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The Walking Dead Reaction: "Heads Up" (6x07)

The Walking Dead aired the second-to-last episode in 2015, and this episode paved the way to the mid-season finale, which will premiere this upcoming week. But in the meantime, here's what we thought of episode 6x07, "Heads Up."

Jameson C. Smith

It’s safe to say that thirty seconds into this episode I had already squealed at my TV and was preparing myself for either the best/worst news of this season. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be even a hint about Glenn until the midseason finale, but I was incredibly happy to see an episode that was so focused on him.

It is really nice seeing Glenn Rhee alive.

One of my favorite moments (other than pretty much every scene with Glenn) was the discussion between Rick, Morgan, Michonne, and Carol. Every side of the argument makes sense, and while I admire Morgan’s belief that everyone can change, I’m just afraid of what will happen because the Wolves’ leader is still alive. I mean, the guy promised to kill everyone inside the walls, so…not good.

Out of the whole season so far, I think this is the episode with the most focus on Rick. We were back to his POV throughout the episode, understanding how he thinks matters should be handled and see everyone as he sees them. Another favorite moment was when Tobin told Rick how the Alexandrians were afraid of him when he and his group first arrived. Rick already knew they were afraid of him, but the way Tobin approached it wasn’t antagonistic or trying to make Rick look like the bad guy. He was just stating a fact, which I thought was a refreshing take on the storyline.

I like how we’re finally seeing integration with Rick’s group and Alexandria. They’re (mostly) working together for the good of the whole community, and they are learning from each other. The Alexandrians are willing to fight for their home, and even though they aren’t as prepared as they should be, they are trying now.

Other stuff and things: 
If Glenn and Maggie could be reunited and happy again, that would be fantastic.
Now that Carol knows Morgan’s secret, I think she’ll kill him because he could be a danger to the community. (Which I would really hate to see happen.)
I’m also thinking that maybe Glenn and Maggie will decide to take Enid in and take care of her, since she has nobody else.
I like Tobin, which means he’s going to die next week, doesn’t it?
Still don’t trust Ron. At all.

Sky Destrian

I didn't think we'd hear anything about Glenn for a long while. After last week's episode, I had a feeling they'd make us wait till at least the mid-season finale, if not longer. I had resigned myself to yet another episode where not a lot happened plot-wise. I was so grateful to be proven wrong.

Within the first five minutes, I was internally screaming.

THE DUMPSTER. THE DUMPSTER. I was in shock that the fan theories I've seen actually came through and were happening before my very eyes. 

Even though he's alive, Glenn has been through the wringer. Hiding under the dumpster for who-knows-how-long and having to look at Nicholas' face during that time must have been torture. He didn't have food or water, either. Let me just say, I have so much more respect for Glenn now as a character. His resilience is amazing. Thank you, show runners, for developing Glenn so much.

Another character I have more respect for is Enid. After the episode "JSS," I already felt for her, but this episode made me like her even more. It's realistic that a girl who had her family taken from her would retreat and be defensive. Glenn's way of dealing with her gave me so many feels, and I just need Maggie and Glenn to adopt her already. Seriously. Please make this happen.

This episode delivered in all other ways, as well. I've found the past few episodes lacking, but this episode jampacked almost everyone that I've been missing--Rick, Tara, Carol, Michonne, Morgan, Judith, and even the kid that Carol terrorized last season. It was perfect. (Also, I personally think that Judith looks a lot like Shane.)

The conversation where Rick and Co. confronted Morgan about his actions was so fascinating to me. I couldn't pick a winner, and either way, the situation as a whole is just terrible. No way is the right way. Morgan is right in that you can't just kill everyone because people can change. But at the same time, how do you know that your decision not to kill someone won't come back to bite you? That's the difficulty of it. I'm not sure if there is a right answer here, and I loved that the show took us to a gray area instead of making things black and white.

Rick's reaction to both Tara's and Spencer's actions seemed a bit controlling (Even though what Spencer did had good intentions behind it, it was so, so stupid. Come on, Spencer). It's interesting how Rick has totally taken over Alexandria, leaving Deanna almost as an afterthought. (Last week when she said Alexandria didn't need her, it's sadly true.) I'm wondering if they'll bring in some villainous undertones to his role on the show. (I have to admit I laughed when Tara flipped him off. I missed her.)

I wholeheartedly believe that Ron wants to kill Carl in order to be Rick's only son, and this terrifies me. Thankfully, the church building fell before Ron could do anything, but this presents a whole other set of problems. 

Alexandria's walls are tumbling down, and the Safe Zone will no longer be as safe as it once was. I'm kind of sad because it seems like Rick's arrival at Alexandria has caused Alexandria to fall apart. Yes, he's showing them how to survive, which is really good. But if Rick hadn't shown up at Alexandria, would Reggie be dead? Would the herd have left the quarry? Probably not. 

Next week we have the mid-season finale. Every year, The Walking Dead uses their mid-season finale to make sure the fangirls are emotionally wrecked until the show returns. I'm kind of worried about what will happen next week. I'm 99.9% sure they'll kill someone, but who? My fangirl heart is trembling. (If they kill off Glenn or Maggie, I will probably riot.)

While The Walking Dead has been pretty slow for much of the sixth season so far, this episode delivered in every way. It's probably my favorite episode of the season. Well done, TWD writers. And please don't break my heart too much next week.

Ashes Tahg

I've lost track of how may loose ends there have been within this season alone.

To name a few who have possessed the mentioned loose ends;  Glenn, Enid, Daryl and his bike/bow.
The Walking Dead likes to keep things from you (and its not something they've trademarked, not by any means), but this season has felt especially masked and hidden.  They give you enough to make you think things, but not enough to make you know things.

So instead of us simply not knowing a few details, we don't know anything.  And I've got to say...it has really made for a completely rapid-fire, high-tension, edge-of-your-seat thriller of a season.  I've got to say, it's been fun not knowing anything more about anything than the characters.

We could sympathize with Maggie's distress over Glenn, because we couldn't think back to his amazing escape and think, "That's sad, but it'll be okay! She'll be so happy when she knows he isn't dead!" because we were all in the same boat with her.  We didn't know. We couldn't be sure that everything would be alright. We were just as broken and sad as Maggie (Okay. Maybe less. But don't under appreciate our mourning. It has definitely made the notice of the higher-ups of TWD, as mentioned on The Talking Dead).  And while I've read so many articles from snobbity snobs who just can't appreciate a good not-dead scenario, they've all wanted to insist that Glenn's survival was completely unsatisfactory and to that, I say:

Because for me, that survival was satisfactory, and not just because I adore Glenn and everything Glenn and wanted more than anything for him to survive.

But because it was actually a very close-to-home reminder of the nearly ancestral scene on season one when  Rick became stuck in the tank, surrounded by walkers, and we first met Glenn.

It's an true-to-the-heart ode to just how far everyone's favorite Korean pizza boy has come; from the Walker-bait that was skirmish about dead things and even his own girlfriend thought was going to be the next casualty, to the hard-souled--but gentle-hearted--survivor we have with us today.


I'll admit....I'm a little bit foggy on the rest of the episode.  There was an excited drum beat of 'notdeadnotdeadnotdeadnotdead' in my head the whole time.

I faintly remember something about Carl being endangered? And Carol getting nosy? And the walls of Jericho Alexandria as they tumbled on down (but who didn't see that one coming?).

Have you seen "Heads Up"? What did you think of it? Share your theories, thoughts, and concerns about next week in the comments!


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