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12 Actors from Band of Brothers You'll Probably Recognize

12 Actors from Band of Brothers You'll Probably Recognize.

HBO's Band of Brothers featured a superstar cast-- from comedians to drama-kings. See how many of these Easy Company men you can recognize!

1. David Schwimmer

If you hated Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S then I have bad news for you because you're going to hate this guy even more! David Schwimmer plays Captain Herbert Sobel--literally runner up for the worst person in the entire show (Winner: Captain Dike).

2. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender appears as Sergeant Burton 'Pat' Christenson but how in the world Magneto and my angel child Pat Christenson are on the same Earth (and possibly in the same country) is beyond me.

3. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy appears as Private First Class John Janovec just long enough to rip your heart out. He likes foreign girls and is afraid of Captain Speirs-- sometimes these things collide. He's also in one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. 

4. Donnie Wahlberg

Boy band graduate Donnie Wahlberg fights dirtbags in Blue Bloods, but a much earlier tussle with dirtbags was in Band of Brothers as First Lieutenant Carwood Lipton. He is both the mom friend and a sweet sunshine child who has never done anything wrong ever (minus a little bit of organized mutiny).

5. Jimmy Fallon

This is totally real, I promise. Jimmy Fallon has a cameo in the episode "Crossroads" where he rides in on a Jeep to talk to Major Winters and establish the lack of supplies before he promptly gets out of the hellscape Easy Company is walking right into. Not in it long enough to die.

6. James McAvoy

Oh man, here come the tears. James McAvoy co-starred with Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class but it was not the first project they worked on together. James McAvoy appears in Band of Brothers as baby-faced Private James Miller.

7. Richard Speight Jr.

Trickster extraordinaire Richard Speight Jr. brings his playfulness to the battlefield as Sergeant Warren 'Skip' Muck and somehow manages to make you laugh so much you momentarily forget you're watching a show about a world war. It takes talent. Delivers one of the best lines in the show.

8. Kirk Acevedo

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's Kirk Avocado Acevedo appears as tough sweetheart, and my fave, Joe Toye--making you simultaneously swoon and fear for your life. This guy definitely just needs a hug. I volunteer. If I die young, someone please tell Joe Toye that I loved him.

9. Michael Cudlitz

Portraying the large scary teddy bear character as he also did in The Walking Dead is Michael Cudlitz as Sergeant Denver 'Bull' Randleman. Can probably lift a tank.

10. Neal McDunough

Neal McDunough, who recently appeared as Damien Dark in Arrow, and Dum-Dum Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel's Agent Carter plays everyone's favorite jock as First Lieutenant Lynn 'Buck' Compton. His butt is blessed.

11. Simon Pegg

Funny man Simon Pegg was actually a real jerk in this one as Sergeant William Evans, Sobel's right hand. For a while there he gave Easy Company a whole lot of trouble which was not very funny at all but I digress.

12. Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis, who's also known for his work in Homeland and Billions, plays Major Richard 'Dick' Winters, Easy Company's fearless leader and everyone's favorite Dad. Oh and Sergeant? He's not a Quaker.

Who were you surprised to see? Let us know and be sure to go watch Band of Brothers right now!

This article was brought to you by my inevitable summer re-watch of all three HBO War miniseries. Please someone come cry with me.

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  1. THIS POST IS AMAZING. Simply because who knew so much awesome could be in one place (except maybe Lord of the Rings??) Wow. This was enlightening. Maybe I'll need to come join you to cry...