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The Flash Reaction: "The Wrath of Savitar" (3x15)

Spoilers included for The Flash.

While training to become fast enough to save Iris, Wally experiences frequent visions of Savitar. Meanwhile, Barry confesses the true reason he proposed to Iris.

"Fear makes you do a lot of things you shouldn't." -Barry

What I Liked
As always, HR is sassy and says and does the most ridiculous things. At times, I wonder why (or how) he can even exist, but I like him around. And for once, he and Wally had a brilliant idea, which was great. The best moment with HR, however, was when Jesse ran to him for comfort. That just tugged right at my heartstrings.

*sniffles* (source)

Julian and Caitlin
These two nerds are killing me. I freaking ship them so hard, and we finally got a kiss! It was small moment, but it wasn't weird or awkward. They're beautiful, and I adore how much they care about each other and how much they trust one another with all their messy parts of life. The rest of the episode with them was absolutely awful, and I'm sad, but at least we had a good moment in there. (Also, Julian and his tweed jacket is absolutely adorable, and I can't deal with him.)

I can't even handle these two dorks. (source)

Plot twists galore
Okay, but this episode was also fantastic with its plot twists. For a while, I've been a bit disappointed in The Flash because nothing seemed to be happening, but this episode was what I've been waiting for. Everything has been building up for this moment. From Savitar using Wally to become free from the speed force to Caitlin being the "betrayer" to Barry proposing to Iris in hopes of changing the future, this episode did wonders for the show. A lot happened, a lot was revealed, and there is going to be a lot to mend, but dang, it was worth it. What is this show and where has it been for the rest of the season?

Special effects are special
The special effects in this episode were amazing. From Barry, Wally, and Jesse running around the city to Barry's short fight with Savitar, they did good.

Dis is so exciting!!! (source)

Fantastic acting
The acting by the entire cast was excellent. Tom Felton did wonders to Julian being controlled by Savitar. Danielle Panabaker was excellent in revealing Caitlin's fears of her powers. Jesse L. Martin's fatherly moments almost made me cry (almost). But man, Grant Gustin's performance in that last scene ripped my heart out, and Keiynan Lonsdale's portrayal of a frustrated and desperate Wally was heart-wrenching. Seriously, everybody did great.

I'm definitely crying. (source)

What I Didn't Like
Oh, Wally. This episode was painful to watch. I felt so much toward him because he's so desperate to live up to his potential and to save lives, and Savitar manipulates that desire so much. He's trying so hard and nobody believes him. Poor Wally. And then he sees his mom, and he thinks he can save the world alone... can someone please just give him a hug? Please? I mean, I should have known something tragic was going to happen to Wally because he's never been in the future scenes, not even close by to help. But I didn't expect him to be swallowed by the speed force to take Savitar's place. Wow, just wow.

It wrecked me that Julian channeled Savitar not once, but twice during this episode. He is so frightened of being controlled again that every time they asked him, his reaction just crushed me. It's so sad. Poor Julian. Don't hurt my precious cupcake!

His face in the second gif kills me. *tears up* (source)

Caitlin's part in this episode was sad, too. It's all just a big bunch of sad. She is so scared of her powers. And I feel that she should have known better, she shouldn't have taken that risk, but I know how scared she is. I can't hate her for "betraying" them by keeping a piece of the stone. I feel for her.

During the first half of this episode, I was just angry at Barry. He was being mean to Wally, and he was acting so obnoxious (like he has been this entire season), but then everything happened. And I just couldn't find the will to be angry. He was so, so devastated that he couldn't save Wally (even though it looked like he didn't even try). Please, don't hurt my Barry baby. Don't be sad, Barry. Don't cry, Barry. It hurt my fangirl heart to see that devastation on his face. This show, man. This show.

Oh, Barry. *cries* (source)

Iris and Joe
I was a little concerned that Joe and Iris were going to annoy me in this episode. It was never really clear why Joe was so upset about Barry and Iris' engagement; he was both happy for them and also not happy? Iris, however, was being a jerk after she learned Barry lied about why he proposed. I know she wants to get married because they love each other, but I think that trying to change the future to save her freaking life is a little more important than worrying about all the reasons behind the proposal. He clearly loves her, and he just moved up his plans to propose because of the whole Savitar thing hanging over them. But then the end of the episode hurt my heart on so many levels that I kind of forgave everybody. Joe's reaction was the worst, of course, because it always is. (Dad feels, hurt, man.) But I freaking knew Iris would take off the ring, and I still think she's being an idiot. At least keep the ring on until that day passes just in case, and then you can be mad about it (or you could be dead, your choice).

You can literally see both of their hearts breaking. *sobs* (source)

Savitar is a big jerkface. He is, but I don't know why. He goes on and on about how Barry created him and how he is Barry's worst foe, worse than Thawne or Zoom or even Grodd, but we have no evidence of this. I need something to go on, please. (Also, if he's the worst, who comes next? Who will Barry fight in season four?) Who are you Savitar? Are you Wally or Jesse? Maybe a corrupted Julian? Or are you Barry? Or Wells? He calls himself "the future Flash," which makes me wonder... Who are you? Either way, I'm stoked for the reveal. It better be better than the Prometheus reveal on Arrow.

This is literally the episode where everybody gets five minutes of happiness and the rest is just sadness and angst. (source)

Wow, this episode... a lot happened. And I am astounded. I've felt that some of the more recent episodes have been mediocre, but this episode was fan-freaking-tastic. There was a lot of pain in this episode, but I think it was worth it. The story-telling was great. Everything so far has been building up to this, and it was executed really well. There wasn't a dull moment, and I was genuinely terrified for Wally and Barry. I look forward to seeing how Team Flash reacts to everything and what they will do to get Wally back and stop Savitar once and for all!

What did you think of "The Wrath of Savitar"?


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