Monday, July 3, 2017

Album Spotlight: Tidal Eyes

Sometimes bands you love just don't get enough recognition for how amazing they are. Whether they're an indie band with a bad publicist who never put out more than one album or a popular band whose best album goes unappreciated by the music industry or they just haven't gotten their songs in front of the right people yet, so much amazing music flies under the radar. This is to stop that from happening.

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Tidal Eyes 
The Queen Killing Kings

The Queen Killing Kings are an indie rock band out of Connecticut with one album to their name. With strong beats and haunting lyrics, this album mixes energy and the calm acceptance of the end like nothing I've ever heard before, treating death and decay with the same jauntiness with which they approach romance and desire, intertwining the two with a marvelous synchronicity. It's essentially the musical equivalent of a dark fantasy novel.

Coley O'Toole's voice is the perfect off-set for the rock beats, simultaneously soft and strong, cutting through the drums and guitar with the fullness of musical theater and the catchiness of pop. Often featuring a piano or accordion, this band sets itself apart from the usual sounds of rock without the whine many indie rock artists have. Each song flows easily into the next, and the songs themselves tell a story so well you'll want to listen to every song twice. At least.

Refreshingly unique and vastly underappreciated, The Queen Killing Kings deserve way more love than they're getting. And they definitely need to release more music. Please.

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