Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Disbanded" (5x18)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content, including violence and language. Spoilers included below.

Although Oliver disbanded the Arrow team, Diggle and Felicity along with the rest of Team Arrow won't give up on the city or finding a way to stop Prometheus. Meanwhile, Oliver asks Anatoly and the Bravta to kill Adrian Chase.

"The explanation is simple: Chase is right. All the people who are down here around me. They either suffer or they die." -Oliver

What I Liked
Team Arrow
Team Arrow was the best in this episode. They were resilient and loyal and unwilling to give up on Oliver and Star City. They pulled together, despite Oliver's determination to disband the team, to find a way to stop Prometheus and prove he's Adrian Chase. I really admired their fortitude during all the chaos. They also got a lot of work done and worked together to do so. Team Arrow for the win!

What a bunch of cuties. (source)

Diggle was the MVP of this episode. He stood firm in doing what was right, and he wasn't afraid to tell Oliver the truth. This is the kind of character we need on a show that is like Arrow, the moral compass. And I think Oliver needs that kind of character to have his back. Diggle didn't give up on Oliver, but he also didn't wait for Oliver to come around; he did what he had to do.

While I'm still worried about Helix and what it's going to mean for Felicity later on, I'm glad she's partnering with them because they got stuff done in this episode. Also, Curtis learning about Felicity's "side job" was absolutely perfect, and the two of them going out into the field together was hilarious and awesome.

In the words of Felicity Smoak, "Best team-up ever." (source)

What I Didn't Like
Oliver was so broken in this episode, and it was sad. I didn't like watching him blame himself again and again for everything. While I don't like Susan Williams, it was heartbreaking for Oliver to tell her to stay away from him. Fortunately, Oliver came around and things turned out for the better due to the awesome team at his back, but it was sad and scary at first.

Come on, Ollie! (source)

At first, I was pumped when Anatoly showed up to help Oliver, but that turned sour real quick. I don't like who Anatoly has become in the past five years, after Oliver leaves him in Russia. I'm sad that their friendship is now broken and that Oliver will have a future problem to deal with in addition to Prometheus.

Adrian Chase
Adrian Chase was freaking terrifying in this episode. I didn't think he could get worse, but he can, and I am afraid. He has to be insane, there is just no other reasonable explanation for his actions. While I'm looking forward to hopefully learning more about how and why he is doing these things, I am still worried about everything. I can't imagine all of Team Arrow is going to get through this alive. (Also, Josh Segarra had A+ acting once more.)

This whole scene was crazy. (source)

I'm still not a huge fan of the direction Arrow is going, but I've resolved myself that if this is what we're getting, it at least has to be good. And this episode was, surprisingly, good. I was interested throughout the whole thing, I appreciated Team Arrow's confidence and loyalty to Oliver and Star City, and that ending--whoa, buddy--that ending leaves me equally terrified and intrigued about what's next for Arrow. A lot happened, and a lot is coming for the final episodes of the season!

What did you think of "Disbanded"?

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