Saturday, April 8, 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reaction: "What If..." (4x16)

Spoilers! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. contains PG-13 level content.

Well, I wasn't sure if we'd make it through that hiatus after that cliffhanger... but we did it! And here we are at the beginning of the third pod of season four: Agents of Hydra. We're delving deeply into the Framework, aka an extreme alternate version of reality, and boy, it's a trip. Let's discuss!

My Favorite Moments

★ My number one favorite moment is that Ward is a double agent in every universe. In this universe, that means he's finally a good guy. (When he said he was a part of the Resistance, I may or may not have screamed.)

★ Zombie!Jemma was so cool, honestly. I like how AOS tends to be a mash-up of a bunch of different genres and isn't afraid to incorporate those genres at any given time with no explanation at all. It's bold and different, and it totally works.

★ Hearing Daisy called Skye was such a throwback and kind of comforting, actually. (And mildly confusing because I kept responding like they were talking to me. Spoiler alert: they are, sadly, not.)

★ This whole episode was just really... interesting. I wasn't sure how they'd pull it off, but it all makes sense. May's biggest regret spawned a huge series of consequences that led to the unraveling of the universe as we know it. And it's awful, but I like how it's presented. It's really intriguing.

★ Let's look to the future for a second... Judging from the episode preview, Radcliffe is back. And... I kind of like that he is? Yikes. Does that make me a terrible person?

My Least Favorite Moments

★ Fitz as The Doctor made me sick. Just... no. Also, it's a little bit too close to Doctor Who for my tastes. The Doctor on Doctor Who is much nicer.

★ I'm not a huge fan of Coulson, either. He isn't as terrible as The Doctor, but it was really uncomfortable to see him so unlike the Coulson I've come to know and love. However, the Tahiti aspect was cool.

★ Can I also say that it's weird that we're borrowing terms from other popular shows/franchises? The Doctor (Doctor Who)? The Resistance (Star Wars)? In all fairness, I'm nitpicking here, and these are fairly common words that lend themselves well to ominous or cool-sounding characters and plot devices. So it really isn't that bad--just something I noticed. At least I haven't heard the Framework in any other media (yet), so props for that.

★ Where was Mack? And where was Mace? According to the preview for next episode, they'll factor heavily into the next one, but still. I need them back.
★ I just want Aida to leave at this point. Please.


Favorite Quote

Daisy: "Wait... are you still dead?"
Jemma: "No, I'm feeling much better."


As you may have seen in my last reaction, I had some concerns about the brief selection of clips we got to see of the Framework at the end of the last episode. I was going to say that this episode resolved my questions and concerns, but honestly? Not really. I still have some concerns about Coulson's psyche--his speech about Nazis was flat out terrifying and hit way too close to home. I still wonder why on earth May is with Hydra, though I do know the how. I did have some things resolved--for example, the woman on Fitz's arm was Aida. And Jemma kind of did wake up in a coffin--she woke up buried, at least. However, for the things that got resolved, I still have even more questions. Like how did AOS undo my seasons-long dislike of Grant Ward with just one line of dialogue? How are all these characters--including this new and improved Ward, please--going to get out of the Framework? Am I going to emerge from this season with my feels and heart intact? (Doubtful.)

All of this is just so, so good, and I can't believe we've been gifted with such high-caliber television. More, please. I'm definitely looking forward to next week.

Did you watch "What If..."? What did you think?


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