Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Arrow Reaction: "Fighting Fire with Fire" (5x15)

Warning: Arrow is rated TV-14 for mature content. Spoilers included below.

Oliver faces impeachment as mayor due to the cover-up of Billy Malone's death. Meanwhile, Diggle talks to Felicity about the Pandora data cache.

Prometheus: "Oliver Queen is mine."
Vigilante: "Not if I kill him first."

What I Liked
Curtis is always adorable, and he was especially adorable in this episode with his new inventions. Not only are they freaking awesome and useful, but they provided a good laugh. I love his broship with Rene, and I'm grateful he's on the Arrow Team. I am, however, super angry about the turn of events with Paul. I had a feeling Curtis going to dinner with him would not go well, and I was right. Poor Curtis. He's so optimistic and eager, and now he's crushed again.

*snort* (source)

For once this season, Diggle was my favorite character of the episode. He was the most level-headed, and everything he said and did made sense. His advice to both Felicity and Oliver was spot-on perfect. Thank you, Diggle, for existing. We need more characters like you.

Dinah, also, was a great character because she actually got stuff done. And she kicked butt. Basically: I'm glad she's here and fulfilling the Canary legacy. Because gosh darn it, someone needs to do something.

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What I Didn't Like
Adrian and the Vigilante
Not only was this episode boring and confusing, but what happened with Adrian and Vigilante? So Adrian Chase is not the Vigilante? (Why the heck would they change that from the comics?) And why did Adrian fight the Vigilante with a hood? Was he pretending to be the Green Arrow? Is he Prometheus? I'm so confused at this point. (I did a quick search, and apparently Chase is Prometheus? But why? And why was the reveal so "meh" and why did it have absolutely no impact on the show or me as a viewer? Please tell me it's not true; please tell me it's a red herring because why the heck would Adrian Chase care about Oliver and the Green Arrow? They've hinted at someone from season one for ages, and yet Adrian Chase is not connected to season one at all. And you've got to be kidding me if you think Clayborn's unknown son is even relevant. I hardly even remember Clayborn to care enough about what his son wants. And you're telling me that he works with Oliver and knows he's the Green Arrow this entire time? What the actual garbage? I guess it makes sense why he was so smug about Oliver blaming the Green Arrow for the impeachment mess.) Who is Vigilante then? And why did Vigilante suddenly want to kill the Green Arrow after doing absolutely nothing for several episodes. (I can't even remember when he showed up last because all the episodes have been so drab and boring I don't care.)

In the words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." (source)

I don't even know what happened. They didn't die. Yippee. Could've guessed that one, since both of them are present in the present day scenes. Also, why did anything about the flashbacks even matter to this episode? Just stop. I don't care.

Mayor Impeachment
I'm not even sure what was going on with the impeachment of Oliver. Yay, he wasn't impeached? Boo, now we have more boring mayor stuff to deal with. At this point, I don't care if Oliver is mayor or not. Sure, he's doing great things for the city, but it's not helping the show at all. I'm bored. And I wasn't worried that he'd be impeached. At all. Also, blaming the Green Arrow was a weak plot twist. Arrow has been renewed for season six, so I know this isn't going to ruin much for Green Arrow and his vigilante work. He'll figure something out, probably when saves the city from Prometheus.

You know who else is a hero to Star City? The Green freaking Arrow. (source)

Susan Williams
Nobody cares about Susan Williams or her problems or anything. Go. Away. We don't want you with Oliver anyways.

Thea needs to just stop. She's just making everything worse. And the whole "I'm broken, Ollie" at the end was a load of garbage. You mean she's broken again? Is this because of Laurel, still? Gah. I know she died, but... get closure somehow. Not by ruining lives. I don't know. Thea's character wasn't around for a few episodes and now it's like she took a nosedive into stupid, just when she was becoming better (and more likeable). I'm 100% done.

It's never safer in the car! Especially if Oliver Queen is in that car. (source)

Somebody needs to strap Felicity down and make her stop. I don't know what she's getting involved with (because they've explained zero of it), but she needs to stop. Oliver is too busy as mayor to do it, and she obviously didn't listen to Diggle. But geez, this show is out of control.

It's a load of garbage that Oliver is letting the city blame the Green Arrow. Why can't the Green Arrow come forward and just admit what happened? Yeah, Oliver covered it up. But you don't have to turn around and make the city hate the Green Arrow. It just doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense. Everything that has happened since they returned from the winter hiatus hasn't made sense. It's boring. This show is out of control. They're sticking too many plot points together to try to make it exciting and shocking and action-packed and diverse and comic-related. It's too much. It's too complicated. This is not the Arrow show I signed up for five years ago. I want my hour back.

What did you think of "Fighting Fire with Fire"?


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