make believe" with the PC game, The Sims. This virtual simulation game may seem boring at first consideration, but when you start playing, it hooks you. Why? You create characters, families, even yourself, and set them down in a new house to start out their life in the little Sim world all ready and waiting for them. You can send them to school, find them jobs, give them relationships, or you can see what happens when you turn their little simulated lives upside down.

The Sims 4

Over the years, this game has served as a stress-reliever when I was in the mood for some creative, virtual fun. I began playing when I was ten with the original Sims game and progressed through the years to try out Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4. I have gained the full experience and I’m here today to give you some reasons to play The Sims.

1.     If you are a writer, this is the perfect opportunity to get a 3D, everyday-life picture of what your original characters would do and what choices they would make in day-to-day scenarios. That is one key reason I enjoy playing this particular video game. I can begin with Create-a-Sim, and the game offers amazing ways to make your Sim unique, complete with voice ranges, personality traits, and even small details in their facial structure. You are able to visualize what your character may look like, and choosing their personality traits can be hilariously entertaining. It may even inspire you when writing a particular scene with your character.

2.     If you are a fangirl, as you must be if you are on this website, you can create whichever fictional character you desire with the endless options on The Sims. You can try throwing a multitude of your characters in the same house and watch to see what happens in the ensuing gameplay. (I did this the other day—I created a number of characters from The Force Awakens and thoroughly enjoyed the results.) You could marry Natasha Romanoff to Captain America, or whatever you prefer.

3.     If you are simply bored and wish to live on the edge, just go all out on The Sims. No consequences. Well, at least only your computer-generated Sims would have to deal with the results. I have created a Sim and tried to see what would happen if I made him live only with the bare necessities of life, nothing else. The tragic clown of the game paid the Sim a visit as he sank into dejection with no entertainment or social life. Yes, it is indeed tragic, but I prefer to call it "The Sim Social Experiment." 

4.     If you want to see the Sim version of your life, just give it a shot and create your family and see what happens in their little world in Sim Valley. It is most often hugely entertaining when your sister (in the Sim world) sets the oven on fire and proceeds to burn the whole kitchen down. Or you could watch as your Sim mother gets a job as a criminal mastermind. The possibilities are endless.

These are just a few reasons to play this fantastic game created by EA and Maxis. I consider myself a Sim fangirl, and I hope to play as long as my computer holds out. 

Why do you enjoy playing the Sims? 


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