Monday, September 11, 2017

"Calamity" Read-Along: Chapters 40-44

Chapter 40
"We're not his team," Cody said. "Not anymore. We're here to change the world; we ain't going to do that without a fight."
Hearing one of my favorite side characters say something so heroic makes me feel like a cheesy, proud parent. You go, buddy! Yeah!

Chapter 41
"Not with the explosives Mizzy left behind. Look, we could use your help. Join us. Change the world."
He sniffed and turned away.
I felt it like a punch to the gut.
A part of me is like, "Yes, Larcener. Go. Shoo. The Reckoners don't need you."
Another part of me kind of hopes he has a sudden change of heart and comes running in to save the day. But that's a very small part of me. Because I just don't like him.

I didn't seen a monster. In my mind's eye, I remembered a man who had come down through another roof amid falling dust. A man who had run for all he had--breaking through to face an Enforcement team, risking his life and his own sanity--to save me. 
Have I mentioned before that the biggest reason I love David is how he remains so hopeful and loyal to his friends? Even though he's witnessed Prof do terrible things over the last few months, he's still willing to fight to the death to save him.

Chapter 42
"Think you can hide from my all-seeing eyes, little Epic? You don't know who you're dealing with."
All I can say here is that I'm glad Knighthawk is one of the good guys.

Chapter 43
"I didn't want to push myself, or my teams, too hard. This is your fault, David. Everything that happens here is because of you."
My knee-jerk reaction is that yes, Prof is right when he blames David for upsetting the delicate balance he had with life as an undercover Epic. David himself seems to take it this way. But I think it brings up an important question--aren't we responsible for all of our own actions? Prof could've chosen a different path. But then would David even be alive? Would they still have ended up here, battling it out underground, regardless?
These are the questions that simultaneously fascinate me and hurt my brain at 3 A.M.

I panted. "I...suppose this...would be an awkward time to ask for an autograph."
The first time I read this I burst into hysterical giggles. Because that's what I do after I've been stressed.
Also, as a side note, Loophole's death is probably one of the most gruesome things I've ever read. Eugh.

Chapter 44
They'd both been forced, it seemed, to grasp for dangerous resources. Prof using his hidden teleportation device; Megan reaching further and further into other realities.
The lights on the gloves lit up a deep green. I felt their hum course through me, a distant melody that had once been precious to me, yet one I'd somehow forgotten. I released it, reducing the stone wall nearby to a wave of dust.
"Feel like coming home," I said.
Aaaaand if that wasn't stressful enough, we still have to see David, Megan, and Prof actually fight it out. So, anything you guys hope to see out of the big showdown?


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