Wednesday, June 21, 2017

10 YA Books to Add to Your 2017 Summer Reading List

Summer has been underway for several weeks now, and you've probably had plenty of time to catch up on all the books you set aside during the school year. But what about the rest of the summer? What should you read to fill the long vacation car rides or the hours spent lounging around the beach?

Have no fear! Below is a list of ten YA books you should definitely add to your summer reading list!

(I've provided links to Goodreads so you can learn more about the book or add it to your reading list. Don't forget we have a TFI Goodreads group, so join us to discuss all things bookish!)

Release date: May 16, 2017

I've been told this book is basically Mulan mixed with feudal Japan, and if that doesn't sound exciting, I don't know what will. It's already out, so get thee to your local library (or bookstore) and read it.

Release date: May 16, 2017

The Names They Gave Us is about a girl who works at a summer camp for kids who have been through tough times. Meanwhile, she's dealing with her own tough times as her mother's cancer returns. It sounds like a heart-touching story that will share a new perspective on dealing with hardships in life.

Release date: May 30, 2017

This book is about two Indian-American teens whose parents have arranged them to be married, which sounds adorable. Most of the reviews I've read say it's a hilarious romantic comedy.

Release date: May 30, 2017

Eliza and Her Monsters is one of the few books on this list I have read, and I can say that if you're a creative person, this book is for you. Eliza is the anonymous creator of a popular webcomic and would rather spend more time online than off, but Wallace changes that. I felt this book really got to the heart of being an introverted creative person. It's definitely worth a read. 

Release date: June 6, 2017

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow combines science-fiction with online gaming to provide a story full of aliens, conspiracy, and some not-so-virtual gaming. It sounds like it'll be an exciting read, and the cover is gorgeous.

Release date: July 11, 2017

Science-fiction comedy? Yes, please! There are definitely not enough science-fiction comedies to satisfy me. This one follows a group of crazy teenagers from a reality TV show that get trapped in space without any communication. It sounds like this book will be a blast.

Release date: July 18, 2017

Fantasy mixed with romance mixed with Indian folklore? Sign me up! This story follows a girl who has given up everything for her people, only to become a fugitive seeking out an impossible place that might change everything. I'm excited.

Release date: August 15, 2017

Wicked Like Wildfire is about two sisters with magic abilities living a simple life until their mother is attacked. Then things get real when they learn about a curse that hangs over their family line. I don't know about you, but magic and sisters and family curses sounds like a wild ride. I'm definitely in. (Plus, that cover is breathtaking.)

Release date: August 22, 2017

The Arsonist weaves three points of view together to tell a story that links a Cold War mystery to the lives of two teens trying to figure out where they fit in life. The story sounds intriguing, and I love when books tie together in intricate ways. I'm definitely looking forward to this book.

Release date: August 29, 2017

Warbringer is a YA Wonder Woman retelling by a fabulous author. Do I really need a reason to recommend this book?

Release date: May 2, 2017

Rebel Rising gives insight into the life of Jyn Erso from Rogue One. If you're a fan of Star Wars and you're itching to know more about the main character of Rogue One, you might want to pick up this book! 

Release date: June 13, 2017

If you haven't read anything by Victoria Schwab, you should. Her books are fantastic fantasy that will probably rip your heart out (sorry not sorry). Our Dark Duet is the sequel to This Savage Song, a story about monsters and music and learning about what's truly hidden in the dark. You should read it. It won't hurt too much, I promise. 

What books are you planning to read this summer?


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