Sunday, January 22, 2017

Firefight Read-Along Chapters 31-33

Hey all! Short post today, as this last week was crazy!

Chapter 31:
"Oh man. Was it true? Did he really throw a tank at you guys?"
Dude, you keep resisting the title nerd, but I think you just need to embrace it.

Chapter 32:
"I'm willing to risk it, Prof."
Even after everything with Steelheart, David still hangs on to his dad's belief that the heroes will show up. I wonder if Prof resists the idea so much not because he doesn't think it's right, but because he's afraid that he wouldn't live up to David's standard of 'hero'.

"You seriously think Regalia can make people into Epics?"
Yes, I buy this 100%, once I think about it. 1) Regalia doesn't bluff, at least from what we've seen. (Unless her threatening to let Obliteration destroy the city is one massive bluff, but somehow I doubt it.) 2) I don't think there's really much of a feasible way to keep an Epic from using their powers.

I turned to look and there, standing just inside the storage room, was Megan.
Well...exactly not the kind of girl who you'd want catching you 'ogling' another girl.

Chapter 33:
I let out a sound that was definitely not a whimper. It was something far more manly, no matter what it sounded like.
Uh uh. I believe you. It's cool, man.

"Don't worry. I'd rather ogle you any day."

How easy it was to not worry about consequences in that moment, just as Megan had said.
Okay, first off...
FIRST KISS! Let me squeal about that for just a second...
Okay, I'm back.
Second--Warning Will Robinson! You're agreeing with an Epic about consequences! I know this is a sort-of minor thing compared to what she was saying. (I mean, getting caught kissing the team's worst enemy versus killing a lot of people...) But still.

What did you guys think about these chapters? (And who else is still squealing along with me because of David and Meghan's first kiss?)


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