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The Flash Season Two Recap: Episodes 11-13

Ever since The Flash returned from the mid-season break, the show has witnessed an acceleration of crazy. From Wally West's appearance to Harry's secrets to Zoom's threats, Barry has his hands full... and now, he not only has to deal with his Earth's problems, but he's involved himself in Earth-2's. Talk about super.

Here's what's been happening on The Flash, season two.

The Flash Episode 11: "The Reverse-Flash Returns"
Air date: 1.26.16, The CW

Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, Barry's nemesis, has found himself stuck in time. But this isn't the Eobard Thawne Barry has come to loathe. This is a younger Thawne before he becomes obsessed with destroying the Flash. This is the villain's origin story.

Thawne tries to return to his own time by forcing Dr. McGee from Mercury Labs to help. Thus, Barry learns his enemy has returned. But Barry is so shocked, he's unable to stop Thawne. He retreats back to STAR Labs to share the news. Cisco tries to "vibe" in order to find Thawne, but it doesn't work. He's frustrated he can't control his powers. Thus, Harry decides to help him out--by scaring the "vibes" out of Cisco. Harry dresses up as the Reverse-Flash and startles Cisco into a "vibe."

Harry determines Cisco's vibes come from the adrenaline racing to his brain. (Hence, he "vibed" on Kendra when they almost kissed, and he "vibed" on others after a rush of movement.) So, Harry creates a pair of nifty "vibing" goggles to help Cisco out. The goggles produce a similar effect and allow Cisco to control the length of his vibes. He uses them and figures out where Thawne is. He's with Dr. McGee, trying to use tachyons (tachy-what?) to create a portal. Then, he kills her. (Nooooo!)

The team searches for tachyon traces in the city, but they come up with nothing. It's then that Cisco remembers the time of this "vibe." It was 9:52p.m. Currently, for them, it's only 6 o'clock. Cisco not only "vibed," but he "vibed" the future. (Duuuude.)

Barry tracks down Thawne, chases him across the city, and almost beats him to a pulp. His team pulls him out of his rage, directing him to bring Thawne to STAR Labs. Cisco decides to talk smack to the imprisoned Thawne, but it doesn't go well. Cisco ends up in a seizure-like state, followed by a coma. Harry explains if they keep Thawne locked up, it will rupture the timeline. The only way to save Cisco is to send Thawne home, which will pave the way for Thawne to kill Barry's mother, a fixed point in the time stream according to Harry.

During all of this, Thawne begins his origin story. He's learning about the Flash, about Wells, about Barry, about everything. This is where Thawne begins forming his revenge on the Flash. Yet, Barry finds the will to release Thawne and send him home, knowing he can't do anything else to stop what is to come. Or did come. Or something .(Wibbly wobbly...)

Meanwhile, Patty figures out Barry is the Flash. She gives him plenty of opportunity to openly admit it, once and for all. But he doesn't. He doesn't want her to be stuck in Central City with her life in danger because of him. So he lets her go. But Patty isn't ready to give up. On her train ride out of Central, she fakes an armed attack, which propels Barry as the Flash to her aid. He lets her see him, Barry, as the Flash before saying goodbye.

Iris says her own goodbyes as well--to her mother. Francine is on her deathbed with only a few moments left. Iris sits with her, giving her forgiveness for everything that happened and whispering goodbye. Caitlin tries to find a cure for Jay, hoping to use Jay's Earth-1 doppelganger. But he doesn't have one. On Earth-1, Jay's doppelganger was adopted and named "Hunter Zolomon." (Which is... you know, the name of the third incarnation of the Reverse-Flash/Zoom.) Thus, they let it go and decide to focus on the only thing to help Jay: defeating Zoom.

The Flash Episode 12: "Fast Lane"
Air date: 2.2.16, The CW

A new meta-human emerges from a tar pit to exact revenge on the people who threw him into the tar pit the night STAR Labs exploded. His abilities include: transforming into tar and hurling fireballs. Thus, Cisco dubs him: Walking Tar Pit. (So clever, Cisco.) Barry is able to stop him temporarily. They look into the man behind the tar, Joe Monteleone. They recognize two of his associates, who become his previous victims. But the third associate is a mystery to everybody. Everybody except Iris.

The third man is the man currently ruining her brother's life with the street racing. Earlier, Iris--being the BAMF she is--confronted the man to stop the races. He threatened her too, but she recorded the entire message, promising if he hurts her the entire CCPN will hear. (Okay, this is the first episode I truly enjoyed Iris' character. You go, girl!) He lets her go, but she got what she needed to take down the street racing and save her brother.

Thus, when Tar Pit decides to attack, the team is ready. Of course, he attacks during one of Wally's races, which cause him to swerve out of control. Barry--as the Flash--arrives in time to save him. But he's not able to completely save everybody. Broken glass from the crashed car spins toward Iris, but Barry finds he isn't fast enough to stop it from stabbing her in the shoulder. She lives, but she's injured. And Barry is horrified he wasn't fast enough.

However, it's not entirely his fault. In fact, Harry has been sneaking around STAR Labs with his own plans to save his daughter. This includes "stealing" a percentage (2% exactly) of Barry's speed to appease Zoom's speed-lust for now. (In the words of that one Stormtrooper: "Traitor!") However, Harry is fighting his own internal war, so he ends up telling Barry and the team what he did. Instead of being completely horrified, Barry shows Harry compassion. (Hey, their names rhyme!)

They finish off Tar Pit (with Joe winning awards for best punching), Wally gives up racing, and the team decides what to do with Harry. Harry says he'll help them close the breaches and return to Earth-2, which will trap Zoom there. Then, he can--on his own--figure out how to save his daughter. But Barry refuses. He doesn't want to leave Zoom to wreck Earth-2 or Harry's life anymore. Instead, he decides to help Harry by going to Earth-2 to save Harry's daughter. (I CANNOT COMPUTE THIS AMAZING DEVELOPMENT. TELL ME THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE, I DARE YOU.)

**Side note: The best dialogue of this episode had to be when Cisco asked Barry and Caitlin who the best hacker is, in which they both respond together: "Felicity Smoak." You really miss out on all the fun if you don't watch all three CW superhero shows. The crossover references are seriously the best.**

The Flash Episode 12: "Welcome to Earth-2"
Air date: 2.9.16, The CW


Barry, Cisco, and Harry prepare to travel to Earth-2. They've found a way to close the breaches, leaving one to jump through. With Caitlin and Jay's expertise, they zoom through the portal. And in the time tunnel, things flash by. More precisely, people flash by. There's a shot of Supergirl--yes, Supergirl, the Supergirl* from the CBS show--flying. They see Jonah Hex, Gorilla Grodd, Green Arrow, a legion ring, and the 90s-version of the Flash. (These shots suggest tons of fun to come for our time-traveling, universe-hopping speedster.) Then, they reach Earth-2.

However, on Earth-1 things go crazy. Since this portal is the only breach left, all the energy fixed on the portal and busted the transporter. Basically, if Caitlin and Jay can't figure out how to fix it, Barry and Cisco will be stuck on Earth-2. (The horror! The horror!)

Earth-2 is a sight to behold for Cisco and Barry. It's an odd mix of futuristic technology and an almost old-school, Gotham-like city. (Plus, there's a yellowish-hue to everything. Is there a problem with Earth-2's atmosphere or what?) They continue to explore this world with Harry as they complete their mission to find Harry's daughter. They run into Dr. Henry Hewitt--the guy who went crazy when Dr. Stein didn't choose him to be FIRESTORM's other half. Only in this Earth, he's a normal scientist, much to Barry and Cisco's surprise. (Aka nothing is what it seems.**) Snart is also apparently mayor. (Great, that's just great.)

They go to STAR Labs to set up shop. Cisco learns he can't use his goggles to "vibe" because Earth-2 has a different frequency than Earth-1. This means it'll be harder to find Jessie. However, on the news, they witness another doppelganger: Barry Allen. He's still a forensic crime scene guy, but he's completely... weird. He dons a bow tie and Harry Potter glasses, and he's super nervous. So Earth-1 Barry brings him to the lab, and after Earth-2 Barry (We'll call him... Bartholomew) fanboys over Harry (I love this, this is beautiful), Barry knocks him out. (Uh, ouch?) Barry takes Bartholomew's glasses and decides he's going to "be him" to find out about Zoom's attacks. He says, "Sure, it'll be easy." (Sure, Barry. Sure it will.)

Barry goes over the CCPD to find Joe. However, Joe isn't the head detective and Captain Singh isn't the captain. Instead, Floyd Lawton (aka Deadshot) is captain--and has a terrible aim. (This is actually the best.) Iris is the head detective, and she's married to Bartholomew. (Which is quite the shock for Barry when she yanks him around the corner for a quick make-out session. Spicy.) They return to their home (which is Joe's house in Earth-1) where Barry is hit with yet another surprise. His mother called. She's alive in Earth-2. He calls her back on this retro-looking phone (which has a few names on speed-dial... like Bruce, Hal, and Diana). He learns his mother and father are happy. (I'm not crying, I'm definitely crying.)

Iris and Barry head out to a jazz club where Joseph West--yes, that Joe West--is singing. He also hates Barry and only calls him Bartholomew. (This devastates Barry.) Just then, a chilly storm blows in. Well, a Killer Frost and Deathstorm--two meta-humans who work for Zoom are sent to find the folks who came through a breach. Killer Frost is the Earth-2 version of Caitlin Snow (a nod to her comic book character), and Deathstorm is Earth-2's Ronnie Raymond. (Quite the pair, I must say.) They attack, Joseph is injured, and Barry leads the metas out of the club. (His Earth-2 counterpart isn't a meta-human.)

They fight. Barry causes the two to scatter. He returns to STAR Labs. Harry thinks Barry needs to stay out of the personal side of Earth-2, but Barry refuses. He wants to help Iris and Joseph like he would help them in his universe. Thus, he goes to the hospital and is by Joseph's bedside as he dies. (Okay, this is just getting worse and worse with the cry-fest.) Meanwhile, Iris, Not-so-Deadshot, and Cisco try to track down Zoom. Instead they find the middleman between Zoom and Killer Frost, who also happens to be Cisco's doppelganger. (Poor Cisco. Earth-1 Cisco. Poor Earth-1 Cisco.) In this universe, Cisco is called "Reverb," and he works for Zoom. Reverb tries to sway Cisco to his side, promising they could rule together as gods. (And the best line of dialogue goes to Cisco for his: "Are you Cloud City Vader-ing me right now?)

Cisco, of course, refuses the offer. Barry shows up. Deathstorm and Reverb beat Barry up. Zoom arrives, kills Deathstorm and Reverb, and kidnaps Barry. He puts him in a glass cell next to Jessie--Harry's daughter--and other victims. Zoom tells Barry this will be the last room he will ever see. (Also, I'm thinking if they get out of here, Barry and Jessie could get along nice enough. Or maybe I just ship Barry with everybody.)

On Earth-1, Jay and Caitlin not only have to figure out how to fix the transporter, but a meta (who weirdly looks like James Marsden?) shows up to wreck havoc. The Flash is no longer on Earth-1 to stop him. So Jay, after revealing his sickness wasn't caused by Zoom but by his experiments with Velocity-6 (the speedster drug serum thing), takes Velocity-7 (newly created by Caitlin) to regain his powers temporarily and goes out to stop the meta. He uses his helmet to pull off some fancy moves, but ultimately, he fails when the serum wears off. (I'm so excited though. Go, Jay, go!) Now, Jay and Caitlin only have twenty-four hours to fix the transporter or Barry and Cisco are trapped on Earth-2... forever. (Or something.)

*It's been confirmed that a network crossover episode between Supergirl (CBS) and The Flash (The CW) is in the works. Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) will appear on Supergirl in March!
**This episode was full of hidden Easter eggs and references to the comics. For a well-developed list, check out this site here.

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