Saturday, July 22, 2017

Album Spotlight: Hand Built by Robots

Sometimes bands you love just don't get enough recognition for how amazing they are. Whether they're an indie band with a bad publicist who never put out more than one album or a popular band whose best album goes unappreciated by the music industry or they just haven't gotten their songs in front of the right people yet, so much amazing music flies under the radar. This is to stop that from happening.

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Hand Built by Robots 
Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner is an English singer-songwriter with an indie-pop-folk style and some amazing percussive guitar playing. His upbeat style pushes the album forward, and you'll be nodding your head and dancing before you know it. All of his songs, even the slower, sadder ones, will leave you feeling just a little bit better about life. With lyrics like,

I'm gonna master all kinds of kung-fu. // I'm gonna live inside a tiny zoo. // I'm gonna grow myself a giant Afro, // when the alarm goes off I just won't know.
It was late one night a little while ago, // I had nothing to drink, I don't think, // okay, well maybe a glass of wine // but nothing that would loosen my mind // to the point of seeing what I'm seeing in the sky. // Woah an alien being!
Feel like a muppet with a drunken puppeteer // But I'll survive.
and song titles like "U.F.O." and "People Should Smile More" and "Sitar-y Thing — Interlude," you know you're in for a fun and unexpected ride. Faulkner's lyrics have a clarity to them that I haven't found in many other musicians. He presents the realities of life with perfect metaphors, capturing the moments that we all experience and putting them to music.

"Gone in the Morning" was featured in the film Morning Glory, if you're wondering where you know it from.

Bonus: Check out his single, "Write It On Your Skin," which is one of my favorites.

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