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Jessica Jones Recap: "AKA WWJD?" (1x08)

Trigger warning: This show is rated TV-M because it deals with realistic portrayals of sex, abuse, violence, swearing, and PTSD. Be warned before reading this recap or watching this show. This episode in particular is focused on rape and abuse.

The episode begins with a flashback set in Jessica’s childhood home. Her family prepares to leave for vacation, and her younger brother, Phil, pesters her that it’s time to go. (She responds that she’s going to kill him if he doesn’t leave her alone--ah, Jessica. Some things never change.) Jessica’s parents and Phil head downstairs while Jessica stays in her room, saying that she’s coming. Her family walks out the door, and young Phil passes by a grown-up version of Jessica. Older Jessica watches as Younger Jessica comes down the stairs too, making a snarky comment. The door shuts to reveal Kilgrave behind it, who welcomes her back home. (Ew. Go away.) He has an armed guard by him, whom he’s paying to keep things secure.

Kilgrave: “Say hi, Hank.”
Hank: “Hi, Hank.”

Jessica says she won’t attack him, so Kilgrave says she won’t object if Hank searches her. Jessica insists she does mind, and Kilgrave backs off, saying he really does want this to be Jessica’s choice… but then he moves forward again, saying that trust is a two-way street. Hank searches Jessica, looking specifically for drugs or Sufentanil. He finds her phone, which has been recording for the past two minutes. He turns the recording off, then hits play--a recorded version of Jessica tells us that she was attempting to get Kilgrave’s confession to killing Hope Shlottman’s parents. Jessica, after Kilgrave asks, says she really came to end the collateral damage that’s been piling up around her--the confession was a last ditch. Kilgrave takes her phone.

Kilgrave: “I knew it wasn’t out of love. I’m not delusional. Just optimistic.”

(No, Kilgrave. You are definitely delusional.)

Kilgrave says he’ll show her around and puts his hand out towards her. Jessica jumps back.

Jessica: “You want me to choose?”
Kilgrave: “Yes.”
Jessica: “I choose that you don’t touch me.”
Kilgrave: “Oh, please--”
Jessica: “Ever!”

Kilgrave promises he won’t touch her until he gets her genuine consent. (Which he assumes is just going to happen. He’s a terrible person) He then welcomes her to her home, and Jessica looks around her. She sees the wall that charted her height growth, and the camera pans down to show us all of Jessica’s various heights… then Phillip’s height, which stopped at ten years old. (Oh, the feels.)

Kilgrave comes up behind her, saying his parents wouldn’t let him mark his height on the wall, and Jessica shoots a glare at him. They move through the house, and Jessica looks genuinely shocked at how accurate the recreation is, right down to the family picture and the exact same couch. Kilgrave explains that he found the realtor that sold the house after Mr. and Mrs. Jones died; the realtor had pictures. Speaking of pictures, Jessica picks up a framed photo of her and Phillip. (Aw, babies.)

Jessica keeps walking, saying Kilgrave shouldn’t have, and Kilgrave insists that he wanted to. Kilgrave says that when they were together, he asked Jessica what her favorite memories were of. Jessica remembers with a haunted look, “Home.”

Kilgrave claps his hands and tells her he’ll introduce her to “the staff.” He does--a cook and a housekeeper. Jessica insists she won’t stay in a house with slaves. Kilgrave has them tell her how happy they are with their salaries, and the cook is especially happy with it since he was fired from his last job because of a drinking problem.

Kilgrave: “See? Some of us give people a second chance.”

He dismisses them, and Jessica tells Kilgrave that she’s tired. Kilgrave says her room awaits, and they head upstairs. Kilgrave starts to enter Phillip’s room, but Jessica blocks his way and tells him no. Kilgrave instead turns to the door across the hall: Jessica’s room, complete with a “Do Not Enter” sign. Jessica goes inside, looking around the room. Kilgrave tells her how hard he worked on this; he even went so far as to use a magnifying glass on the pictures of her room to identify what CDs she owned. (It's extremely creepy to me how far he went with this.)

Jessica peels back the curtain to reveal a pair of binoculars sitting on the sill-- “Just where you left them,” as Kilgrave says. He walks into her room, saying that a little appreciation wouldn’t hurt anyone. (He actually sees this as a positive thing that would make Jessica happy, as opposed to something that dredges up extremely painful memories.) Kilgrave picks up the binoculars and makes a joke about how Jessica started as a PI early, looking in on the neighbors. He tells her there’s nothing to be afraid of since we all like to know what happens behind closed doors.

Suddenly, Jessica’s phone vibrates in Kilgrave’s pocket with a text. “It’s Patsy!” he declares, much to Jessica’s chagrin. He holds out the phone to her, insisting that she can answer the text. When Jessica hesitates, Kilgrave dials Trish himself. Trish asks why Jessica’s not in jail, and Jessica comes up with a cover story, saying she’s out of town. Kilgrave asks in a whisper whether Jessica wants to invite Trish over, and Jessica ignores him. Trish asks how she’s able to know that this isn’t like last time when Kilgrave had Jessica pretending everything was fine. Jessica turns to Kilgrave to deliver these words:

Jessica: “Because Kilgrave is a psychotic, repulsive waste of a human being, and if I were under his control, he would never let me say that.” 

Instead of looking hurt, Kilgrave seems to approve of Jessica’s excuse.

Jessica reassures Trish she’s fine, asking Trish to just let her do this. Trish responds simply that everyone’s disappearing. Jessica asks her what she means, and Trish explains that Simpson put in a leave of absence at work and then just disappeared; she’s worried that Kilgrave has him. Kilgrave gives Jessica a nonchalant shrug. She tells Trish that Simpson will show up and that she’ll be in touch. Trish simply says, “I’m tired of missing you.” Jessica says she has to go, then hangs up and gives the phone back to Kilgrave. He shows her a package on the bed, saying it’s a gift for her, then says she can come down for dinner whenever she’s hungry. In response, Jessica shuts the door and locks it, using a chair under the doorknob as extra insurance. Kilgrave hears her do this, then walks away, commenting to Hank that it went as well as could be expected.

Jessica opens Kilgrave’s gift, which has a card saying, “To new beginnings.” Inside is a sparkly, purple dress, which Jessica promptly rips into shreds. She lays down on the bed and falls asleep, not waking up until evening. Downstairs, Kilgrave clinks his silverware against a glass out of boredom.

Kilgrave: “How do you people live like this? Day after day, just hoping people are gonna do what you want. It’s unbearable.”

Kilgrave hears Jessica’s door open and proceeds to check his appearance in the mirror. Jessica waits for a moment before sitting down at the table with him.

Kilgrave: “No dress?”
Jessica: “Purple’s not really my color.” 

Jessica downs a glass of wine in one gulp, then pours herself another. She makes a snarky comment about the bodyguard, and Kilgrave dismisses him. Jessica finishes her second glass of wine and pours herself a third as she asks Kilgrave what he thinks is going to happen here. Kilgrave responds that he hopes he and Jessica can eventually make a go at having a relationship. Jessica tells him it’s not going to happen, but Kilgrave responds that this is a weird, wild world where anything can happen.

Kilgrave: “Look at us. Super strength and mind control in the same house. Amazing.”

Kilgrave continues, saying that dinner is ready and that the chef has prepared Jessica’s favorite meal, pasta amatriciana.

Jessica: “That’s your favorite meal. Now it makes me nauseous. I’ll be having a liquid dinner.” 

With that, Jessica downs the glass, pours herself some more, and asks for another bottle.

Kilgrave: “You ever think you might drink too much?”
Jessica: “It’s the only way I get through my goddamn days after what you did to me.” 

Kilgrave is incredulous that Jessica blames her drinking problem on him and tries to tell her it wasn’t all bad, even though it ended roughly.

Jessica: “You call making me murder a woman ‘ending roughly’?”

Kilgrave backtracks, saying he never told Jessica to kill Reva. Instead, he merely said, “Take care of her,” and Jessica chose to punch her. (Oh my gosh, I hate him so much.) Jessica hates him too; she calls him a goddamn son of a bitch and throws the wine bottle against the wall.

Suddenly, both the chef and the housekeeper walk out of the kitchen and hold knives to their own throats. Jessica says she knew he had a safeguard in place and that he said he wouldn’t use his powers. Kilgrave, the king of semantics, says he merely said he wouldn’t control Jessica--not other people. Blood starts to drip from the chef’s throat until Kilgrave tells him and the housekeeper to stop. He tells Jessica the safeguards are in place until they’ve built up some trust.

Jessica: “Until I choose you?”
Kilgrave: “You really have a knack for destroying the poetry of the heart, don’t you?”

Kilgrave tells the chef and housekeeper to clean up the mess Jessica made of the wine bottle. Jessica says she’s full and she’s tired, then gets up to go. Before leaving, she apologizes to the chef and housekeeper, who are sweeping up broken glass, then leaves Kilgrave looking forlorn. (I have no sympathy for him.)

Jessica goes upstairs and towards her room, but then she catches a glimpse of Phillip’s room. She slowly pushes the door open, and finds… Simpson?! She pulls him out and holds him against the wall, asking what he’s doing there. Simpson says he’s getting her out. They wrestle for a bit as Simpson insists Jessica’s under Kilgrave’s control and Jessica tries to convince him otherwise. When Kilgrave hears the noise of them brawling, Jessica calls down an excuse, then tells Simpson that if she was under Kilgrave’s control, she would’ve given him up. Simpson tells Jessica that she needs to come with him and that there’s a bomb in the basement downstairs. Jessica locks them both in her room and tells Simpson (accompanied by a chokehold) that they can’t kill Kilgrave with Hope still in jail. Simpson argues, but Jessica insists that she’s here because she has to be and wants to be. She takes his phone and tells him to leave.

Just then, Kilgrave knocks on the door. Jessica opens it, and Kilgrave says he hopes everything is all right. Jessica says there’s not, there’s a bomb in the basement, and the two of them go down to the basement, leaving Simpson hiding behind the door in Jessica’s room. Hank finds the bomb, and Kilgrave tells him to leave. Jessica says finding the bomb was a lucky guess, but Kilgrave has a lucky guess of his own by surmising it was Trish’s missing Officer Simpson. Kilgrave is appalled that Simpson would have killed the chef and housekeeper. Jessica says Kilgrave has killed more people as an afterthought. Kilgrave says he’s never killed anyone. (I’m so done with him, I hate him so much.) Jessica says he uses his powers to compel murder. Kilgrave brushes this off and focuses more on the fact Jessica saved his life. He twists this into thinking that Jessica cares for him. Jessica says she can’t handle another death on her conscience--he’d understand if he had one. Kilgrave says he has one… it’s just more selective. He says he cares if Jessica dies but the rest are fungible. Sounding defeated, he says he’ll see Jessica in the morning and heads upstairs. Jessica waits for a moment before replaying a recording that repeats what Kilgrave just said. She managed to get him on tape using Simpson's phone.

Elsewhere, Hogarth and Wendy are meeting with their divorce lawyers. Wendy is demanding 70% of Hogarth’s holdings, and she’s still (justifiably) bitter that Hogarth sent her private eye after her.

Hogarth: “I didn’t send anyone, Wendy. I fell in love with someone else. That doesn’t make me a monster.” 

Wendy remembers why she fell in love with Hogarth in the first place: Hogarth was mean to everyone else except her. Hogarth says she liked her and would still like her if she wasn’t trying to take her livelihood. Wendy is upset that Hogarth doesn’t love her anymore, and Hogarth asks if she really wants it after all of this. Wendy says it’s too late, but she held out hope until Jessica threatened her at the subway. She says that Hogarth has Pam, and now Wendy has nothing. Hogarth apologizes.

Wendy: “Well, I’m gonna have to ask you to say that in cash.” 

With impeccable timing, Pam bursts into the room, saying Hogarth has a text. Wendy makes a few snarky remarks, then Hogarth leaves, telling them to continue without her. Hogarth discovers that the text was from Jessica, and it says that she’s with Kilgrave.

Elsewhere, Trish finally tracks down Simpson and expresses her concern. Simpson tries to tell her that he lost Kilgrave, then he says that Kilgrave is out of the city.

Trish: “How do you know that if you lost him?” 

(Smart girl.)

Flustered, Simpson insists that they’re free of Kilgrave and can be together, but Trish has none of it, saying that Jessica’s still on the run. (Her love for Jessica. I can’t.) Simpson insists that Jessica can take care of herself a lot better than they can. He says that everyone wants to be a hero, but now that’s not possible because there’s humans... and then there’s superhumans.

Simpson: “There’s us, and there’s them.”

Trish says that he’s abandoning Jessica, but Simpson insists he’s just getting out of her way. Simpson urges her to take a step back and stay safe. So... Trish walks away.

Jessica wakes up in her childhood home. Someone jiggles her doorknob, and in walks her mom, who tells her it’s time to get going. She’s followed by Jessica’s dad and Phillip. Jessica’s thrilled to see them, but Phillip says they should leave on their trip without her since she’d mess up the trip. Her mom says it’s not true, but blood starts pouring down Phillip’s face, then her mom’s, then her dad’s, who all say that she messed up, she killed them, and she’d better make it right.

Phillip: “Make it goddamn right!”

(The swearing makes it clear this is Jessica’s subconscious. I love it.)

Jessica wakes up for real this time, and the news is in the background talking about an unfolding hostage situation. She walks to the window and uses the binoculars to spy on the neighbors again, saying to herself, “Make it goddamn right, Jones.”

Jessica meets Kilgrave outside where breakfast is served. Jessica mentions how they used to eat breakfast out there when she was a kid. Kilgrave is impressed that she’s trying to make an effort, and Jessica says she’s just trying to make a shit situation tolerable.

Jessica serves herself some breakfast, then asks Kilgrave if he ever feels remorse for his actions--like when he forced Hope to kill her own parents. She asks how he would feel if someone forced him to do the same. Kilgrave replies that they wouldn’t have to force him. Jessica asks why Kilgrave never talked to her about his parents, to which he replies that he’d rather not relive it. Jessica reaches around to turn on her phone to record what he’s saying as she asks him whether killing Hope’s parents was really about them. Kilgrave spins it around and says it was about Jessica because he was mad she (literally) threw him under the bus.

Quick side note: This episode is one of the hardest for me to stomach because of the psychological implications. We not only get to spend a lot of time with Kilgrave, but this episode shows us just how twisted his mindset is. He likes to shift the blame off of himself and onto other people whenever possible--he is never responsible for his actions. Instead of listening to the people he's hurt, he likes to paint himself as a victim.

His parallels and similarities to abusers in real life are jarring and stomach-turning. Kilgrave is one of the most terrifying villains I've ever seen because there are people like him in the world, people who blame their own abusive actions on other people. This show is so uncomfortable to watch because of these parallels, but it's one of the things that convinces me Jessica Jones is so, so important and contains a very needed message.

And now, back to the show.

Before Jessica can respond, a nosy neighbor recognizes her and comes over. She hugs Jessica, then mistakes Kilgrave for her husband. (Ew.) Despite Jessica’s attempts to get rid of her, the neighbor introduces herself to Kilgrave and starts recalling anecdotes about Jessica. Kilgrave invites the neighbor, Mrs. De Luca, to join them for breakfast. So she does, running her mouth off about the Jones family and giving Kilgrave even more ammunition. (For example, after Mrs. De Luca mentions how terrible of a cook Jessica’s mom was, Kilgrave says to Jessica, “Must be where you get your cooking skills from, honey.” Honestly, can we just not?) Mrs. De Luca goes so far as to say that Jessica’s parents fought all the time, which Jessica objects to. Kilgrave presses for more information about Jessica herself, and Mrs. De Luca says that she wore princess dresses with high tops.

Kilgrave: “Really? I can’t get her to wear a dress for the life of me.”
Jessica: “I’ll wear one to your funeral.” 

Mrs. De Luca recalls a time where Jessica duct taped Phillip to a tree, then says she doesn’t blame Jessica for doing so because Phillip was “such a juvenile delinquent.” Jessica says Phillip wasn’t; he was a great kid. Mrs. De Luca says of course he was, but the timing was awful because the very next day they were leaving for vacation, and… I think we all know where she’s going with this. Jessica knows too, and she’s not happy about it. She firmly asks Mrs. De Luca to stop. After a brief pause, Mrs. De Luca continues, saying she had a sense something bad was going to happen that day, and she feels bad that she didn’t warn the Jones family. She says they have no idea what a burden she’s had to carry all these years. (Oh, like the burden Jessica’s had to carry of losing her entire family? Yeah, that one? ...In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t like Mrs. De Luca.) Kilgrave notices Jessica’s peeved expression and demands Mrs. De Luca tell the truth. Mrs. De Luca reveals that she didn’t actually have a sense of what was going to happen.

Kilgrave: “Then why would you say such a horrible thing?”

Mrs. De Luca confesses that it makes her feel important. Kilgrave humiliates her, making her say it was a shitty thing to do. After Kilgrave’s prompting, Mrs. De Luca says she’d want to slap someone who said such a thing to her. Kilgrave glances at Jessica to see if she wants to slap her or have any sort of retribution, but Jessica shakes her head. Kilgrave tells Mrs. De Luca to leave.

Jessica admits that it was a little satisfying to have that happen. Kilgrave lays a hand on her arm, saying, “You’re welcome.” Jessica gets angry, saying she told him not to touch her. She walks back into the house, and Kilgrave follows her. He says they used to do a lot more than touch hands. This leads to one of the most important conversations in the show.

Jessica: “Yeah. It’s called rape.”
Kilgrave: “What part of staying in five-star hotels, eating in all the best places, doing whatever the hell you wanted, is rape?”
Jessica: “The part where I didn’t want to do any of it! Not only did you physically rape me, but you violated every cell in my body and every thought in my goddamn head.”

Kilgrave says it wasn’t what he meant to do, but Jessica says that doesn’t matter--whatever he meant by it, it was still rape. Kilgrave snaps, yelling that he never knows if someone is doing something because they want to do it or because he told them to. He spins it around so that he’s the victim--he has to painstakingly choose every word he says. He didn’t have a home, a family, or loving parents.

Jessica: “You blame bad parenting? My parents died. You don’t see me raping anyone.”
Kilgrave: “I hate that word.”

(Yeah. Because it’s a blatant description of what you do.)

Kilgrave asks if Jessica wants to see what his parents put him through, then slams the USB drive--the one Jessica retrieved with Reva Connors--onto the table. Jessica flashes back to that  night when she retrieved it for him, knuckles bleeding and bruised, accompanied by the woman--Luke Cage’s wife--who would soon be dead.

In the present, Kilgrave plugs the USB drive and starts playing a video clip, telling Jessica to watch it and decide which one of them was truly violated. We see a kid--young Kilgrave--hooked up to wires. A male and a female voice in the background plead with Kilgrave--actually named Kevin--to put together some puzzle pieces in the correct order, even though he refuses. Kilgrave says his parents were scientists bent on turning him into a freak. Once the puzzle pieces are in the correct order, his scientist parents push a huge needle into his neck to extract his cerebrospinal fluid, despite his screaming and protests.

Kilgrave: “While your dad played with you on the front lawn, my dad prepped me for my fourth elective surgery. How’s that for love?” 

Finally, Kevin screams at his parents to stop, then to get away. They do, utterly confused as to what’s going on. Back in the present, Kilgrave says his powers were forced upon him. He thought Jessica of all people would understand. He shuts his laptop and goes into the other room to watch TV, which is still talking about a hostage situation somewhere. Alone, Jessica saves the voice recording she just recorded. Jessica goes into the other room and asks him some more questions. Kilgrave says that his parents are the only ones who know he still exists, and they’re probably still alive. Jessica turns her attention to the TV, which says that a man named Chuck is holding his own family hostage. She then continues the conversation.

Jessica: “All this shit that you do is because nobody ever taught you how to be good?”

Jessica then says that they need to go for a ride, which she estimates will take two hours. Kilgrave agrees to go, then tells the chef and housekeeper that if he’s not back within two hours that they should remove the skin from each other’s faces, which leaves them rather baffled and probably pretty terrified.

At the location of the hostage situation, negotiators try to talk Chuck down. Jessica and Kilgrave arrive.

Kilgrave: “Oh, you want me to do the hero thing.”
Jessica: “Yup.” 

Despite Kilgrave’s reluctance, they use his powers to get past the police and into the house.

Jessica: “Obi-Wan Kenobi?”
Kilgrave: “But cooler.”

The house has bars on the door, and Kilgrave quickly uses that as an excuse to give up, but Jessica is not so easily deterred--she uses her powers to break in. Once inside, Jessica makes sure Chuck’s wife and kid can get outside safely. Kilgrave tells Chuck to shut up, not shoot, and not tell anyone they were there. He then tells Chuck to put the barrel of his shotgun into his mouth.

Jessica: “You can’t kill him.”
Kilgrave: “No, but he can kill himself. The man’s clearly insane. He’s never going to be a productive member of society.”
Jessica: “That is not for you to decide.”
Kilgrave: “He will go to prison and feed off the tit of the taxpayers--”
Jessica: “You’ve never paid a goddamn tax in your life.”
Kilgrave: “Fine. All right. What would Jessica do?”

(Hello, episode title!)

Jessica says she’d have him turn himself over to the police. Kilgrave commands Chuck to do so.

Kilgrave: “What a waste of energy.”
Jessica: “Was it? You just saved four lives.” 

They return to Jessica’s house, where the chef and housekeeper are anxiously waiting. Upon Kilgrave’s return, he demands cake. He sits down on the sofa, on an emotional high from how thankful the woman he saved looked. (He always manages to turn it around back to himself.) Kilgrave assumes that the reason Jessica tried to be a superhero was because of survivor’s guilt from the people she killed.

Kilgrave: “How many more lives do you think I’d have to save to get back to zero?”
Jessica: “Saving someone doesn’t mean unkilling someone else.”

Kilgrave pitches the idea of them doing this again and becoming a dynamic superhero duo. (Yes, if you weren’t such a terrible person… maybe.) Jessica says he doesn’t need her in order to do that. Kilgrave insists that he almost made Chuck kill himself, which he genuinely thought was the right thing to do. He says he can’t be a hero without her. Jessica says, “Oh my god, you’re right,” and says she’s going for a walk, assuring Kilgrave she’ll come back.

We flash back to Jessica’s vacation with her family. She’s playing with a Game Boy, and Phillip asks for it back. Jessica refuses, but after her parents tell her to give it back, she throws it toward Phillip. It hits the car door and shatters. Phillip gets upset, and Jessica’s dad turns around to yell at her. As he does, the semi-truck in front of them brakes, Jessica’s mom screams, and we fade to white.

In the present, Jessica arrives at Trish’s apartment. When Trish opens the door, she simply hugs Jessica, saying she thought Jessica left.

Jessica then confesses where she’s been--living with Kilgrave. Trish pulls her inside.

Trish: “Are you… you?”

Jessica says yes, explaining that she left of her own will. Trish very firmly tells her to sit down, saying she’ll get her a drink. Jessica says she didn’t know Trish still kept that stuff on hand, and Trish says, “For you.” (AHHHH. The feels.)

She brings Jessica a drink, then gets down to business.

Trish: “Living with Kilgrave? What the hell?”
Jessica: “He set up a house. My house. Trippy psycho-drama bullshit. Nightmare Barbie’s Dream House bullshit.”

Jessica says she needs to run something by Trish because she’s having a “What would Trish do?” moment.

Jessica: “Actually, I ask myself that a lot.” 

Jessica asks Trish what she would do if she could harness Kilgrave’s powers for good. Trish insists they can’t; the amount of meds it would require would be staggering.

Jessica: “But what if you could teach him to be more like you? Show him how to use his powers in a positive way?” 

Trish asks how she would do that. Jessica says she’d have to live with him and give up her life as Trish Walker; she'd have to be with him and point him in the right direction. She’d have no guarantee that Kilgrave wouldn’t use his abilities on her.

Jessica: “But you could potentially change the world. What would you do?”
Trish: “I don’t know.”
Jessica: “Yes, you do. You just don’t want me to do it. Obviously I’m not the best one for the job, but I’m the only one.”
Trish: “It can’t be all on you, Jess.” 

(I find this conversation interesting because Trish is basically echoing what Simpson said to her earlier in the episode.) Jessica says maybe this is a way to make it right.

Elsewhere, Hogarth gets an email from Wendy threatening to expose her secrets if Hogarth doesn’t settle. Hogarth goes to the window and yells out of frustration, then picks up her phone and texts Jessica, demanding she stop what she’s doing and find dirt on Wendy… now.

Back at Jessica’s home, Kilgrave is waiting for Jessica to return. He’s made the chef and housekeeper stare out the window with their eyes wide open, not allowing them to blink until Jones returns. (Ouch.) He snaps at their complaining, then gets a text. It’s Hogarth’s text. Kilgrave responds with only question marks. Hogarth texts back saying to cut the shit and find leverage before her ex ruins everything--nothing else matters. Kilgrave texts back as Jessica, “Bitches, right? I’m on it.” (Ugh.)

Jessica finally returns, much to the relief of the wide-eyed housekeeper and chef. Kilgrave goes off to make himself presentable. When he returns, Jessica is serving Chinese takeout. Kilgrave asks why she came back, and Jessica says that maybe Kilgrave was right and they can balance the scales a little bit. Kilgrave says they should try, but Jessica says that if the hero thing doesn’t pan out, she’s leaving. Jessica invites the chef and housekeeper to come eat with them, much to Kilgrave’s discomfort.

Jessica: “First step in heroism: don’t be a prick.” 

Kilgrave hesitates to eat his food, but Jessica takes a bite of it to prove that she didn’t put Sufentanil in it. (I’m seriously craving Chinese food now.) He eats, and then Jessica spills something on her shirt. The housekeeper gets up to help her, but then suddenly falls over, as does the chef. While Kilgrave is distracted, Jessica drugs him, saying, “This is what Jessica would do.” She packs up the laptop, grabs Kilgrave, and gets the heck out of dodge. As Jessica walks out of the house, Hank tackles her. He’s about to shoot her when suddenly he gets shot himself. Simpson surfaces, asking Jessica to let him kill Kilgrave. He’s gone so far as to ambush her and surround her with men. She refuses and suddenly jumps into the air and disappears.

This leaves Simpson frustrated. He doesn’t have long to react because Mrs. De Luca walks up holding a paper bag. She hands it to him, saying Kilgrave asked her to give it to him. He glances inside and sees a bomb. He yells as much, but it’s too late. The bomb explodes, leaving Mrs. De Luca in pieces. (As much as I didn’t like her, I feel so bad now.) The camera pans over to Simpson, who’s laying on the ground unconscious, a piece of glass sticking out of his side. Fire smolders in the background.

Roll credits.

Have you seen “AKA WWJD?” What did you think of it?


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