Saturday, February 4, 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Double Reaction: "Wake Up" and "Hot Potato Soup" (4x11 and 4x12)

Life Model Decoys are now an average day for our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but in the latest two episodes, things have gotten even more intense. How did humans and LMDs alike handle the heat? Let's find out!

"Wake Up" (4x11)
In this episode, S.H.I.E.L.D. faces even more scrutiny from the public as May tries to find a way out of Radcliffe's evil clutches. Also, things happen with some ships.

My Favorite Moments
★ Mack and YoYo's relationship (?) becoming a thing was fantastic.
★ I love Mace and Daisy's relationship and the ways they connect. It's one of my favorite things this season.
★ I also love Daisy's new role as a diplomat, interrupted though it was.
★ May's character development in this episode was amazing.

My Least Favorite Moments
★ Mack broke my heart. AGAIN.
★ Ugh, May broke my heart, too.
★ We're hinting at Coulson and May getting together. Not sure how I feel yet.
★ Radcliffe is ticking me off.
★ The Superior?! What is this?
★ When YoYo said that Mack didn't even seem real, it created an awful theory in my brain: what if he's a Life Model Decoy? I know, I know, unlikely, but still...

Favorite Quote
General Talbot: "Keep calling me reactive, Phil. Half the time, I'm reacting to the steaming pile of fart-pebbles you handed me."

This episode was excellent but painful. I love the focus it had on May, yet nearly everyone seemed to get a fair bit of screen time. Everyone's plot lines were strong and defined as well. This was a really solid episode with which I have little complaint (except for, oh, the feels!).

"Hot Potato Soup" (4x12)

My Favorite Moments
★ The fandom references! Absolutely perfect.
★ Radcliffe 2.0's acting was spot on (though when he was "possessed," it was absolutely creepy).
★ Sam and Daisy's interaction was hilarious. ("They call you Quack!")
★ I loved delving into Fitz's history with his father, though it was painful.
★ L.T. Koenig is a badass, and the Koenig family is one of my favorite fictional families ever.

My Least Favorite Moments
★ That moment when the Superior was putting the shard of glass near Billy's eye... noooooo. It made me nauseous.
★ We got the Coulson + May moment the show has been building towards... but was it worth it? As always, it had to be bittersweet.
★ In the middle of the fight, why couldn't we have tried to switch the "world's most dangerous tome" out for some other book? Just a thought.
★ OF COURSE RADCLIFFE HAD TO GET THE DARKHOLD. OF COURSE. And of course the Superior wants Coulson. Of course.

This episode was intense, yet had plenty of levity (thanks to the Koenigs). I loved the questions it presented about the morality and the sentience of the LMDs, and this episode did a great job of moving the plot forward. I'm excited and apprehensive to see what comes next.

Favorite Quotes
Billy Koenig: "You're getting all Gollum-y again."
Jemma: "Fitz is going to reprogram you to sing like a canary."
Radcliffe 2.0: "That seems odd. Singing I can understand, perhaps, but singing like a bird? Why not Mick Jagger?"
Did you see either of these episodes? What did you think of them? 


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