Sunday, March 19, 2017

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 50-51 and Epilogue

Welcome to the final Firefight post! These last couple of chapters are heart-wrenching, so lets get them out of the way quickly so we can move on to Calamity so the Reckoners can get to (hopefully) fixing the world.

Chapter 50
"He'll kill the Reckoners quickly," Regalia's projection said softly, almost in regret.
You have to hand it to this woman... she is brilliant. She played everyone, but the fact that she especially played David and Prof, arguably the two who best understand Epics in all of the Reckoners, is amazing. She's almost on the level of Moriarty for me--the villain you love to hate because they're just flat out fabulous.

Prof turned from the monitor and strode from the room. In that moment I knew. It wasn't Tia or Mizzy I needed to worry about protecting. Neither of them had ever killed a High Epic.
I had.
And so he was coming for me.
This sent chills up my back. Can you say incredibly worrisome yet epic showdown? Except... there's only one short chapter and an epilogue left. So unless something happens quickly, I doubt it's in this book. (But I'm not discounting it, because... this is a Brandon Sanderson book. Anything could happen.)

Chapter 51
By that light I saw the source of the roar that I'd heard earlier: the water was retreating from Babilar.
Makes sense. Regalia is dead, so there's nothing holding the water in place any more. However, that makes a lot of new places for Prof to hide. Great, yeah, that's what we need--David and Prof stalking each other through the ruined washout of what used to be Manhattan. (Hehe, just kidding, Mr. Sanderson, we do NOT need that.)

And a figure of pure white light exploded into existence between me and Prof. It blazed like the sun itself, a feminine figure, radiant, powerful, golden hair blown back and shining like a corona.
She remembered! David must really be making a powerful impression on her if she's remembering!

Her eyes opened, and she saw me. "I don't feel like killing you," she whispered.
Awwww, the height of true love.


"How afraid of the fire were you?"
"More than you can possibly know," she whispered.
I smiled. "And that," I said, gathering her into my arms again, "is the secret."
This whole thing is just one monstrous 'face your fears' thing? Oh my word. So what does that mean for Calamity (if Regalia's claim that he's an Epic is true)? Is he a massive control freak who wanted to give people a way to take control over their lives like he's wished for? (Because if "Regalia was telling the truth, then he's a Gifter with enormous power.) Or is he a mad scientist performing experiments to see if people can overcome their fears and sadistic tendencies?

Dream good dreams, Steelslayer, it read.
Honestly? I hope we see more of Dawnslight. We don't know much about him, but the fact that he sends messages through fortune cookies is just adorable.

WOW. Okay... that was a crazy ride. One of my dearest characters went evil, we learned so much about Epics, and David and Megan are finally (kind of? maybe?) a thing. Well... I hesitate to proclaim that my ship has sailed because I'm kind of terrified that one of them is going to die in the next book. I do not want another Tris/Four kind of heartbreak.
And finally, on to Calamity!

What did you think of the ending? Any hopes and theories on what we'll see in Calamity?


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