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Arrow Recap: "Code of Silence" (4x14)

Last episode, Oliver tried to save Star City from a war and his sister from death. But his actions proved to have consequences. Now, he's going to learn what those consequences are. In order to get through this campaign for mayor, he may just have to become someone else or something else. This is Arrow.

Oliver prepares (with glitter?) for a mayoral debate against Ms. Adams. (According to her records, she's not married or associated with Damien Darhk. I smell a liar.) When confronted about her sudden announcement to run for mayor, she claims Star City is in too much trouble for her to hang back in the shadows. In a snarky response, Oliver agrees--they should fight for the city in the light of day. (Oh, Ollie, I didn't know you could be sarcastic and snarky.) I don't think Ms. Adams appreciated his remark.

(I honestly have no idea what is happening here--source)

Team Arrow tries to find any dirt on Ms. Adams, but they come up with nothing. So instead, they decide to go vigilante on her and track her...again. They're hoping she'll lead them to Damien Darhk, who has been unusually quiet and non-existent in the city. However, during their mad--and well executed--chase around the city, they lose her trail. Sort of. She actually lets Oliver follow her, so she can ambush him with Ghosts. (She does, though, admit she's married to Darhk.) By the time Team Arrow finishes fighting off the Ghosts, Ms. Adams (or should I say Mrs. Darhk) runs off. The team regroups in the base. Oliver is still convinced Darhk is planning something more.

Darhk meets with his wife and their "friends." (This includes Malcom Merlyn. Traitor!) His "friends" are not too happy about Oliver's campaign or Captain Lance's defect. Darhk claims he's taking care of it. Thus, when Laurel visits her dad at work--to warn him about Darhk--things get... shaky. She goes with him on a breaking and entering dispatch only to suspect it's a set up. As Lance scouts out the building, it begins to collapse on him. Laurel finds him, and they get out just before the building crumbles to the ground.
Captain Lance: "It's like the building attacked me. But that's not possible, is it?"
Laurel: *gives him the look.*

Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity deal with Donna's decorating for their engagement party. However, Thea pulls Oliver aside to discuss campaign stuff. But instead, she tells Oliver she found something from his past--Moira Queen's check to Samantha. (You know, the mother of Oliver's secret son.) Oliver brushes it off as nothing he knows about, but Thea keeps digging. She eventually learns about William and confronts Oliver. He admits William is his son--and that he feels guilty for keeping it a secret when he's about to marry Felicity. But Thea encourages him to do what is best for his son, which is to keep him a secret in order to keep him safe. (Finally, someone knows so Oliver doesn't have to deal with this on his own. I'm glad it's Thea. It's nice for someone who is not a bad guy to know.)

Captain Lance informs Team Arrow of the set-up. He then meets with Donna for a date, but he pushes her away, suggesting they spend some time apart for a while. He uses a few terrible, rambling excuses, but Donna doesn't believe him. She knows he's lying, which doesn't end well. Felicity overhears on her way to tell Lance about the fake dispatch. Lance admits he doesn't want Donna to get caught up in all the Darhk mess.

Team Arrow tracks down the fake dispatch. They engage with the HIVE team, who happen to be an expert demolition team. They manage to swipe a damaged computer, which hopefully will tell them the next targeted building. Felicity gets Curtis to help get the data off the computer, since she has other things to deal with--like comforting her mother. Diggle uncovers a lead to where the demo team might get their supplies. He and Oliver track it down, only to find the team has come and left with the explosives.

The night of the mayoral debate arrives. As Oliver prepares to go on, Curtis gets the data off the computer and sends it to Felicity. The next target is the building they're currently in! It's another set-up to kill off Oliver and make Ms. Adam look like a surviving victim. (Well played, Ms. Adams. Well played.) Team Arrow moves into action. They set off the alarms to get the people out of the building; then they go hunting for explosives. Ms. Adams orders the demo team to change plans: kill Oliver Queen. Team Arrow finds the charges but no team. When Diggle tries to disarm the charges, he learns they're booby trapped. The demo team arrives for a fight, and Team Arrow puts up a fight. They defeat the demo team and deactivate the charges.

The debate is back on. As Oliver greets Ms. Adams, he gives another snarky quip. "Nice applause. It's enough to bring the house down. Almost." She didn't look too happy with that either. Oliver seems to win the public's favor during the debate.

At the engagement party, Lance apologizes and tells Donna the truth--that he worked for HIVE in order to protect Laurel. She, surprisingly, takes it well. Curtis gives Felicity and Oliver their wedding present--an implantable bio-stimulant he created using the Palmer Tech power cell. This device could help Felicity walk by her wedding day. (I'm crying. Curtis, you're the best.) Oliver tells Curtis he's terrific. (Maybe because he's... Mr. Terrific?)

However, happiness can never last on this show. Damien Darhk returns home to greet his daughter. Then, he introduces her to... William, who will be staying with them for a time. (Duh-duh-DUN!)

On the Island, the other prisoners challenge Oliver's loyalty to Reiter: if he kills Conklin, they'll trust him. (Taiana: "It takes a monster to fight monsters.") So When Reiter brings Oliver to his office to chat about destiny (he thinks the gods have granted Oliver safe passage to this magical device), Oliver gets his chance. Reiter leaves Conklin to babysit Oliver in order to take care of other business, and Oliver attacks...and wins. But as Conklin dies, he tells Oliver that Reiter will kill everyone anyways. Oliver returns to his cell, where Taiana is surprisingly happy with him. But he tells her what Conklin says. I guess Conklin wasn't the real monster on the Island.

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