Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing: March 2017

Hello, everyone! This is the monthly segment Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing! Fandom of the Month Club is a mailing service where you pay a monthly subscription fee to receive a box full of geeky goodies. I've been subscribed since May 2016, and I have received Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter-themed boxes, among others. All of it is exclusive to Fandom of the Month Club and a surprise every time! This is a geek girl's dream.

This month's box is Star Trek-themed and it includes:
  • "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" Zipper Pouch
  • "Live Long and Prosper" Magnet
  • Bat'leth Necklace
  • "I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend" Friendship Bracelets
  • USS Enterprise and Galileo Shuttlecraft Studs
  • Geordi La Forge Glasses Ring

"To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" Zipper Pouch:

This cloth zipper pouch has a simple loop for holding. It's the perfect size for change, credit cards, cash, and other small handbag items. When I opened the box to see this, I got the biggest grin on my face! I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and to have an item with one of my favorite quotes of all time filled me with excitement. I noticed they changed the quote from "no man" to "no one." I think they did this because of this subscription box's female audience. I love that they included the Starfleet symbol, the Enterprise, and a phaser on the design!

"Live Long and Prosper" Magnet:

This 3 1/2" by 2" magnet is perfect for hanging pictures or important notes on your fridge or whiteboard. It has a glossy finish, which will protect it from water and stains. This month's features one of the most characteristic quotes from the original series, "Live long and prosper." I was ecstatic when I saw this. I also love that the magnet has Spock's colors, including the similar shirt design and even the science division symbol!

Bat'leth Necklace:

Unlike the previous item, this piece of jewelry is from The Next Generation. This is a Klingon weapon called the bat'leth. Mr. Worf keeps one in his room and uses it several times in the show. The blade has such a neat design that even if you don't know what it is, it's still a beautiful pendant.

"I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend" Friendship Bracelets:

I'm going to be honest. I almost cried when I saw these. These faux leather cord bracelets with push-in clasps each carry half a hand in the Vulcan greeting position and half of one of the most touching quotes from Star Trek: "I have been and always shall be your friend."

There is no better piece of jewelry to use this phrase with. One of my favorite parts about Star Trek is that friendship is one of the key themes, friendship despite differences in personality, beliefs, and races, friendship that transcends hardships and may end in sacrifice. Spock utters this phrase to Kirk in The Wrath of Khan, and this scene is paralleled in Into Darkness. It's such a meaningful quote to be shared between two friends. I remember when Leonard Nimoy died while I was at a conference and we played the scene from Wrath of Khan in memory of him. The other half of this bracelet will surely be worn by a treasured friend.

USS Enterprise and Galileo Shuttlecraft Studs:

These metal studs are so intricately designed! I love all of the details. They're a little heavy, but I like that they're mismatched. Mismatched earrings are very in right now, and I'm with the trend, so I'm entirely pleased to have another awesome pair!

Geordi La Forge Glasses Ring:

This is just too creative. I was absolutely blown away by this. This ring is based on the design of Mr. La Forge's glasses from The Next Generation. He's technically blind, but he uses these glasses to see the world using infrared and other modes of sight. The glasses work absolutely perfectly as a ring! It's also fully adjustable!

10 out of 10

This box almost made me cry in joy! It's gotten the most reaction out of me since The Lord of the Rings box I got last year! I'm going to wear all of this jewelry. If you want to subscribe to Fandom of the Month Club, you can on their website for $13 a month, not including shipping. (It costs me about $17 total including shipping.) It's a worthwhile investment, and if you don't like the fandom, the items make great presents for someone else!

Are you part of this fandom? Which of these items is your favorite?

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  1. omg, best. bracelets. ever.
    you are one lucky fan!