Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Arrow Reaction: "So It Begins" (5x06)

Arrow contains PG-13 level content. Spoilers included.

With Tobias Church dead, Team Arrow has a little reprieve from crime in the city until... Prometheus starts killing random victims. As Oliver tries to handle the situation by himself, the recruits are feeling a little sidelined. Meanwhile, Thea confronts Quentin about his drinking problem.

"We all want to believe in Oliver's crusade, but how are we supposed to follow him into a battle when his first instinct is to hide the truth from us?" -Evelyn

What I Liked
I'm so glad Diggle is back. Not only has he been helpful on the field and with the recruits, but he always has the right words for Oliver. Stay awesome, Spartan. (His codename is still weird.)

*Pats face* You're adorable. (source)

We haven't seen much of Thea in the past few episodes, so I'm glad there was a small focus on her this episode. I just love that she cares about Quentin so much; it warms my heart. She's following in Laurel's footsteps, in a different way than being a vigilante, which is touching. I think Laurel would have it no other way. You go, Thea!

Cute as heck, will break your neck. (source)

Again, the Russia flashbacks were great. While it didn't connect as seamlessly, it still had its moments. (The whole "unity" speech by Kovar works great with Team Arrow's disparity this episode.) I love Anatoly and just everything he does. I also like watching Oliver Queen pretend to be different people, from a drunk man to a playboy. It's great fun. Meeting Konstantin Kovar was... interesting. He's scary.

Team Arrow
Team Arrow was so fun this episode. I like that they aren't just sitting back and letting Oliver do everything; they're finally putting their foot in the door and saying, "Hey, what about us?" They're just growing up so fast. (*sniffles*) I liked that this episode centered more around Evelyn and what she's feeling. Yeah, it wasn't an entire episode focused on her, but it still showed her character development, which we've been lacking. Also, Rory is still an adorable babe, and he will forever be my favorite. (I'm not even sorry.)

Same. (source)

This episode revealed a lot about Oliver. The references to the events of season one and the "Hood" showed his character development not only as a person but as a hero. I like that he's finally seeing a bit of redemption and that he's working hard to be better at every turn. Also, who else missed him practicing with the tennis balls?

Season 1/Season 5: Not much has changed, eh? (source)

What I Didn't Like
Susan Williams 
This lady is still annoying. For the love of Star City and all things green, don't you dare get involved with her, Ollie. I'm watching you, boy.

Always watching. (source)

Billy Malone
Felicity finally told Billy the truth about working with the Green Arrow. And you know what? It was stupid. He calls her a criminal and then immediately turns it around to "You're helping people! Yay!" No! Not "yay." Get out. Go away. You don't deserve her, Malone. So get out. (Also, you're a terrible detective if you didn't realize she stole evidence from you and also don't arrest her for stealing the evidence. Terrible.)

This episode was kind of crazy when it comes to Prometheus. He's one scary dude. And okay, I lied: I both like and don't like him. I like what they're doing with the character, but I don't like that he's killing innocent people. It's interesting, though, that he used his victims to reveal to Oliver that he knows about the List. (Seriously, this guy has to be a genius to do that.) And it was super weird, but also super cool(?), that the metal he used to make his throwing stars were from Oliver's old arrows. What the what?! I know, I know. It's definitely creepy. (But also awesome? Do you see my problem here?)

You have to admit Prometheus has skills but terrible calligraphy. (source)

The revelation that Prometheus is a member of the SCPD is interesting. (I briefly considered Adrien Chase, but I know his character is called the "Vigilante" in the comics, so ??!?!) I'm not, however, convinced it's Quentin, no matter what they did to try to convince us it is. Sure, he has a cut in the same place Evelyn sliced Prometheus and he has a throwing star, but I can't imagine Quentin being that good at killing people--or that he would.

Dude, you have a problem. (source)

Whoever Prometheus is, it's going to be a wicked revelation.

Overall, this episode had a lot packed into it. It was thrilling and heartbreaking. I'm glad Team Arrow is sticking up for what they want and that Oliver is listening to them and trying to be better. As for Prometheus... I'm waiting for more answers.

Classic. (source)

What did you think of "So It Begins"? What do you think Prometheus wants?


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