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Legends of Tomorrow Season Two Mini-Reactions: Episodes 1-6

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow

Season one of Legends of Tomorrow had a lot of potential but also a lot of irritable moments that made me shake my fist at my computer screen and debate giving up on the show. But I kept with it, and I'm grateful I did. The characters and the time-travel are what make this show worthwhile, whether or not the plot satisfies me. With season two, the Legends move from being wannabe sidekicks to the new guardians of time with the goal of fixing "aberrations" in time. As a whole, the show is just ridiculously fun, and I laugh a lot.

"Out of Time" (2x01)
Nate Heywood, a historian, asks Oliver Queen to help him locate the Waverider, which was caught in a nuclear blast during 1942. 

The Good
-Oliver Queen. Immediately, this season continues to prove that the CW universe is all connected by interacting with characters from the other shows like Arrow and The Flash. I loved that Oliver had a part in Legends of Tomorrow; it just proves you have to watch all four shows to get the full effect of what DC is finally doing.
-Einstein. He was... interesting to say the least. And we'll leave it at that.
-Ray Palmer is still an adorable cupcake, and I love him. Never change, Ray!
-The Justice Society of America. I can't handle myself. This is as exciting as the JSA episodes of Smallville way back when. Ugh. Give me more.
-History! Time-travel! Huzzah! Basically, what makes this show fun is the time-travel and all the historical aspects. I'm drooling over it as much as Nate Heywood is.

The Bad
-Rip Hunter is not in this season, and I am angry. If there was one solid character in Legends of Tomorrow it was Rip Hunter. He's apparently "missing" or "dead" or something. But seriously, why did you get rid of Arthur Darvill?!
-I also miss Leonard Snart. It's just not the same without him. He cannot be replaced. Come back, Leonard.
-Damien Darhk is teaming up with Eobard Thawne?! Say it isn't so! This isn't necessarily "bad" as in I didn't like it; it's bad as in: watch out Legends, this is gonna be crazy! (Aka, I love it, though I have my qualms about how Thawne can possibly time travel or even exist due to the events in The Flash. Where is the consistency?!)

The Gif
I would watch this show just for Mick's dialogue. (source)

"The Justice Society of America" (2x02)
The Justice Society of America captures the Legends and tell them to leave 1942, but the Legends learn the JSA will be destroyed, so they go back and try to rescue them.

The Good
-The Justice Society of America. There is so much excitement in this episode. Look at all these heroes--Hour-man, Stargirl, Rex Tyler, Commander Steel--heroes that never would have gotten live-action adaptations if it weren't for the CW shows. I'm drooling.
-Martin singing The Sound of Music in front of Nazis is what I live for.
-Time-travel is just so much fun!

The Bad
-I don't like Thawne working for Darhk. It just doesn't make sense. What motivation does Thawne have to help him? I need answers.
-The Nazis have a Hulk-esque supersoldier, so of course, they want to make their version of Cap too. What is this Marvel?
-I wish there had been more opportunity to dive into the JSA. I want an entire show just about them now. Maybe they'll pop in here and there in the future.
-RIP Rex Tyler. :(

The Gif
I ship it. (source)

"Shogun" (2x03)
Ray and Nate are thrown into the time vortex and land in feudal Japan, where Ray is kidnapped by samurai and Nate falls for a betrothed woman. 

The Good
-Feudal Japan. Yaassss! This is what I live for with time-travel stories: going any time, any place. It's so exciting. And I love the plot of this episode.
-I totally ship Nate with Masako. They are so cute. But their love is so tragic.
-Nate turning into Steel is kind of cool. It wasn't expecting that.
-The samurai stealing Ray's suit was hilarious. I cried a lot of ridiculous tears during this episode.

The Bad
-Amaya. I liked her a lot in Arrow, but I'm just not feeling it with her now. She's so angry and mean. I hate that she immediately assumed Mick killed Rex. Like is it because he looks the most criminal?
-It's sad that they had to destroy Ray's suit to stop the samurai. RIP Atom suit.
-The message from Barry Allen in 2056 is... worrisome. Though, I hope that means we'll get to see old man!Barry. Please?

The Gif
I love everything about this. (source)

"Abominations" (2x04)
A time pirate gets stranded during the American Civil War and infects the Confederate soldiers with a zombie parasite. 

The Good
-Zombie Confederate soldiers? Yes. Maybe it's because I actually enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, but the idea of zombies during the Civil War is perfect. It's so ridiculous, I can't help but love it.
-This episode did great spotlighting Jax, who sometimes gets lost among all the characters. As a whole, the episode bridged modern day race issues with those of the past during slavery.
-Mick giving Ray the cold gun was both touching and hilarious. I can't wait to see how Ray uses that. It's going to be great.
-Sara was beautiful and badass as ever.

The Bad
-It was hard to watch Amaya and Jax hold back from saving a slave from being beaten.
-Mick turning into a zombie was super creepy. Please don't do that again.
-While these characters get into hard situations (zombies, slavery, etc.), I don't fear they can't get out of the situations. I'm not afraid someone is going to die, the stakes aren't high enough for me with this show. It's really just a show to have fun with and not get invested.

The Gif
This is just great. (source)

"Compromised" (2x05)
The Legends discover Darhk is involved with the INF treaty singing in 1987 and infiltrate the White House to stop him.

The Good
-Ray and Mick teaming up to stop people and crossing their streams was hilarious. I need more dumb moments like this.
-Young Martin! While Young Martin kind of annoys me, I still love when we get to see other versions of the characters (old, young, parallel universe). It's fun, and the younger actor does a great job portraying Martin.
-The team infiltrating the White House was fun. I love the outfits.
-Sara. While I was a little upset that she's still seeking revenge, after all her character development, I was glad that in the end she chose to spare Darhk's life. I know she's hurting for her sister, but Darhk will get his punishment.

The Bad
-Of course, Eobard Thawne would show up a the right moment to save Darhk and then convince him to join his plans. Ugh. What are your plans, sir?!
-While the episode made sense, it was just kind of... boring? I guess I just don't care that much about 1987 and signing treaties. Where is the action? Where is the fun?

The Gif
Honestly, he's the best. (source)

"Outlaw Country (2x06)
An outlaw named Trumball plans to use dwarf star to destroy a railway, which will stop the U.S. Army from marching West. If he succeeds, he'll lead the West to secede from the U.S. to form "Trumball County."

The Good
-Cowboys. I will always be a fan of Old West stories, even if they're time-travel. This is the action and fun I've been waiting for. The reappearance of Jonah Hex is just a bonus.
-Dwarf star! Ray can rebuild his suit. Yay!
-Nate. He showed a lot of courage and strength this episode, especially after he was injured. I was excited to see him stop the train. I'm starting to enjoy his character and consider him part of the team. (And he finally got his suit!! *squee*)
-Mick getting along with Trumball is what I live for. And Sara kicking butt is the other thing I live for.
-I love all the relationship dynamics on this show. It's just so fun with such a large cast of diverse characters.

The Bad
-Martin having weird memories that suggest he may have married a different woman is scary and not good. Ahhh, noooo, don't ruin his life.

The Gif
The best. (source)

Overall, this season has been full of fun moments and great character dynamics. While this might not be the most serious superhero show on air, it's certainly worth watching to just relax and enjoy the ride on the Waverider. I'm stoked to see how the Legends crossover with the other shows this week.

What do you think of Legends of Tomorrow season two? Who is your favorite character?


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