Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Arrow Reaction: "Vigilante" (5x07)

Warning: Arrow contains PG-13 level content. Spoilers included.

A new vigilante hits the streets of Star City, killing criminals in cold blood. As Team Arrow tries to track him down, Lance comes clean to Thea about his drinking problem and Oliver confides in Susan Williams about being mayor.

Vigilante: "You’re not getting the job done because you don’t take it seriously enough, maybe because you haven’t lost anyone."
Green Arrow: "Oh, I've lost people, almost more than I can bear."

What I Liked
The Vigilante conflict was a solid plot line. I was intrigued by this mysterious figure. I'm sure there could have been more to him, but overall, I liked it. He seems like a worthy foe. A lot of this season has referenced back to season one, and Vigilante is just another reminder of who Oliver used to be. While it wasn't revealed who Vigilante is, we can all take a wild guess based on comic lore. I can't wait for them to reveal his identity. 

Team Arrow
Oh, Team Arrow, growing up so fast. Whether they're training together or pretending to rob a bank together, I enjoy watching them interact. Their team-ups are always entertaining, even if they make mistakes. It warms my superhero-loving heart.

Raise your hand if you're Diggle! (source)

I feel sad for Diggle. Due to being a fugitive, he can't be with his family, so it was touching that Renee made plans to bring Lyla and John Jr. to Diggle instead. I admire Diggle and Renee's relationship. It's grown a lot since they first met, and I think they both need each other's loyalty and strength. It's exciting to see Team Arrow join together in different areas. (Also, John Jr. is adorable.)

Once more, Thea Queen proves her worth. She cares so much for Lance, and she really shows it in this episode. I'm glad that she's amazing and helping lives--even if it's one life at a time--despite not being a vigilante anymore. She's still heroic.

I'm not crying, you're crying. (source)

The Russia flashbacks had a few surprising twists. Kovar is one tricky dude, and what he had to say was... intriguing. It tied in with the rest of the episode well and hearkened back to season four flashbacks. Oliver was, also, freaking awesome. 

Green Arrow
While there wasn't as much Green Arrow action this episode (he left a lot up to his team), what we did get was pretty cool. He's got a lot of fancy gadgets and fighting techniques that were fun to witness. Plus, he kicked Vigilante's butt.

#micdrop (source)

What I Didn't Like
My heart aches more and more for Lance as the season progresses. His grief over Laurel is the focus, which hurts. I feel terrible. I'm glad, however, that he has Thea to help him and that he's willing to get help. There is hope. He also revealed that he thinks Prometheus is setting him up. (We all knew he wasn't actually Prometheus, right?) And that is scary--no, terrifying. Don't hurt Lance!

Susan Williams
No. That's all I have to say. Just no. Oliver, do not go on a date with her; do not get involved with her. Please. While she did have good advice for him, I'm just worried she'll use him. And I'm worried it won't be real, that he'll just get involved as a distraction. (Because that's never happened before or anything.)

Don't pretend you don't know what you're doing, Ollie. (source)

Adrien Chase
Okay, Adrien Chase is absolutely terrifying. If he's not Vigilante, I will be tremendously surprised. There were enough hints to suggest it. 

WHAT AR EYOU DOING? No, really. Has she been betraying the team the whole time? Or did Prometheus (Was that Prometheus? There are so many characters wearing masks these days) get to her in some way? I'm so worried.

*dramatic hand gestures* WHY (source)

Overall, this episode had a lot of excitement, action, and heartbreaking moments. Which basically means it was great. Next up: Heroes vs. Aliens. 

What did you think of "Vigilante"? Who do you think Vigilante is? What do you think Evelyn is up to?


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