Sunday, July 30, 2017

Calamity Read-Along Chapters 30-34

Another week, another few chapters! When we last left the Reckoners, their heist had just been scrambled into a huge mess, thanks to an Epic who could negate other Epic powers in a radius around her.
Let's see how they get out of this one...

Chapter 30
Something trembled inside me, like an ancient leviathan stirring in its slumber within a den of water and stone. The hair on my arms stood up, and my muscles tensed, as if I were straining to lift something heavy.
Yeah, David! Unleash your Epicness! Show the world what a good Epic can be like.
Sorry, I let myself get carried away there a little bit.
Prof's eyes widened. Was that fear in his expression? Worry? Megan hadn't brought a version of him in to this world, but this was apparently close enough. Yes, he was afraid of her powers. His powers.
Chapter 31
She looked at me, angry. "Stay back, David," she growled. "Just...stay back."

 Chapter 32
"Yes," he said, nodding. "I've noticed her. She's the one who pulls me through. Odd to think that I might have a sister, in another place, another world."
Reserving final judgment until we know a little bit more, but I think I kind of like Firefight.
I knew that figure. Dark clothing. Powerful build. Even at a distance, even in the gloom of night, I knew that man. I'd spent my life studying him, watching him, hunting him.
"Steelheart," I whispered.
Wow. Wait. A. Second. I am not prepared for a second world where Steelheart is a good guy. No way.

Chapter 33
Destruction surrounded us—floor, walls, furniture splintered, pocked, broken... all except in my immediate area. The ground here wasn't broken at all. In fact, it was glassy and reflective. A deep, burnished silver-black. Metallic.
I was alive.
Regalia's voice whispered from my memory. I have been assured that you will be... thematically appropriate.
Oh my gosh. Calamity's turned him into another Steelheart. David's spent his entire life fighting against Steelheart only to become him.
I knelt, stunned, and barely heard Prof's roar—his sudden, shocked cry of agony and regret.
What? Aw, c'mon Sanderson, not cool!

Chapter 34
"I'd say you were a super-awesome ninja thing today," Abraham said.
Okay, the phrase "super-awesome ninja thing" coming from Mizzy's mouth sounds perfectly natural. From Abraham? I can't reconcile it. But it made me laugh, which has been desperately needed after these last few chapters.
"You have them already," I said. "That's why you're so eager for Prof's cells. You've already built devices to replicate his powers."
"We built them together," he said. "He and I."
Not surprising, when you think about it.

Okay, wow... those were some heavy chapters. I think I need a blanket and some hot chocolate like Mizzy. Am I alone in thinking that David has become another Steelheart?


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