Sunday, March 5, 2017

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 46-49

Chapter 46
But the machine had always been finicky, and it chose this moment to finick.
Boo. I like this Finnick better.
All of her momentum was transferred to the structure and, in the bizarre way of Epics, completely scrambled the laws of physics.
Completely scrambled is an understatement. Calamity has a lot of explaining to do.

"Stop doing that!" Regalia roared, voice booming.
I love how David has this tendency to make even cool-headed Epics loose it.

I shot her in the back.
Compliments as a weakness...
Dang. The boy is good.

Chapter 47
"It's all wrong, Prof," I called after him. "Regalia isn't bound by the limits you thought she was. She knows all about the plan. Whatever Val just found, it's a trap. For you."
Remember how in past posts I've been really ticked off at Prof? Gah, I take it all back. I have a bad feeling that he's about to become a tragic figure in the Reckoners' story... and as much as I love tragic figures, most of them end up dead, and I reallyreallyreally don't want Prof dead...

I stumbled through another doorway and saw a body on the floor, in the middle of a burned rug.
No, no, no... enough characters dying already!

The heat had dried the blood, darkened the skin, but I could make out the bullet holes.
Gaaaaah Megan! While I'm happy she's alive, how many times does she have to fake-die in this book series? This is getting to be as bad as the Winchesters here!
Chapter 48
"She has taken a piece of my soul, and it lives on without me."
So... is this just him being all Biblical and metaphorical like Obliteration usually is? Or does he somehow mean this literally? I think I theorized a few chapters ago that Epics' powers were somehow tied to their souls, so this might not be too far from the truth.
But again, it IS Obliteration speaking, so I'm a little skeptical.

Chapter 49
Obliteration had stopped advancing toward me. He lowered his sword, the tip touching the floor. "And how," he said, "do you know of my nightmares?"
This whole scene with Obliteration is honestly one of my favorite scenes so far. The whole thing just screams, "We need a TV show!" (No, not a movie. A TV show. Because I honestly don't think anyone could do justice to these books with a mere movie... we need HOURS of this story, not just a couple of hours devoted to each book.)

They cut something outta him, Danslight had said. Obliteration, with bandages...
"She has taken a piece of my soul and it lives on without me." Wait, that's what Obliteration meant! Nononono... I don't like this, I don't like it at all...

"Too much," I whispered. "Far too much, Prof..."
I honestly can tell you that seeing Prof use his power like that, knowing what it will do to him... it was a punch to the gut. If Firefight ever gets made into a movie or series, I will spend 99% crying my cold little heart out because I know what's coming at the end.
Dang it. Why do I always love the books that hurt the most?

What do you think is in store for the Reckoners? Will Prof be able to pull himself back from the 'dark side'?


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