Saturday, January 2, 2016

KDrama Dreamcast: Pride and Prejudice Edition

Two things desperately need to be made into Korean dramas: Shakespeare plays and Jane Austen novels. It hit me the other day that a modern version of Pride and Prejudice would make an amazing KDrama, that I should petition SBS, and that I should also suggest a cast of my own, just in case they decide to take me up on the idea.

Lizzie Bennet: Yoo In-Young
Yoo In-Young is a very flexible character actress who can play everything from a clever Mongol general to a scheming heiress. She has the perfect look and attitude for Lizzy.

Mr. Darcy: Shin Sung-Rok
Shin Sung-Rok's striking looks and charismatic acting ability would be perfectly suited to Mr. Darcy's misunderstood, aloof demeanor.
Jane Bennet: Jo Bo-Ah
While I've never seen Jo Bo-Ah in any dramas (yet), she has the perfect look of sweetness about her.
Lydia Bennet: Goo Hara
Goo Hara has proven she can play the willful, troublemaking spoiled child before in City Hunter, while not being totally unlikable. She would be a perfect option for Lydia's flirtatious, chaos-causing character.
Mr. Bingley: Jin Yi-Han
Jin Yi-Han's wholesome, handsome looks and cheerful, personable personality would be a perfect match for Bingley.
Mr. Bennet: Jeon Guk-Hwan
While he frequently plays iron-fisted patriarchs or despots, Jeon Guk-Hwan has a kind, grandfatherly look about him - not to mention a perfect exasperated expression.
Mrs. Bennet: Kim Mi-Kyung
Kim Mi-Kyung is my favorite older actress. She can play literally any role, and she loves new challenges - I think she would be able to embody the role of Mrs. Bennet and have loads of fun doing it.

Mr. Wickham: Park Si-Hoo
Park Si-Hoo can play a convincing good guy and a convincing bad guy; plus, he has those endearing good looks that seem almost a little too obvious.
Mr. Collins: Jo Jae-Yoon
Jo Jae-Yoon is loads of fun no matter what role he plays, and no role would be more fun than Mr. Collins and his well-meaning but painfully awkward blundering.
Lady Catherine DeBurgh: Kim Young-Ae
Kim Young-Ae is excellent at playing the stern, rich, family matriarch, and she has a powerful eyebrow game.
What do you think of my choices? Do you have suggestions for the rest of the cast?

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  1. I'm new to KDrama, but this sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea! I need this in my life. (-: