Friday, December 11, 2015

Supernatural Reaction: "O Brother Where Art Thou" (11x09)


We've gotten to the mid-season finale, and I'm sad that we have to wait to find out what will happen next. On the plus side, I was EXTREMELY satisfied with this episode! Warning: Supernatural contains mature content and is not suitable for the faint of heart. Trigger warnings for this episode include: large body counts.


Amara is awesome. I know that has to be an unpopular opinion, but I think she's an interesting character and I like what she has brought to the show. I also liked the fountain of blood she produced for the repentance man. Just when you think Supernatural has used every form of killing things off, they have Amara strike down the group of people with lightning. My jaw had already dropped at this point, and I couldn't imagine what was going to happen next.



Sam is praying and seeing clearer visions. He said that he feels calm when Lucifer touches him, and I find it funny that us viewers feel the same way whenever he's on screen. I've been hoping that he would return sometime before the show was over. Dean being the voice of reason (correct or not) is a part of his character that I've always enjoyed, and it's always great to see that brought foreward when situations start to rise.

Seeing that the brothers and Crowley are on speaking terms is going to help deal with this whole confusing mess. I can't help but notice the gears turning in Crowley's head when he finds out that God has a sister. I started to worry about Sam making the possible trip to Hell and if there was any way that he could be hurt.

Rowena has also chains. I sometimes forget Crowley's powers, and I was anticipating major trouble from her. I almost teared up when she mentioned Charlie. :'(


I applaud the set designers for creating a captivating (and not at all cheesy) version of Hell. I'm constantly blown away by the sets on Supernatural.


It was interesting to learn that the souls become a part of Amara, instead of the harsh death we thought was inevitable. This show constantly has me looking at all sides of a situation, and it's just another thing to appreciate about this series. Lucifer's glowing eyeballs were FANTASTIC! Another nice touch.


Amara and Dean becoming one? I kinda see how that would work. Consider Dean's character traits: dutiful, restless, concerned, and rational (to name a few). Amara is the same way but in her own twisted version. She was scorned by God and is trying desperately to reach out and settle this once and for all. Loved the slow-mo knife shatter!


Discovering that Lucifer was the one reaching out to Sam instead of God was unexpected. Now Sam's rooming with the dark lord again, and I can't imagine what will become of this reunion. Reflecting on previous events that happened during season 11, it never occurred to me to consider that Hell was effected by the Darkness' return to earth. The complexity of this series is astounding, and unless I spend hours studying every episode, I don't think I'll ever be able to grasp the beauty of this show.


Here's to hiatus! What were your thoughts on the lone man tear?


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