Friday, April 1, 2016

Majestic Marvelous Prince Hailed as Supreme Leader (Bow Before Me, Mewling Quim)

Today, we merged with Marvel Studios to make The Fangirl Initiative even bigger and better than before. As part of the merge, we contracted several agreements to continue running this site. If you missed our updates, which were shared throughout the day on our social media sites, here is a complete list of updates. We look forward to hearing your responses about such a marvelous opportunity: The Fangirl Initiative Joins Marvel!

Updates: (in order)
"Due to copyright infringement, we had to broker a deal with Marvel to continue running The Fangirl Initiative. Starting effective immediately at 11:75am TODAY, Marvel will be our new benevolent older brother. Every post will now be Marvel sponsored. (Sorry DC fangirls!) Easter eggs will be provided in every post! If you look closely, you may see men in generic baseball hat disguises. We are still in the midst of making the arrangements so stay tuned for updates on our marvelous new contract."

"BREAKING NEWS: As a condition of our agreement, Marvel will now be making a solo Black Widow movie. Take that Wonder Woman. (So sorry, DC fangirls!)"

"BREAKING NEWS: Another piece of the contract has been signed. The Marvel Civil War is canceled. There will be no fighting and no taking sides. There will only be an Avengers sitcom, coming to Netflix in 2017."

"BREAKING NEWS: Loki will now be considered a Disney Prince (and more fabulous than Kuzco). All hail the gorgeous, lovable, intelligent, misunderstood, better-than-Thor trickster."

Happy Loki Day! (Or in mortal terms, Happy April Fool's Day!)

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  1. I totally loved this April Fool's Day prank. XD Excellent job, you humorous people.