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Jessica Jones Recap: "AKA You're a Winner!" (1x06)

Trigger warning: This show is rated TV-M because it deals with realistic portrayals of sex, abuse, violence, swearing, and PTSD. Be warned before reading this recap or watching this show.

The episode begins with a voice-over in Malcolm’s voice, saying that there was a kind of freedom that came with being under Kilgrave’s control. All you had to do was do what you were told.

Someone lights a match in a dark room (and it’s very artistic), illuminating Kilgrave’s face. The man with the match goes to light his cigar, but Kilgrave threatens him. The man resists, but when Kilgrave tells him to put out the cigar, he does.

It becomes clear that we’re witnessing a poker game, in which Kilgrave cockily goes all in. The cigar guy folds, but Kilgrave makes him go all in. He then has everyone else go all in as well. The pot is estimated to be at just over a million dollars. He makes everyone fold, which results in Kilgrave winning, even though he only has a deuce and a seven.

Kilgrave stands up to leave, but Cigar Guy stands in his way, telling Kilgrave he wants a shot to win his money back. Kilgrave says he has a better idea and tells the man to see how long it takes him to put his head through a nearby post. The man does so, banging his head on it repeatedly. He won’t stop, despite the other poker players attempting to intervene.

At Jessica’s apartment, she and Malcolm discuss Kilgrave’s powers. Malcolm marvels at the inexplicability of them, but Jessica doesn’t care and instead grills him for any information on Kilgrave that he might have. Malcolm says that Kilgrave’s powers are magic, then suggests that maybe they can pool all the information they have on Kilgrave, thus honing in on his limitations. Jessica doesn’t want to discuss him. She just wants information they can use. Right as this happens, there’s a knock on the door. Malcolm and Jessica exchange concerned glances. Behind the door is an obviously Luke-Cage-shaped shadow, and he identifies himself as much, saying he wants to hire her. Malcolm is worried, convinced that he’s been Kilgraved. Despite Malcolm’s protests, Jessica opens the door.

Malcolm: “Just keep your distance, all right? Or I’m gonna have to kick your ass.”
Jessica: “If he’d been Kilgraved, you’d be dead by now.”
Luke: “What’s a Kilgrave?”

Jessica has Malcolm go home. Luke says he wants Jessica to find someone. Things are still tense between them, so Jessica says she’ll refer him to someone else. He says he came to her for a reason--he needs this job done fast and discreetly, and he also needs someone who can take care of themselves if things get rough. Jessica reluctantly agrees, and they sit down to discuss the case. Luke needs to find Antoine Greer, a man who went missing and hasn’t paid the loan sharks in weeks. Antoine’s sister, Serena, is the one who’s worried about him, and Luke promised her he’d help her find him. Jessica looks shaken and asks if Luke and Serena are together. Luke dodges the question. Jessica offers to do it for free, but Luke refuses. She tells him to text her info on Antoine, and she says she’ll go by Antoine's place the next day. They share an awkward handshake, and Luke leaves.

Right after this, Jessica gets a call from Hogarth. She’s calling to inform Jessica that Hope Shlottman was attacked. The next day, Jessica goes to the jail and meets Hogarth as she’s leaving. Hogarth says that it wasn’t Kilgrave, but she can’t do much since Hope is refusing to name her attacker. There were supposedly no witnesses, but Hogarth bribed a guard to get information. The attacker’s name is Sissy Garcia. Hogarth effectively says there’s nothing she can do and hands the case over to Jessica, who walks inside and talks to Sissy Garcia. Garcia makes Jessica give her money before she’s willing to say anything. She nonchalantly avoids Jessica, so Jessica twists her arm behind her back. Garcia says that it wasn’t an argument--it was “services rendered.” Garcia says Hope paid her to beat her up.

Jessica goes to talk to Hope and confronts her about it. Hope says she didn’t do it because she wanted to die. Jessica tells her she doesn’t need to punish herself. Hope blurts out that she’s pregnant... still. With Kilgrave’s baby. Feeling it grow inside her has been traumatic and makes her relive the memories of Kilgrave’s assault. However, the soonest a doctor can get to her is two months. Out of her desperation, she asked Garcia to beat her up, and now that that hasn’t worked, she’s desperate. She doesn’t want to give life to “this thing.” Jessica says, “Okay.”

After visiting Hope, Jessica goes to visit Antoine’s house. Voice-over Jessica tells us that she wants to get this case over with since it’s personal. As Jessica walks to Antoine’s residence, a reminder goes off on her phone. She snaps a selfie and sends it to Kilgrave. Kilgrave himself is at a restaurant bumming on their free Wi-Fi. He’s looking at home listings online. The conversation in the restaurant buzzes around him, so he yells for everyone around him to be quiet, and they oblige. Jessica’s text message arrives, and he mutters that she’s cutting it close before scrolling through all the other selfies he has of her. He turns back to the house listings, a foreboding expression on his face.

As Jessica goes to Antoine’s apartment, a pair of eyes watches her in the rearview mirror. She explores Antoine’s apartment quietly, then hears a noise. It’s Luke, who’s annoyed that she hasn’t shown up sooner. Things are still tense between them, but they work together to look for information on where Antoine might have gone. Due to Antoine’s toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant having gone missing, Jessica rules out the possibility of him being kidnapped. Jessica picks up a trashcan.

“Welcome to the Holy Grail of P.I. work.”

There’s evidence of Antoine being a drug user, and the trash also contains contest entry tickets and lottery tickets. Jessica dials Antoine’s number with a peppy voice, pretending that she’s calling to let him know he won an XBox One. Luke seems impressed. As they leave the apartment, Luke asks how often that method works, and Jessica says he’d be surprised. She grabs a nearby man by the shirt suddenly, asking him if he’s following her. Luke says these men work for the loan shark that Antoine owes and that he just kicked their ass yesterday. The loan shark himself, Sirkes, shows up and denies that he kidnapped Antoine since that doesn’t help him get his money back. Luke proposes that he and Sirkes work together to find Antoine, but Jessica isn’t fond of that idea. Luke tries to talk her down, saying that they can’t afford a brawl in broad daylight. Luke agrees on Jessica’s behalf that she’ll find Antoine for five percent of the money as a finder’s fee.

Sirkes leaves. Jessica says she’ll text Luke, then starts to walk off, but Luke offers her a ride on his motorcycle. She reluctantly agrees. Before they take off, Luke insists that she needs to put on a helmet.

“It’s the law.”

The camera shows us a close-up as Jessica wraps her arms slowly around his waist. When they get to Jessica’s apartment complex, Luke asks what’s next, having to clarify that he meant with Antoine. Jessica says she’ll dig around on the internet and let him know if she finds anything.

Malcolm approaches Luke after Jessica goes inside, still worried that Luke’s interest in Jessica isn’t actually his own interest. He asks Luke if he’s been approached by a British guy.

Luke: “Are you high?”
Malcolm: “I wish.”

Luke thinks that Malcolm has a thing for Jessica and wishes him good luck, saying not to get too attached. Malcolm prods for more info, which Luke tries not to answer. Malcolm gets super protective, saying that whatever happens, he doesn’t want Luke to hurt her.

“She’s been through hell and saved me from the same.”

Malcolm starts to walk away, but then Luke says something that makes him turn around.

“Hell got anything to do with this Kilgrave I keep hearing about?”

Jessica calls Hogarth’s office and acts rudely to Pam, who gives Jessica sarcasm in response.

Pam: “Why be polite to a lowly secretary?”
Hogarth: “Were you just rude to Pam?”
Jessica: “I’m rude to everybody.”

Jessica asks if Hogarth got Hope’s meds, which Hogarth confirms. Hogarth then puts in a few good words about Pam, saying she wants to spend the rest of her life with Pam. Jessica isn't impressed.

“Jesus, I didn’t ask for your wedding vows.”

Jessica arranges a meeting at the prison tomorrow, then hangs up. Pam asks Hogarth if she really meant what she said. Hogarth says she did and grabs Pam’s hand in a suggestive way. Pam says she wants to, but she wants Hogarth to be divorced first.

“I’m Catholic.”

Jessica is browsing the internet when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Luke, who says he knows about Kilgrave. They have a lengthy conversation from either side of the door.

“I know what he did to Malcolm and to you before that.”

Jessica isn’t happy that Malcolm told him this, but Luke continues.

“You were trying to tell me about him when you and I were... whatever we were doing.” 
Jessica says Luke had no reason to believe her. Luke wonders if she broke it off because he didn’t. Jessica says it’s not, but Luke pushes for the real reason.

Jessica: “Why does it matter?”
Luke: “Maybe I can make it right.”

Jessica opens the door and says that he can’t make it right; he didn’t do anything wrong.

“It’s me. I’m a piece of shit.”

Luke steps inside. Jessica says he doesn’t know what she’s done. Luke says it doesn’t matter since it was Kilgrave and not her.

“Jessica Jones, you are a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit.”

Jessica kisses him, and it’s clear this is what she’s needed to hear.

The morning after, we see them in bed together. Jessica says she has to get up, but Luke tempts her back into bed to snuggle. (So cute.)

Luke asks her if she’s going to go after Kilgrave and, when she says yes, says she doesn’t have to do it alone. Jessica says she does, and Luke says, “Good for you.” (I love his acceptance of her choices.) Luke says he has to say something, but he’s cut off by Jessica’s phone ringing. It’s Antoine. Jessica turns on her peppy voice and gets Antoine’s address, saying he’ll have to be there to accept the prize. Jessica hangs up and asks if Antoine and Serena have Puerto Rican accents. They don’t, which means that someone else was calling via Antoine’s phone. Jessica says, “Your friend Serena might be out of a brother.” Luke says she’s not his friend--he barely knows her, and he’s never met Antoine. Rather, Serena has something he needs: proof his wife’s death wasn’t an accident.

Oh, snap.

Luke says he went nuts after Reva died and went to the MTA looking for details about the crash. Serena was an administrator there and tried to calm him down. He was dragged out by eight guards. Jessica thinks that maybe Serena is taking advantage of Luke’s strength. Luke worried the same thing, but he looked through Reva’s stuff and found a letter that told him to go to the warehouse near where she was killed. She said she had buried something while the foundation was still being poured. Luke says he dug until he couldn’t feel his hands, but there was nothing there. The camera zooms in on Jessica’s horrified expression, then cuts to a flashback... of herself. She’s chipping away at concrete as hard as she can with an axe, her hands bloody as well. Kilgrave and Reva look on. Finally, Jessica digs up a case, and inside is a USB drive. Kilgrave examines it, and, satisfied that it’s the right one, walks out with Jessica and Reva. He tells Jessica to take care of Reva, and Jessica begins to throw a punch--a punch that, as we know, stops Reva’s heart.

We don’t see Jessica make contact this time, though. Instead, we go back to the present, where Jessica asks what evidence Serena has. Luke says he won’t know until they have Antoine. Jessica hypothesizes about what it could be. Luke says that if he hands over her brother, Serena will give him the proof. Luke says he hopes Antoine shows up at three for his prize. Suddenly, Jessica realizes something: her alarm didn’t go off.

She leaves and goes in the bathroom, then takes a quick selfie. She texts it to Kilgrave just after Luke asks from the other side of the door if she’s okay. Luke ends up leaving, saying he’ll see her at 3:00. Jessica gets a text back from Kilgrave that says, “You’re late. Don’t let it happen again.”

Jessica leaves her apartment. Malcolm pokes his head out of his apartment and says that Luke seems like an okay guy. Jessica says it’s not up to Malcolm to decide who knows her history.

Malcolm: “Just looking out for you, but I... I take your point.”

Malcolm tells Jessica that he went to the support group that Jessica told him about and that it was good to say it out loud.

Jessica: “I prefer repression.”
Jessica: “And self-medication.”
Jessica: “Look, I’m not gonna talk about my shitty story, Malcolm, because there’s always someone who’s had it worse, someone’s life who is ruined worse.”
Malcolm: “It’s not a competition.”

Jessica tells him to shut up, and the elevator door shuts on Malcolm’s face.

At the jail, Jessica drops a pill into Hope’s hand, warning her that she needs to be sure. Hope takes it immediately, though. Jessica asks Hogarth to stay with Hope, saying she’ll make Wendy sign the divorce papers if she has to dangle Wendy off an edge, which is apparently exactly what Hogarth wants to happen. As a result, Hogarth agrees to stay, so Jessica leaves.

Elsewhere, we see Kilgrave walk up to a beautiful blue house. He rings the doorbell and talks to the homeowner, saying he likes the home.

Kilgrave: “...I’ve always been bad at small talk. I’m used to just saying things and they happen. It spoils you.”
Homeowner: “Well, what a burden.”
Kilgrave: “You have no idea.”

Kilgrave says he wants to buy the house, and the man refuses, saying it’s not for sale. Kilgrave almost snaps and commands the man, but instead, he shows the man his bag full of 1.26 million dollars. He offers the man this money and a legal contract as long as the man moves out of the house by the end of the day tomorrow.

Jessica walks down a street, saying that Hope isn’t as selfish as she is. She says that helping Luke was supposed to help make up for the pain she caused him (by killing Reva), but if she doesn’t get to Antoine first, he’ll be hurt worse. Jessica shows up early at the meeting place they arranged with Antoine, only to find Luke there too. He offers her some coffee. The guy who called Antoine’s phone also arrived early, and he leaves, angry that his XBox hadn’t arrived yet. Despite Jessica’s protests, Luke joins her in chasing after him. They follow him to a warehouse, then follow him inside said warehouse (The door is locked, but locks never deter Jessica Jones). They discover that the warehouse is filled with a bunch of marijuana plants. It also has two guard dogs.

Luke: “I got this.”
Jessica: “Are you sure?”
Luke: “Sharp teeth. It’s kind of my specialty.”

Luke takes on the dogs as Jessica goes down a hallway. She finds the man who called about the XBox and pins him against the wall until he tells her where Antoine is. When they find Antoine, he’s surprised that Serena is the one who’s looking for him, not Sirkes the loan shark. Somehow, Sirkes the loan shark is also at this weedy warehouse, and he wants Antoine back. When Jessica won’t hand Antoine over, Sirkes’ men attack her, and we do indeed get the brawl Jessica was looking for earlier in the episode. Luke joins her, saying that he didn’t hurt the dogs.

Jessica and Luke continue to beat up the men, like a slightly more shady encore of the bar fight in episode two.

Antoine tries to make a run for it, but Sirkes grabs him. Jessica rescues Antoine, and Luke goes head to head with Sirkes and his crew. As Jessica goes to leave, she and Luke share one concerned look. Luke continues to beat up the men with considerable ease, and finally he wins the fight.

Jessica takes Antoine back to Serena, then demands to get the piece of evidence from her. Serena is skeptical but eventually grabs the paperwork. Behind her, Luke shows up, angry that she bailed on him. Jessica says that the priority was getting Antoine home. Luke goes over to look at the paperwork that Serena has, and Jessica tries to convince him not to take a look. He asks why she cares.

Jessica: “I know a lot about holding on to shit. It’ll only hurt you and everyone around you.”

Luke takes a look anyway. Jessica starts to try to explain, but then Luke randomly says, “Charles Wallace.” Charles Wallace was the bus driver, and he was drunk when he drove the bus that killed Reva. Of course, we know that isn’t true. Jessica tries to remind him that it’s over and done. Luke nods and walks out. Jessica holds the folder to her chest and whispers, “It’s over.” But then, Serena says, “God forgive me. He’s going to kill that man.” Jessica presses for more information, and Serena tells Jessica that the MTA covered up the fact that Wallace was drunk. Wallace is still driving the same route like it never happened. And, as we see, Luke’s on Charles Wallace’s bus.

Luke waits until the last stop, then approaches Wallace. He asks if Wallace knows who he is, then if he knows who Reva Connors is.

Wallace: “You’re the husband?”
Luke: “And you’re the asshole who killed my wife.”

Wallace apologizes, saying he’s been sober since the accident and is trying to make things right. Luke says, “Time’s up,” and throws Wallace through the bus windshield. Jessica arrives and tells Wallace to run away. She tells Luke he can’t kill Wallace, but Luke resists. Jessica stands in his way, and he tries to push past her, only managing to skid her backwards. She tells Wallace to run, and he shambles away as best he can. Jessica asks if Reva would want Luke to become a killer.

Luke: “Doesn’t matter. Reva’s dead, and so is her killer.”

He pushes Jessica aside and pursues Wallace. Jessica stands up and, in a last ditch effort, yells that Wallace didn’t kill Luke’s wife. Luke stops and slowly turns around. Jessica yells, “I did!”

Luke tells her to stay out of it, but Jessica continues. She says that Reva was at that warehouse because Kilgrave and Jessica took her there. Kilgrave knew Reva had something he wanted, so he made Reva tell him where. Then he made Jessica dig it up. And then he forced Jessica to kill Reva.

Luke gets so angry that he lunges at her and pins her against the bus. He tells her to shut up, but she doesn't. Jessica says she hit Reva full-strength, and she was dead before the bus even got there--the bus driver swerved to avoid her body, thus causing the bus accident. Luke gets angry and punches the space right next to Jessica. He’s angry that she slept with him, and Jessica says she didn’t plan that, it just happened. Luke says Jessica made him think he could get past it and asks if Kilgrave forced her to do that. Luke goes on, saying that she let him be inside her and also touched him with the same hands that killed his wife. He asks if Jessica would have ever told him the truth if he hadn’t found out about Charles. In her silence, he finds her answer. He looks at her and says, “I was wrong. You are a piece of shit.”

Then he walks away, and Jessica watches, looking broken.

We see Malcolm at the support group, wondering if what Kilgrave turned him into--a liar, an addict, a thief--was in him to begin with and if it’s part of who he is now.

We then see Hope struggling with the intense pain caused by the pill. Hogarth tells the nurse to deliver what’s left of the miscarried fetus to a certain address, being incredibly mysterious on what it’s for.

At Jessica’s apartment, she recites street addresses, a bottle of alcohol in hand.

Kilgrave has arrived at his newly-bought house. The now-previous owner hands him the keys, saying that they managed to get everything packed up in time. He starts to tell a cute story, but Kilgrave cuts him off and tells him to leave. So, he does. Kilgrave walks through the house, looking around and running his hands over the walls. He finds a door frame with lines scribbled on it. He peels back the wallpaper slowly to reveal Jessica’s name and ages, a timeline to track her various heights. He runs his fingers over it and smiles a little. The camera pans back from the house to show us the street names on a sign: Birch Street and Higgins Drive.

Roll credits.

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