Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Underneath" (5x20)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content. Spoilers included below.

When Adrian Chases sets off an EMP, Oliver and Felicity get trapped in the Arrow cave. Meanwhile, Team Arrow tries to rescue them while Lyla and Diggle work through their differences.

"Seems like Cisco spent so much time making this place impenetrable, he's turned it into an impenetrable death trap." -Felicity

What I Liked
The main plot of the episode was interesting. Getting trapped in the Arrow cave is never fun, but it provided a perfect opportunity for two people to work out their differences and realize they still love each other. This episode was long overdue, so I'm glad Oliver and Felicity finally had a chance to talk without a whole bunch of stuff getting in the way.

And we thought the writers forgot she was paralyzed. (source)

Oliver and Felicity
I knew the writers were trying to put these two back together; there have been quite a few hints lately. I just didn't know it would happen so suddenly. But it was good. They talked it out, worked it out, bared their souls to one another, and hopefully that helps them understand one another. A lot of the past season has been irritating because they won't listen to each other, so this was good. Also, thank goodness, Felicity exists and understands that there is no way Oliver enjoys killing people just because Adrian Chase made him believe so. This is why they need to be together because she can see what he can't. I hope this means they will stay in a relationship for good.

Hands down (no pun intended), this was the best moment of the episode. (source)

Team Arrow
This episode was fun from Team Arrow's side of things. I love the banter they had going as they tried to rescue Oliver and Felicity. Yes, it was serious--a lot of bad things happened along the way, but it was also fun because of these characters. I love them all. (I still miss Rory, though. Why is he gone?)

In the words of Curtis, "We were all thinking it." (source)

What I Didn't Like
Lyla and Diggle
Unnecessary drama alert! Honestly, who cares about what Lyla's been doing with ARGUS? Their disagreement is just annoying. Is this a way to keep Diggle an interesting character? Because it's not helping. I'm glad they figured out some kind of compromise so they can move forward, but still, it was unnecessary.

*Pats both on head. Good doggies. (source)

This flashback was hard to understand. I didn't know when it took place. It was after they broke off the engagement because of William but it's before Oliver trained a new team. (So is Laurel dead? Did Thea leave yet? It's hard to tell. Did I miss something?) But... they still have sex? And I don't understand that. If they broke up, I can't picture Felicity doing that? She was so angry at Oliver; she's been angry during the entire past season, so why would she agree to have sex with him if they were over? And what about Billy? When did he show up? I don't know. It was exciting for Olicity shippers (and Curtis, who is their biggest shipper ever), I guess, but I was so confused.

They're so happy, it's actually painful! (source)

Adrian Chase
Adrian Chase... I have a few choice words for him. And now he's going after Oliver's son, who has absolutely nothing to do with anything Oliver might have done. I still don't get what Chase's game is. Is he just messing with Oliver because he can? Is he an psychopath? It can't be because Oliver killed his father five years ago. It just can't be.

I just want to punch him in his pretty face. (source)

This episode wasn't bad. It wasn't as action-packed or plot twisty as other episodes, but it wasn't bad. Good stuff happened. Oliver and Felicity have a lot of figure out, as do Lyla and Diggle. But it should hopefully lessen the tension within Team Arrow so they can focus on stopping Chase once and for all. Speaking of... I'm so worried about the next few episodes. For Oliver. For Team Arrow. For William. Nothing good is coming, I can tell you that.

What did you think of "Underneath"?


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