Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Very Fangirl Birthday!

Well, as you may have guessed by the title, this week was my birthday! On Tuesday, I turned twenty years old (what?!)! I thought it'd be fun to see some fandom moments that happened on my date of birth and see if I share my birthday with any of my favorite characters or celebrities!

Fictional Characters Born June 21st

Princess Anna :: Disney's Frozen

Courtesy of Disney's Frozen
AHH! This was very exciting for me. I love Frozen, and as overplayed as the title songs can be, I will probably not tire of it. Princess Anna was indeed born on June 21st. Actually, I think this is fantastic characterization because it's the Summer Solstice and it's interesting, if you know the story, that her sister is an Ice Queen and she was born on the first day of summer.

Plus, she just really gets me. We would totally understand each other, like look at this--

Courtesy of Disney's Frozen
--it's very me.

Comics Published

So, since comic book releases are usually set for specific dates, I had to go with the week of my birthday, but this was still really exciting!

On June 19, 1996, two days before I was born; an issue of Batman & Robin Adventures came out... with Batgirl on the cover!

Courtesy of D.C. Comics

Music on June 21, 1996

In the music world, on that fateful day, the Sex Pistols began the 1996 "Filthy Lucre Word Tour," their first live performance in over 18 years!

Courtesy of The Sex Pistols Facebook

Famous Birthdays

Finally, I looked up some stars I share my birthday with and was far from disappointed. 

Lana Del Rey :: June 21, 1985

Courtesy of

Chris Pratt :: June 21, 1979

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Prince William :: June 21, 1982

Courtesy of People Magazine
What and who do you share a birthday with?

This post brought to you by a whole bunch of birthday cake.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Ah! Never realized Anna was born on June 21!! How perfect is that? Plus, a little envious that you were born on the same day as Chris Pratt. (You also have the same birthday as one of the characters from my novel--Farrah. She's AMAZING!)

    I share a birthday with Snoop Dog, John Krasinski, AND (if we're going fictional here) I also share a birthday with Tommy and Jason from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. :D

    What a cool post.

  2. That's so cool—I think it's very amusing that Anna's birthday is that day... I wonder when Elsa's is. Slightly jealous you share a birthday with Chris Pratt, though.

    Happy birthday!