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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Reaction: 1x02-1x05

Legends of Tomorrow started off with a bang, which included time-travel, British accents, and Boba Fett. The premiere assembled the team and gave their otherwise insignificant lives purpose. (Check out the recap here.) Since then, more time-travel has upset the stomachs of the legendary eight, jokes and comic book references have slipped in and out of scenes, and lots of action and excitement has shaken the team. Here's what I think of Legends of Tomorrow thus far.

Warning: Spoilers will be included for Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Flash. 

Episode 2: "Pilot, Part 2"

This episode, I hope, will be important later to show the growth of these so-called legends. Because they royally messed everything up. They basically showed Savage everything: they're from the future, they're out to get him, they've got powers and and gadgets and skills. Wow, good going, people.

However, I think it's all worth it to see Dr. Stein interacting with... Dr. Stein? (Okay, he's not a doctor yet.) It was hilarious to see Dr. Stein actually enraged at his younger self's stupidity. Plus, Sara kind of just... sweeps him off with a smile and her canary charm. I don't think Dr. Stein appreciated that. But hey, groovy, right? (Oh, and Stein's alma mater just happens to be set in the same place Oliver and Felicity set up house and tried to live normally for about two months before being dragged back to Star City. You thought we wouldn't notice. We did. We meaning the Internet.)

(It's actually hilarious--source)

I just love that the Legends plan a robbery in order to save the future. Like, they're the only team that could pull it off and get away with it. However, Ray is a big puppy dog cupcake, who can do nothing right, it seems. (I still love you, cinnamon roll.) But of course, Vandal Savage owns the place they're robbing. Who else would own an ancient dagger from Egypt?

I did not see them killing off Carter. Mainly because he's included in all the posters and such. But hey, I'm not exactly sad. (Oops?) I think Kendra needs to figure stuff out without him hanging off of her. It's getting creepy, no matter how much they're supposed to love each other. However, this does bring the team together to stop Savage. So, for all their mistakes, this episode did become important in truly forming the team.

Episode 3: "Blood Ties"

Okay, but first off... why is Rip Hunter in Ancient Egypt? Ohhhh, because he did attempt to kill Savage and failed. Oh, I see. He made himself a legend. Carrabbas. Or something. You know. I don't speak Egyptian.

"I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall." Oh, really, Rip? Did you really see? What universe are you from, Rip? (Also, I understood that reference.)

While I know Sara Lance's sexual preferences, I really can't stop myself from shipping her with...all the guys? (Sort of.) Just, I could see her and Snart because of how similar their stories are. (Redemption arcs for the win!) I could see her with Ray because of how opposite they are. (Beautiful badass with the adorable cupcake? Yes.) But then there's Rip Hunter. I just--wow, those two strutting around to kick butt and take names, dancing together in those ravishing clothes. Wow. Arthur Darvill, I love you. Plus, time period clothes are my favorite. And Sara is gorgeous.


Ray and Dr. Stein with their little mentorship is what I live for. Plus, Ray going into Kendra's bloodstream gave me Magic School Bus deja vu.

Best line: "History screwed with me first." -Leonard Snart. (However, I'm still crying over Big Snart meeting Little Snart because, wow, Leonard does have a heart--and it's not just full of ice.)

Regardless of the story line or the plot of this show or whether they could do things better or differently, I'm here for the characters through and through. I am here for their stories, their arcs, how they become legends. This show is character driven.

Episode 4: "White Knight"

Yay, the team is going to break into the Pentagon. I'm sure nothing will go wrong, no matter how optimistic Ray is: "I've always wanted to be a spy." (Well, guess what, Brandon. You were a spy on Chuck. And you turned evil. Also, I'm still not over that he played Superman once and now he's the ATOM. Like... is that a demotion or what? Still, adorable cupcake.)

I live for the moments where Hawkgirl and White Canary fight. Because wow, there's just so much there to uncover because of their pasts and internal rage. The whole coming-back-to-life thing is just, you know, messy. These ladies, though--I'm excited to see their potential friendship grow. We need more healthy female friendships on TV. Don't let me down, Legends.

(Ohh..."Bird" fight!!--source)

The fact that Snart is the one who can woo the Russian just tickles me. Poor cupcake. You tried, Ray, you tried. But you still can do nothing but fumble around in your super cool Ironman-Antman suit.

Soviet FIRESTORM?!?!

Episode 5: "Fail-Safe"

It's reassuring to know Dr. Stein isn't completely an idiot. Because sometimes super smart people are only super smart in their field of smarts, and they end up oblivious in other ways. But not Dr. Stein. (Plus, give it up for Carlos Valdes for such versatile acting recently. Not only did he play two different versions of a character in The Flash, but now he's in Legends doing a projected version of Cisco. Good job, dude.)

To save their friends, they must deal with the Russian mob. Sign me up! I love watching Sara Lance beat up half-naked men in the men's locker room. She's beautiful.

Best moment: Describing friends who are in the Russian mob: they must be "insane, ruthless animals." Cut to Ray Palmer in prison: "Hey, how are you?" (Oh, honey.) Basically, just give this episode to Ray because I love him and everything he did this episode was golden. I guess his naivety does come in handy.

(Adorable puppy dog cupcake--source)

The morality of this show is wonderful. It isn't just black and white. Morally gray everywhere. Snart is a criminal, a thief, yet he isn't willing to let a member of his team die. He also is the one to calm Sara down, to let her know that she's thinking like a killer and not herself. Give the episode to Ray and Snart.

But the end of the episode takes the prize for most shocking reveal. In 2046, not only is the Palmer Tech building renamed Smoak, but the Green Arrow is a black man??? Oliver, where did you go?

(Apparently, he's Connor Hawke--source)

Concluding Thoughts

I discussed this in my first recap, but I feel the writers of this show decided to grant my every wish with this superhero show. A team of crooks, nobodies, and rejects banding to save the future for no particular reason except they've got nothing better to do. Time-travel with a British actor in a trench coat. Side characters turned into main characters. Female friendships, young and old relationships, romance, broships, tension and working together. This show has everything to be different from the rest of the so-called superhero stories.

The dialogue is spot-on. The comic book references, the inside jokes, and the turn of events just wow me every episode. Whether the story line is the best or whether or not the characters should have done this instead of that, I don't care. I'm here for the characters and this journey they're taking. (And the wit and sarcasm.) I could care less where they end up or what they do as long as it's exciting and gives their stories more depth.

I think Legends of Tomorrow is a necessary step for the future of the live-action superhero story-telling. And I'm sticking around to cheer them on. Will you join me?

What do you think of Legends of Tomorrow?


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