Monday, May 16, 2016

The 100 Reaction: "Perverse Instantiation, Part One" (3x15)


Ah, season finales. Those last episodes that leave fans either writing bad fanfic, or curled up on the floor in fetal position. Or both. This episode is part one of the two-part season finale, after which The 100 will be on official hiatus until sometime this fall (if it holds with tradition). Because of this, events within the show are spiraling at a rapid, chaotic rate and things are worse than Ever. (I capitalize that word because this is The 100, which means things are usually pretty bad to begin with and have now reached a new high.) Half the characters have been absorbed into ALIE's hivemind, and the other half are either fighting for their lives or living. Peacefully. On a barge. In the middle of the ocean. With no intention of helping. Thanks, Luna. Even your fantastically otherworldly hair can't fix this now.

Roan came back with a new wardrobe + a haircut and got shot for his trouble. Twice.

A friend recently called Roan 'the reason I haven't ragequit the show,' and he was right. There are plenty of adults on the show, but right now  99% of the adults we know and love are zombie versions of themselves. (Pike doesn't count as someone we know and love yet. Just someone we know.) Thus, Roan's grounded adult presence is a relieving element on the show, as is his grounded, adult badassery.

Case in point: he shoots Clarke's attacker in the head, saving her life. He promptly pickpockets the Flame from her, and when she pulls a gun on him, he casually snatches it away and tosses it into the bushes. Boss Level: Achieved. However, they don't know he hasn't taken the ALIE chip, and to make sure of this, Bellamy shoots him in the arm. Because...someone who can't feel pain wouldn't react? Because a chipped person wouldn't know how to 'act like it hurt'? I'm still confused over why they thought this was a solid plan. Fortunately, Roan took it with a fairly good attitude and proceeded to help the Gang.

(When he was standing around gagged and bound, his thought process probably went something like this - "What a bunch of twits. Granted, they have guts. But they're still twits. Twits with no plan. I have an idea, but my arm sorta hurts, and I don't actually feel like being responsible for these overzealous infants. Wait. Am I the only adult around here? Bellamy is what, ten years younger than I am? Oh, good grief. I'm the only adult. Great. Perfect.")

So he comes up with a plan, agrees to help, and gets Clarke and the others into Polis - and then gets shot point-blank in the torso by chipped Kane. I knew it was coming, and honestly, I still shrieked. Roan is them dragged promptly off-screen, and we never see him again.

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE: Zach McGowan signed on for season four, so we know he isn't dead. Psh. It would take more than a bullet to penetrate that much fur and leather-clad awesome.

Bellamy: can't live with him, can't live without him.

I'll be honest - I love Bellamy. I went from 'He needs to grow up' in season one to 'I'd marry him' in season two. And now, with season three wrapping up, I have a solid, maternal relationship with him. He's my son. I want him to do well. I want to see him succeed and make good choices. But shooting Roan in the arm was...wellllll, let's face it, Bells, you're jealous. It's kind of adorable, true, but it's also a bit petty. Let's work on that.

Note: Remember in season one when Finn was all incredulous about Clarke trusting Bellamy? It was fun to see Bellamy get all incredulous about Clarke trusting Roan this time. Apparently, nobody has much faith in Clarke's people-reading abilities. Fortunately for everyone, she was proven right both times.
Everybody hates Pike

But dagnabbit, he's smart and able-bodied, and we'll have to overlook the fact he massacred 300 friendly trikru warriors a few episodes ago. We'll get to that later. For now, we can feel strangely grateful for the fact he's alive, breathing, and willing to help everyone jump off the crazy train so they can undoubtedly board another one. Ugh, this show. My loyalties are getting tired. They weren't made for these gymnastics.

Oh, Murphy. It makes it really hard to trust you when your catchphrase is, "I'm just surviving." Survival doesn't always justify your actions, buddy. No amount of lovable snark can cover up the fact you're probably the most untrustworthy person on the show. Still, it was fun to see you grudgingly lend a very helpful hand this episode, and I'm proud of you - but remember this conversation?

Kane: Did you help us to save your sister, or because it was the right thing to do?
Bellamy: You're welcome.
Kane: It matters.

Well, Murph, you say you're doing all this for Emori, so I think someone needs to ask you - did you save everyone because it was the right thing to do, or to save Emori? Pretty sure I know the answer. Pretty sure it's unsatisfactory. Keep trying.

Someone finally did the Smart Thing, and it was...CLARKE??

In my last reaction post I bemoaned the lack of wise choices on the show. ALIE presents everyone with the same option: Take the pill and join me, or I will hurt/kill someone you love. Everyone caves. Even smart people because apparently they've never heard 'two wrongs don't make a right.' Everyone, that is, except Clarke. Even when her mother hangs herself, she doesn't give in, and she doesn't betray her friends. THIS is the Clarke I know and love. This is the Clarke I rooted for in season one. I cheered so hard I probably burst a blood vessel. YOU GO, CLARKE.

Heeeeere's Johnny!

We all knew it was coming - off-screen, in the last episode, Jasper took the pill. As a result, he spent most of this episode channeling his inner Jack Nicholson, stabbing his best friend, and threatening to shoot Harper. Sigh. Jasper, I think all that alcohol killed whatever brain cells you had left. You disappoint me, even if you add tension to the storyline.
So, as we head into the final episode of season three, we still don't know how we're getting rid of ALIE, half the people we're fond of have joined the Collective, and Kane and Indra may or may not have been blown up. I'm so ready for the season finale. Who's with me?


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