Thursday, January 26, 2017

6 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Boba Fett

Boba Fett, a bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga, is one of those characters that I never really noticed until a very passionate segment of the Internet pointed him out. He's the character version of a cult classic: while people theorize and rant, no one is really sure why he has the following he does. But, either way, I think, if we pay attention, his odd lifestyle can teach us some important things about life.

Silence is often more powerful than words.

Throughout the entirety of the Original Trilogy, Boba Fett says a total of four lines. And yet, he's one of the most popular characters from the whole series. People love him for a variety of reasons, but most of them revolve around him being a dangerous badass. And do you know why he's considered so dangerous? Because he's mysterious. Nobody knows what he's thinking. He does his own thing and doesn't keep anyone overly-updated. Or, really, updated at all. So people aren't sure what to make of him. And, more than that, they respect him.

Play nice with powerful people.

When Darth Vader wants the occupants of the Millennium Falcon alive--no disintegrations--Boba Fett agrees. I'm sure the money had something to do with it, but he knew well enough to not bite the hand that feeds him, money or no. He knows that Darth Vader is powerful, dangerous, and might serve useful in the future. So his only response is, "As you wish."


But also don't be afraid of them.

Even though Boba Fett respects Darth Vader, he doesn't cower in front of him. He's not one of the mewling sycophants Vader deals with on a daily basis, and Vader recognizes that, treating him with respect. You never have to be afraid to hold your own in a conversation, but do it with dignity.

Results matter more than the process.

This isn't how the quote usually goes. It usually goes, "It's not the journey, it's the destination," and it's usually badly photoshopped on top of some kind of hipster, wanderlust, blurred out photo. But, if we're being totally honest, that doesn't always work. It has its merit, of course, but if Boba Fett had focused more on the journey of chasing the Millennium Falcon across the universe than the actual result of bringing Han Solo to the vast number of people who wanted him, he'd be poor, a terrible bounty hunter, and possibly dead. So you do you, but make sure you end up with the results you wanted--even if those results are just the knowledge gained from a journey well taken.

Hype yourself.

Boba Fett is hyped beyond belief, despite his minimal four lines. It's because he has a persona. He has an aura of awesome surrounding him at all times. Do you know why? Because he decided one day that he was going to be awesome. And he made it so.

No one cares more about your success than you do, so be your own cheerleader, your own PR manager. This doesn't mean tell everyone you meet how awesome you are--that's a good way to lose friends. But don't play yourself down, either. There's a difference between humility and self-deprecation: make sure you're not confusing them. Stay positive!

A signature look can make (or break) you.

Besides being a dangerous badass, the other reason people love Boba Fett is because he looks amazing. He doesn't look like anyone else, and little details of his outfit point to an interesting person, a person you want on your side. If he looked like a normal human bounty hunter, I have no doubt that no one would even remember his name. He has a signature look. And that plays a big part in the confident, awesome character he is. But, on the other hand, his jetpack, a major part of his signature look, sent him hurling into the jaws of the Sarlacc. So when you're choosing a signature look, choose wisely. Maybe try a few pieces out, and see what works together. (Granted, his jetpack also eventually got him out of the Sarlacc pit, so I guess weigh the pros and cons.)

Boba Fett is a badass. He made a good life for himself, despite the hardships he'd endured. He worked for what he wanted and made himself into the awesome bounty hunter we all know and love. While I don't suggest hunting people for money, you too can turn yourself into whatever you want if you work for it! That's the beauty of life.


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