Friday, November 20, 2015

Supernatural Reaction: "Plush" (11x07)

Did someone say "vengeful spirit?" Just a warning that Supernatural contains mature content. Trigger warning: Creepy Rabbit, Disturbing Masks, Clowns, Suicide.

I was quite a happy camper watching the boys tackle a vengeful spirit and seeing some more uncomfortable Sam scenes. I hope no one minds that I'll be inserting some Sheriff Donna lingo for this reaction post.

I'll start off by saying that I'm not usually disturbed by rabbits, the Easter Bunny, or the "Bunny Man" lore. That being said, the crazy-eyed bunny head showing up in the shadows through the kitchen window gave me the heebie-jeebies. I then wondered if I'd have to suffer through the whole episode with that thing staring into my soul. Thank you, Supernatural, for making Bugs Bunny no laughing matter.

This episode wasn't going to let us get off being slightly disturbed. No, the fun doesn't stop there. We meet the team mascot, a Jester who just wanted to "get swoll" with the Jock. I don't think the inventors of the Kettle Ball intended it to be used for murder. The fact that the coach didn't die from those blows to the head will remain a mystery to me.

Any hoot...we also (as I mentioned before) witnessed a clown that could have only graduated from a clown college that's located in children's nightmares. Again, I'm not usually unsettled by clowns...I was during this episode. I've got your back Sammy! Seriously though, Dean has only had to face his fear of airplanes once! 


Finding out that this was a vengeful spirit on the loose made me fist pump the air. A good old salt and burn was heading in our direction. I also enjoyed the twist on the back story. We first were lead to believe it was a suicide, and then we come to find out it was a scared straight moment gone terribly wrong. As much as it pains me to say this, whenever the boys get thrown against a wall or through a window, or against a car (I think you get the point) it reminds me that they're getting older and need to take note of possible broken bones and a slow recovery.
In the end, the Winchester's prevail. With, what I'd imagine to be, a large knot on top of Sam's head from that bang against the car trunk.


This episode reminded me that the boys always have a lesson to learn. We're in season 11, and I personally adore (as I'm sure many others do) the constant need for more knowledge. They started with their dad's journal, then Sam's laptop, countless Libraries, the Supernatural series by Carver Edlund, Bobby, the Men of Letters bunker, and their fellow Hunters. The residual theme of learning is one of the many things that has caused me to develop such a passionate love, and continual fangirling, for this TV series. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode! Hide from the clowns with me in the comments. 


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